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    2 Much Whine

    People are very opinionated on the subject of Amanda Knox. We also have many posters that are very passionate about their political beliefs. I wonder if there is any sort of trend emerging. This post is not the place to discuss the merits of the different political parties or whether justice has been served in the Amanda Knox case (stay on target). I am just wondering if there are any correlations between political affiliations and whether someone believes we should welcome Amanda Knox back to West Seattle with open arms or locked doors. So, dear readers, how about a very simple response.

    So, which political party do you generally align your beliefs with and for the sake of simplicity (which, admittedly, this case isn’t) is Amanda Knox innocent or guilty?

    Example (and first vote): Democrat, Innocent



    Well I tend to think that people who are “conspiracy theorists” vote Republican.

    Amanda was a 20 year old girl who had only been in Italy for 2 months, had only known Meredith for 2 months, had only been dating that guy for 8 days and got caught in a situation with a lunatic prosecutor who went nuts when he found out an American lived there.

    She had no motive to kill a woman she just met.

    Clearly the guy from the Ivory Coast is the killer because HIS DNA was all over the room.



    With the caveat that my thoughts are a little more nuanced than this –

    Democratic and innocent

    Should be interesting to see how it falls.


    Okay, for your little stats collection:



    Undecided, but lean toward guilt

    I read the sentencing report from the first trial and I believe only the persons involved know the truth in their hearts. But we can’t ask poor Meredith now, can we?



    Its a useless poll if you will. None of us were in the court room and heard the testimony or saw all the evidence. To say that she only knew someone for 2 months doesn’t mean she didn’t do it. It also doesn’t mean she did. Length of time she knew the victim doesn’t mean a thing.

    So I guess I am conspiricy theorist who beleives the court rendered the verdict of not guilty for a reason. Since I wasn’t there I have to assume they know more than me.

    Republican, Innocent.



    Interesting question.

    When she was first found guilty, although I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to the trial, I figured she was probably guilty. Later I read some of the information on the WS Herald website, including the retired FBI agent’s opinions on her case, and I started having doubts about her guilt. Once the Italian court ruled that the DNA evidence against her was no good, I realized that the prosecutors case was a sham and that a great miscarriage of justice had occurred. Thank goodness that her parents were steadfast in their belief in her innocence, otherwise she would still be sitting in jail. I generally vote Democrat.



    Libertarian.. don’t care. But, I would suggest if you date her, run her through a metal scan first and do a pat down.



    Republican, Undecided.

    I didn’t follow the Amanda Knox case. So I can’t even venture a guess about guilt or innocence. I didn’t realize she was even from West Seattle until a few days ago. For some reason this story just didn’t interest me and I never read anything beyond the headline.

    Side note – it sorta pained me to label myself as Republican. I have been very, very dissapointed in the party and its leaders for several years. So dissapointed I don’t know if I’m a Republican anymore. But that’s another topic.



    Skeeter..could be worse..imagine being a democrat.



    I’d like to start a fundraiser for the Meredith Kercher’s family here in West Seattle. I’m sure that family absolutely hates this area because Knox is from here. Let’s show how much we care and what a great neighborhood we have. Anybody on board with me?


    2 Much Whine

    Stay on target. . . . If I hear you correctly, Jiggers, you are saying you are Republican and she’s guilty.



    What does parties have to do with a death of a human being? Stop it!



    Neither Republican nor Democrat. However, I will be supporting Cain if he can pull it off. Wish the Dems had the balls to put someone up against Obama.

    As for Amanda, I don’t really give a damn if she’s innocent or guilty. I like to meddle in my own life, not others. She has no effect on me or my Family whatsoever, so I can really care less.


    2 Much Whine

    Cmon Jiggers, If you must know, certain political parties are far more likely to be involved in death of many human beings whether it is from buildup and deployment of military forces or through legally sanctioned executions in the form of the death penalty but this is not the place to argue or discuss that. I was just interested to see if there was some sort of connection between how people vote at the voting booth and how they vote on the blog with their opinions related to Amanda. If that’s not your cup of tea, don’t read this post (now that you know it bothers you) and don’t respond (because it is apparently beneath you). I agree 100% that Meredith is dead and should not be forgotten but talking about other (albeit somewhat related) issues in no way diminishes her life. If I knew that her family or parents were reading this blog and I said something that was not respectful of them or their daughter I would ask the blog moderators to remove it. I don’t think they will, I don’t think I have so I won’t.



    Independent, leaning just left of center.

    I believe that Amanda did not wield the knife, but she was there, participated in the coverup, helped stage the “break in”, lied to hide her involvement, and implicated an innocent man to hide her involvement.

    Innocent of murder. Guilty as an accessory to murder.




    i think you came as close to articulating what i think is likely as any opinion i have heard.

    2 Much whine

    oh.. need i say i am democrat?



    Resurrect Ms. Kercher… put it on the Occupy Seattle list of demands… Anarchist



    Independent (Not a Tea Partier)

    Given what I’ve read and heard through media, even the BBC, I’d say innocent. And if so, what are the Italian authorities doing to find the killer or overturn the second verdict? I’d hate to see this turn out to be another OJ trial.



    Democrat and innocent.

    Lots of personal reasons for both ideals…but not for sharing here…

    Interesting poll though!



    I am also an independent (very anti-tea party).

    I have no idea whether or not she is guilty. Too much missinformation out there. I do trust that the legal system worked, so WELCOME HOME

    Benvenuto Caro Amanda – è libera e non si non è mai stata sola.



    Strongly left leaning.

    It doesn’t matter at this point whether Ms. Knox is guilty or not.

    Ms. Kercher is dead. No verdict changes that.

    The Italian police did not secure that crime scene before it was contaminated by their own people and the people who lived in the flat, they did not properly handle the evidence they were able to recover, and they clearly had difficulties assembling a coherent and credible story of what happened that night (as did Ms. Knox, apparently). That they were able to hold her for 4 years with the evidence and case that they had is a testament to what a carnival the Italian criminal justice must be.

    If she is guilty, then she got away with it solely because of incompetent police work. Clearly she, nor her alleged accomplices, are criminal masterminds.

    If she’s innocent, then I’m glad she’s finally free.



    2 Much Whine … you are right … seems we are at war more often and for longer periods under Democratic administrations. Go figure eh? Mexican-American War (D) James Polk 2 years… Spanish American War – (R) McKinley 1 year, Civil War (toss up..Democrats in the main were the secessionists) WWI – (D) Woodrow Wison 4 years, WW II – (D) FD Roosevelt 5 years, Korean War,(D) H Truman 3 years, Viet Nam -(D) JF Kennedy 12 years, Gulf War 1 (R) GH Bush 6 months, Gulf War 2 (R) GW Bush 5 1/2 years, (D) BH Obama 3 years til current, Afghanistan War (R) GW Bush 6 years, (D) BH Obama 3 year-current… Good Lord… 2 Much Whine … Why are Democrats such war mongers? Plus we ignore Kosovo (D) Clinton, Cuba Bay of Pigs fiasco (D) J Kennedy, (R) R Reagan – Lebanon, sheesh… I never thought to count… bloodthirsty little Party isn’t it?




    i can’t possibly know if knox is innocent or guilty – neither can anyone reading this – so i feel that it’s none of my business.

    and i can’t fathom why anyone feels a “need” to know.

    kootch: please try to pay attention to the topic at hand. it’s not that difficult.



    Really a fascinating question – I like it. I’d like to see age and gender assessed too but this isn’t the place. For my part – Democrat and innocent of the crime itself, but involved.



    I like this game!

    Republican (although my red-neck father swears I am a closet Democrat), innocent

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