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    I just came from Westwood Village Starbucks, and they are doing a promotion for the new Chai tea infusions and newly promoted tea lattes. There is a stack of coupons at the register good for your first tea beverage free (and next visit, $2 tea drinks), and they let me pick up the coupon and use it at the same time, so my drink was free!

    I had the Berry Chai infusion, which seems to be chai plus berry juice, and it’s pretty good. They also have an apple chai, and five different flavors of tea latte (tea plus steamed milk).

    I’m assuming they’ll be running the free drink promotion until they run out of coupons.



    The vanilla rooibos is yummy (and caffeine free for those who need that) and the green tea latte has been re-worked and now tastes more matcha-y and less fruity-sweet. I like the teas. Nice alternative for a chilly afternoon!



    I got a sample of the berry chai last Friday (they weren’t suppposed to be giving it to customers, but he felt sorry that he delayed me significantly while they ran to another Sbux down the block for mix for my drink, so he gave me the sample. To me, it tasted like way-too-sweet grape juice. It was nice, but that tiny sample glass was enough – I couldn’t imagine drinking a large glass of it. Probably would be better iced. The barista said his favorite was the one Aim mentioned (vanilla rooibos) – I’ll have to try that one.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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