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    Hey there, I’ve been encouraged by other West Seattleites to share an experience that happened last week. I was out of town for a day and a half and had my puppy with me. When returning, i brought him to the backyard to go to the bathroom. He did so and then suddenly grabbed a green waxy thing about the size of my fist in his mouth. I had no idea of what it was and then realized that there were four more of these in the yard. We live way above street level and our yard is completely enclosed so it would take some work to get these into our yard. My first thought was that a neighbor threw over a puppy treat and then got a little suspicious, took a photo of them to send to my Husband who was out of town and when he had no idea what they were, I took the one from my puppies mouth and put all five in the garbage. Two days later another one of these showed up. We had hosed off the patio early that morning and so i can without a doubt say this was a new object that appeared. My puppy made his way to it once again. This time he chewed much more of the object and i kept it in a ziplock bag to try to figure out what these things were later. As i told friends who were visiting for a BBQ the story later that day, they obviously thought this was really strange and posted a photo of the object on Facebook to try to figure out what it was. In about 5 minutes we found the horrifying truth. These were rat poison pellets. Someone is deliberately trying to poison my 5 month old puppy. We live in the Gatewood area. SPD came by and their first question was “who do you think did this”. I have my suspicions and will find the truth in time. If anyone else has experienced anything like this, i would be very interested in hearing your story. My puppy is alive. He was treated with charcoal and vitamin K. I am horrified by this experience.



    I am so sorry to hear about this! I am perpetually terrified for my animals as we back up to an alley/greenbelt here in Arbor Heights and there is a lot of foot traffic back there. With two golden retrievers in the yard there can be some barking and what not, and also my animals are very oral-focused so I always worry someone is going to throw something over the fence and they’ll catch hold of it. I’m so glad your furbaby is ok, keep us posted on if you find out who did it, that’s just awful.



    An old or young dog, can be trained to only take food from a bowl in the house. This would mean no treats from the hand even from mom, dad and the kids, ever. It would also mean having access to the house all day for water.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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