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    Hello! I tried Rite Aid at both Westwood Village and Burien; neither have the J&J COVID vaccination shot. I need a booster. Anyone know of a spot I can get it in or near West Seattle this weekend?



    Did you already try the Neighborhood House High Point clinic, which is supposedly still taking ADULT walkups though kids need appointments. They’re supposed to have all three vaccines.



    It has been suggested by a variety of folks that if you got the JandJ you should get one of the others for the booster.


    Michael Waldo

    Yes, many experts say if you had the J&J vax, take one of the other two for your booster.



    Neighborhood house. Just call them. fri/sat only. Really well done.



    I got my J&J booster at Neighborhood House. They’re open Saturdays and an appointment can be made here:


    There’s also one in Southlake Union.

    Stick with the J&J and get the one booster for now. Sure, we can “mix them”, but I rather not have to have a third appointment and can pretty much count on the aftercare.

    I had covid last fall, now have long covid issues. The Because it started out as pink eye, an adenovirus, I wanted to use the JnJ because they used snippets of the adenovirus to build the structure of the vaccine. I knew the side effects would be a lot like covid for a few days, so felt more prepared for that first shot.

    This time I had the quad flushot the week before my JnJ booster. I had horrible chills and a 102.1 fever for one night. That’s it!

    So, just trust your gut and go with what you know right now.

    Best of luck! Oh, and they took a lot of walkins the first weekend, too, so I am sure you’re gonna get right in either way :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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