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    So, that pocket money our Congress just decided we should all have so we’ll go out and spend, spend, spend? I’m thinking we all better save it, instead: since Congress can act quickly to hand out money, but can’t act to make sure everyone has healthcare, we’d better be prepared when we lose our insurance by changing jobs (or not having jobs). Save every penny; it’s expensive and likely to get more so!

    So much for stimulating the economy.



    Right on, Julie! It’s an insult to us. Those clowns in DC think we’re going to say, “Wow, they’re giving me FREE money! That’s so nice of them! I’m going to go out and buy a new iPhone.” A rebate will not stimulate an economy built on deception, bad decisions, short-term thinking, waste, and greed. I always find it amusing when Republicans accuse the Democrats of “big government spending.” Who created the massive deficit, hmmm?



    Refunding money that we have paid to them, while they’re cutting medicare, medicaid, etc. to “balance the budget”, seems totally backwards to me. If we have all this money to use for something let’s provide healthcare for kids, elderly. Let’s let it mean something, instead of using it to shut people up…”oh, our wonderful gov’t…look what they’re doing for us”…it’s such a crock…mine will just go back into the pot so I can pay my self-employed taxes next year…



    I fully intend to save mine. I don’t trust that they won’t say later “oh, that was just a loan against the refund you would’ve gotten next time” and expect me to pay it back later. And since my withholding doesn’t get me any refunds, that wouldn’t be fun. I’d rather put it in my emergency fund. I just know that they’d prefer I go buy wasteful big-ticket item though.



    Right on everyone. I totally agree! :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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