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    Watched someone zip up Admiral tonight and pass at least 3 different cars using the center turn lane including one pass right as they went through the Waite street / 47th signal intersection. Glad everyone was OK. Sheesh.



    that’s just crazy…getting there 30 seconds quicker is definitely not worth it…



    I know that every day is insane driving day around here, but yesterday was beyond crazy. In the five minutes before my bus arrived, I saw at least half a dozen vehicles go screaming around other cars in stupid and extreme fits of road rage. One nearly came up over the curb where I was standing; another sped around my bus as it stopped, nearly hitting another vehicle in the oncoming lane (it’s only a two-lane arterial). Traffic enforcement? Hello?



    I see this behavior nearly every day. It just seems to be getting worse and it also seems to be everywhere. Where you used to see maybe 1 car go through an intersection when the light turned red for their direction, its now 3 or 4 sometimes. Yesterday sitting in traffic headed west on Madison (downtown) a block above Polyclinic, a truck behind me got into the left turn lane – blew straight through the intersection, through the opposite directions left turn lane to be in the thru lane that begins just before 6th Ave. Last week I was behind a car on 5th that didn’t accelerate when the light turned green – everyone in front of him had – I tooted my horn, he started rolling really slow – and I could see that he was looking for something on his phone – I could see the screen scrolling through his back window. He simply could not be bothered to pull over or take his attention away from his mobile device.



    It is getting crazy on the roads around Seattle. The population is growing beyond what our infrastructure can support. At the same time, our road conditions are getting worse because of all the construction and additional traffic. People are facing repeated daily frustrations which are causing them to drive like maniacs every time they get behind the wheel. I believe we are seeing the results of our rapid population growth without the infrastructure support actually causing adverse changes in behavior. I’m not excusing the behavior. It makes me angry. I’m just starting to be less surprised when it happens.



    Is there a way to find out if traffic light timing has changed (been lengthened) to accommodate the new 25 mph roads? Since the speed limit change, I spend more time waiting in longer lines at the lights in Madison and downtown. It’s probably no more than five minutes per one-way commute, and I have adjusted my schedule. But if everyone is experiencing this new lag time in their commute, I wonder if that increases the level of impatience of West Seattle drivers when they’re leaving from or returning to the home peninsula.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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