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    Another Garlic Jim’s advert hanging from my front door knob. I really dislike this kind of marketing (thanks for advertising that I am not home! Guess you missed that no soliciting sign I put up!) so I called them to express my dismay. The manager was completely dismissive & rude. So frustrating. I am a customer of yours. I am trying to tell you that your business practices are turning me off as a customer. You are rude & unreceptive to even hearing my feedback. Guess what? I am not a customer anymore.



    I decided not to order from garlic jims when the door hanger guy came into my house to find me to let me know he was hanging adverts on my door. Then when I escorted him out he went into my backyard, presumably to find more people to let know he was hanging adverts on the front door. I had to escort him to the front walk. Typical of the type of behavior I expect from tweakers trying to steal from me.



    When Garlic Jim’s was new, I heard spots on the radio for them: the right right wing radio. They do not advertise on progressive radio. I do not buy at GJ’s.



    I was a customer one time because I believe that every business needs a chance. I’m not a customer now not because of the annoying and wasteful adverts, but because their pizza is just bad.



    johnnyblegs…that’s the same reason I don’t get my pizza from there. I know some people who absolutely love it…we all have different tastes, huh…



    The name has always been a turn-off for me (does Jim have garlic breath, will he deliver my pizza???). Anyhoo pizza dough is easy to make and I prefer to cook my own from scratch -did a lovely roasted garlic, roasted wild mushroom, truffle cheese with olive oil, parmesan and mozzarella the other night – yum…



    I tried their pizza soon after they first opened and was not impressed. However, I gave it another chance last summer when I walked by at lunchtime and saw they had individual pizzas where you selected all the ingredients. I really enjoyed the pizza and went back a few more times for the lunch pizza with good service and food. A few weeks ago I had a regular pizza delivered and the pizza had definitely improved from my first exposure to it.



    Try Proletariat Pizza in White Center. They take their ingredients seriously. Great dough, and Mama Lil’s peppers, hmmm hmmm



    And after you have Proletariat (which is OMG awesome!) go across the street to Full Tilt and have ice cream thats so good it could make your momma cry — or in my case it made my mom believe there IS good food in White Center.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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