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    Hello, Hoping to get input from WS locals. I’m from out-of-state and considering purchasing home on Delridge Way (north of Brandon). I’d love to get input from anyone in the area (especially those that live in that neighborhood) if there are issues that I should be concerned about with living there (crime, traffic, pedestrian-friendly etc.) I am aware that there is ongoing road construction on that road and, of course, the issue with the bridge. Mostly, I am concerned about road noise because it is a major road. For those that live in that area, are you happy living there, are residents neighborly, do you regret or you wish you lived elsewhere? Thanks for your help!

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    If you have a car, it’s okay as it’s an arterial road (once construction is over). However, it’s in a food desert and not a very accessible neighborhood if you don’t have a car. I would not call it pedestrian friendly. There will be a rapidride bus and the 120 currently is fairly direct into downtown.



    Where are you moving from? It is a major road but the road noise won’t be comparable to say NYC, LA, or Chicago.

    In general West Seattle is a great place to live. The area you mentioned is roughly a half hour walk to Trader Joes, or a 10 min drive. There’s also a branch of the public library there.


    dee kalani

    we lived off delridge, up on the ridge, and still could hear the loud car music, motorcycles, and street cars. low level drug activity, and crazy juveniles. we have moved after living there for 20 years we enjoyed living there much more in the early years.



    I would not recommend purchasing a home anywhere near Delridge. Don’t do it!
    I don’t know where you might research this information, as a long time WS resident of over 20 years it is my experience that the Delridge area has not improved. Crime rates, gang shootings, lack of commercial business growth, all indicate to me that the area will not grow in value. Check crime rates.
    Rent first if you are hellbent on the area.
    My recommendation is to research the nearby Beacon Hill neighborhood that has a strong community base and is growing in value and business, or the city of Burien just south of Seattle also with a strong community voice and more affordable housing. Light rail is easily accessed from Burien to many points north.

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    Ignore the haters jdeeysabel, the area is fine. My family and I bought a townhouse off Delridge back in 2017 (after having rented it since 2015) and sold it for a sizable profit in 2019 as we were moving out of state.
    Westwood Village is convenient and the folks at the QFC, Target, pet shop, and misc restaurants are great! Plus, it’s easy to zoom up to the Admiral Junction for more options, or out to Alki, or to downtown (less convenient with the bridge outage right now though).

    For better or worse, Delridge is gentrifying quickly right now. With that comes higher property values, taxes, and more service options. It’s forcing a lot of lower income people out, thus the better/worse.

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