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    If our Federal Senators and Representatives:

    1. Cut Corporate Welfare

    2. Cut out the past ten years of tax reductions for the 2-4% wealthiest families (wealth is not free/they did not earn it all on their own)

    3. Cut defense spending(not eliminate it, but reduce the waste–we know it’s there, right?)

    4. Cut their own expensive, gold plated health care benefits, plus increased their own deductibles and monthly contributions towards said health care.

    5. Cut the number of trips Senators and Representatives make back ‘n’ forth at a cost to taxpayers.

    …not only might we start making some progress towards reducing our deficit, but we may even stop the disgusting, immoral wealth redistribution that has been going on since…dare I say it…Reagan.

    As a middle class individual, I am tired of being squeezed in every which way, so the wealthy families and Corporations can get even richer. I am ashamed of watching more working class, working poor and poor individuals give up a bigger percentage in all kinds of taxes so the rich can increase their bank accounts.

    How much wealth is enough? Seriously.

    And don’t even try the ‘but they create the jobs’. If that was true…where are the jobs? Where were the jobs during the Bush administration. Seriously, when will we learn that trickle down doesn’t work?

    Yes…I’m stirring the pot. The article I just read really !$&(!*&( me off and boiled my value system.



    funkietoo..I’m pretty much with you on this. John Boehner can start with a reduction in his own pay, a requirement that they pay for their own health insurance premiums, nad they’re no longer allowed to accept golfing junkets that are writeoffs to large donaters. And forget about a gov’t. pension while he’s at it. Make him save his own money for his retirement, and take his lumps when the recession doesn’t go away. We’ll just see how he likes those trickles…



    I don’t know if this is the article you read, but here’s a link to interesting article in the LA Times about how hard a time the GOP is having in coming up with ideas people can/will support. My favorite quote:

    ‘”Saul Alinsky taught that the price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative,” said John J. Pitney Jr., a government professor at Claremont McKenna College who once worked for House Republicans, quoting the famed U.S. community organizer. “Republicans had a successful attack in 2010. Now they’re finding that it’s hard to unite around a constructive alternative.”‘


    The same kind of cuts hold true at a state level as well; here’s a fascinating article about a state tax break for ‘chicken bedding’ and whether the chicken farmers would go out of business or merely raise prices.




    and spend less, it is unconscionable that the typical medicare benefits are $3 for each $1 contributed.



    again..where did you get that information? Maybe we should disband with government totally, how about that. no more taxes for anyone, just privatize everything…of course, we’d end up paying in other ways, wouldn’t we? We all know so much when we’re not running the show making the decisions. Yes, we all have the answers when we’re sitting on the sidelines.



    the government isn’t going to spend less – at least not in the areas conservatives would like – so you might as well put your toy fifes and drums down.

    we are not going to let republicans fix – and when i say “fix” i mean destroy something that isn’t broken – the new deal or the social safety net without a vicious fight.

    in order to solve the deficit, we have to raise tax revenue. so the rich are going to have to pay more taxes, and the population is going to have to get back to work, with or without rich people’s investment. either way, wall street is going to have to cough it up through direct investment or punitive taxes.

    funkietoo: another way congress can save us some money is to make their pensions proportional to the time they serve. joe scarborough and rick santorum should not be getting government pensions for the rest of their lives – unless they are employed directly by the federal government, and not some lobbying, law, or advertising firm.



    it’s funny how people on the public dole are the first to say we should kick others off



    Campaign Finance is the most important issue by far. You can’t expect any politician to manage a budget properly if they have to accept bribes in order to get elected. After they’ve taken private money and incurred the political debt, the rest is just follow-through.

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