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    As I’ve driven around Seattle the past couple of years I have noticed tail or brake lights not working on a daily basis. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern in terms of car make or model but they all look like newer vehicles, too new for so many lights to be out. (I’m talking about a single light, not both which would indicate a fuse or electical problem.)

    The only reference I found in a quick google search is “The life span of tail lights usually last for several years.” The cars I’m seeing are just not several years old. I’m assuming it’s down to increasingly inferior quality parts purchased by all manufacturers.

    I guess the point of my post is to check your tail lights.



    Yep. And Volvos, more than most others it seems, tend to have one headlight out.



    This has been a pet peeve of mine since I moved here 4 years ago. Back in NY and NJ we had car inspections that not only checked that your car wasn’t belching out black smoke, but also went around and made sure your wipers, lights and horn worked, no cracks in the windshield, etc. You wouldn’t pass inspection unless those things were fixed (if they found them). I wish they did that here instead of the joke of an “inspection” they make me go for where they barely looked at my car.



    Which, ironically, is something that you CAN be pulled over for and then cited for a secondary offense, like having a cell phone to your ear (see other thread). So you would think cops would be more anxious to enforce this ;)



    and Irukandji, they’re just winking at you!



    They should totally get on that. Every tail light out situation I have ever seen in any movie usually leads police to pull you over and find a body in the trunk. Something tells me these folks driving around with the burned out tail lights don’t have Italian last names. :-)



    I am one of those people who wil hunt you down and tell you your tail lights are out. Now in MOST NEWER vechicles the light in your car blinks “funny”. Well my experience is that MOST people know about it and just shrug. Then you have the people who don’t understand english.!!!!! I was behind a big semi, actually called the trucking company and told them there lights tail light were out, they were happy I did that.

    Yes is it very fustrating.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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