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    Warning: R&R…
    Just got back from a lovely bike ride and enjoyed touring some of the last remaining old-growth trees in West Seattle at Schmitz Park. Displayed in my opinion proper etiquette (e.g. going slow around other users, yielding when appropriate, and getting acknowledgement prior to passing) and said hello to many smiling faces! Despite that one couple was very aggressively educating me about the bike ban. Great, the only local trails don’t allow bikes. I guess I’ll deal with that but please be nice people! That’s it. Oh, and who the heck decided it’s a good idea to put stop signs on roundabouts?



    Sorry to hear that the couple was “aggressive” in their educating. I wonder if they volunteer in the preservation of the park. The reason why bikes are not allowed in Schmitz Preserve Park is because its a preserve and as you mentioned in your post, it’s an “old growth” urban park, one of the last in the country. I’ve noticed that the city recently reposted no bikes on trails signs.



    You broke the rules and got called out on it. Is it snowing?



    Well, this being Seattle maybe it is a bit surprising they got called out that directly. After all, wouldn’t one normally not even look the offender in the eye, and certainly not say anything to them (and then of course rush home to angrily complain on the local blog!)?



    Welcome to West Seattle. Yes, one of the commonly known rules among us locals is that bikes aren’t allowed in Schmitz Park. We like it that way, since it keeps the already muddy trails from getting too rutty and wide. The rule is posted. Look around, you’ll find the signs.

    So check your privilege, and stop being such a self-made victim.



    I got no problem not riding in Schmitz park. I also don’t mind being called out civily although it can be humbling.

    But just take down those stupid stop signs on the roundabouts.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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