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    My dentist recently suddenly moved out of state. I’ve been reading the old dentist-recommendation threads that I’ve been able to find here, but I thought I’d start a new one because I’d especially like to find a dentist who won’t push me to get a full set of x-rays every year as a routine.

    I’m also interested in knowing whether anyone here has tried Angie’s List, either generally or for healthcare providers. I’ve heard that the site’s usefulness varies from place to place, so it would be interesting to hear whether it might be worthwhile for West Seattle.



    Velling Dental on Roxbury is a great family business and they do not push annual X rays. In fact, I often only see the hygienist since I don’t generally have problems with my teeth. I love all the staff there!



    I went to see my partner’s dentist, when I had a dental emergency, in West Seattle – Hilton Herrin. My partner thinks he is the best. He is very reasonable and seems like a great dentist. I usually go to Grant Chyz in downtown Seattle, but he is one of those who likes to do Xrays every year or two, and cleanings twice a year ($$$).



    I second Velling Dental. Great West Seattle family business; wonderful, patient and nice staff.



    Dr. Smits is AMAZING and his staff are excellent. When I first moved to West Seattle I tried three different dentist and did not like any of them … until I found Dr. Smits. I never have to wait, he and his staff are super nice, they send text and email alerts to remind you of appointments, he doesn’t push anything unless you really need it, and they’re always fast and efficient!



    We all see Dr. Bill Raleigh in the Junction. I’ve recommended him to several other folks and they all seem really pleased.



    I highly recommend Dr. Joon Kae and his staff at Kae Dental near the Junction. We’ve been patients of his for many years. Web site is and phone is 206-708-1845.



    Re: Angie’s List — When I moved to West Seattle 2 years ago, I joined it — but have found that just asking folks on the WSB, like you’re doing now, was way more useful.



    I also recommend Dr. Kae at Kae Dental. I switched to him at the suggestion of many people here on the Forum and have been very happy with him and his staff.



    Another thumbs-up for Velling Dental. We’ve been with them for 17 years. They know we don’t have dental insurance and are very good about only taking x-rays when there is a real need to do so.



    Vellings! My daughter hurt her front teeth falling on a fence, and Dr. Velling came to our house!!! This was 7 or 8 years ago: unbelievable wonderfulness and great dental care for all.


    Naneki Akamai

    I also use Vellings. It’s a family owned business and both Dr. Jerry and Dr. Mike are top notch. The office staff is very friendly. I highly recommend them.



    I’m going to bump this thread to say Kathleen Saturay at West Seattle Dental Center is wonderful. She has gone above and beyond, especially when I needed immediate dental care.



    I love Dr. Bryan Brenner in White Center !!! Great service and wonderful staff.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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