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    Can anyone recommend a dentist in WSeat? Mine informed me she will not fix my broken tooth unless I submit to x-rays, cleaning, and check up first since their “protocol” is to require twice yearly “check ups.” I’ve been her client for years and years, submitted to this protocol for years but finally decided I don’t want to participate in unnecessary radiation and fluoride.

    And this is not a rant cause I’m not naming her. I just need a new dentist :)



    We really like Dr. Smits. Great front office, hygienist’s, and a good doctor. Parking can be tricky, but that can be said about many places in WS :)



    Love Dr. Jerry Velling of Velling Dental on Roxbury east of the catholic church. My husband even sees him and he is not a fan of the dentist. Great local people.

    1725 SW Roxbury St, Seattle, WA 98106

    (206) 767-3480



    Can’t imagine any dentist agreeing to fix a broken tooth for a new patient without an x-ray and exam first. That said, you might try Dr. Dunham at West Seattle Dental, on California. I have found him to be flexible and accommodating of my not very regular visits.



    Thanks everyone. I’m cool with an x-ray to start with a new dentist. I’m not cool with being told I have to have one every six months to remain a client of that dentist.



    Dr. Brett Shupak at Alki Dental. Very peaceful, friendly, helpful, relaxing office, great dentist.



    Joon Kae! He is great, and the hygienists are the best, too!

    4116 California Ave SW


    (Spouse didn’t object to going there– not even after 2 wisdom teeth were removed!)






    I second Joon Kae. I had avoided dentists for over 10 years due to a bad experience. I went to Dr. Kae and actually ENJOYED my visit. He will do everything he can to maintain your mouth as is and not perform frivolous procedures. He is great at making sure if you come in with pain you leave without it. I LOVE him!!!!

    I created an account here just so I could post this. That’s how amazing he is.



    I third Doctor Kae. He is really fantastic, and I second just about everything wsmichelle said. Absolutely the best dentist anywhere, not just in West Seattle.



    I quit my dentist for the same reason, Robindianne. She made me feel like some whacko because I only wanted x-rays once every two years. And for a perfectly healthy person with absolutely no issues like me, that’s actually what the AMA recommends (no, not the ADA, but the AMA). Anyway, she made me sign a release saying I was refusing recommended service and the hygenist lectured me like some mom who won’t vaccinate her kid. Anyway, I’m very happy with my new dentist in Bellevue.



    Ditto others’ recommendations of Dr. Kae. I switched to him from a Morgan Junction dentist last year, even though my first dentist was very convenient (walking distance from home). She just wasn’t very warm and didn’t explain much, but when my regular hygienist and the wonderful front desk manager left, I no longer felt it was a good fit for me.

    I love Dr. Kae and his staff.



    Yep, adding to the chorus here for Dr. Kae. Love him–he’s big on minimizing unnecessary procedures/tests/expenses and he and the hygenists are so personable and professional. My husband goes to Dr. George Naden up in Admiral, who he also raves about (we had an insurance switch-up that caused a rift in the family dental continuum…). So I’d recommend either of them.



    Dr. Kae.

    As Niki said, minimizing unnecessary procedures. His staff is great too!

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