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    I read with dismay that a man had been attacked by a dog in Lincoln park. However, it was only a matter of time.

    I have had several run-ins with unleashed dogs in Lincoln park while walking my shibas.

    I don’t know that any of those dogs would have attacked me.. but my dogs have been accosted while on leash by my side twice. (Needless to say, they were surprised by how ferocious those little critters are…and they quickly backed off).

    I am sure the man who had his german shepherd off leash didn’t expect the dog to attack… he is probably at home with his head in his hands wondering what he is going to do… at least, i hope so.

    I know the owners of the dogs who tangled with mine didn’t expect a dog fight… but i walk my dogs in constant fear of what will happen one time when one of those unleashed dogs doesn’t back off.

    And it isn’t just Lincoln park. I nearly missed an encounter with a pit bull, coon hound and some kind of spitz in Schmidt Park recently while their owners walked blithely down the trail with no idea where their dogs were.

    It is simply too easy for things outside your control to get out of hand before you notice what is happening unless your dogs are on a leash.

    Even the friendliest of animals can have a bad day or encounter something that frightens them and attack in defense.

    Leashes aren’t just the law, they are a good idea.



    Oh, but JoB, don’t you know? Those dogs are “under voice control”….




    i have known instances where voice control was as good as a leash… 90% of the time, that would have been true of our last dog.. an akita/german shepherd mix. it was that 10% i worried about.

    it will never be true of these.. tho i am hoping a huge dose of voice control combined with a retractable leash will give them some freedom and me some security.

    I don’t blame the dogs who accosted mine. i think they can give off some pretty challenging vibes.

    But i do blame their owners for not realizing that dogs don’t have to roam free to be dogs and that city parks are not the place for them to do that anyway. There are simply too many unpredictable distractions for them there.

    it is hard enough to control a dog adequately on a leash when children rush around (and up to your dog without invitation) and throw balls and frisbees and squirrels sit just at the end of their leash and chitter and birds suddenly fly up in front of them and.. and.. and…

    And my pet peave.. runners and bikers who come up behind you without letting you know they are coming through and expect you to look out for them. Many a runner or biker could have avoided a bite by simply hollering, “coming through”. (And no.. not my dogs, but i have seen it often enough.)

    Or the adults who doesn’t understand that when a person with a dog starts backing up and asks you not to touch their dog.. you probably shouldn’t be putting your hand out to them.

    oh dear.. we got me started. I’m sorry. i’ll go find another subject until i can control myself:)



    My neighbor has a mastiff that he thinks is under voice control.

    He was not in the unfenced yard with the dog a couple of years ago when two 10 year olds had to scramble on top of a car in the street to get away from him.

    Even 99% voice control is not good enough when that 1% happens.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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