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    The Admiral

    Hi All:

    My name is Dinah Brein and I am the new promoter and booker for the Admiral Theater. I’m interested in hearing about the kinds of entertainment YOU would support at this historic theater.

    Whether its different kinds of music, children’s story-telling, our very own, West Seattle “Idol” -charity auction shows… you get the picture.

    We are not looking for just local bands with a small following. If you are a solo performer, perhaps we can feature a “night of local performers” (music, dancers, jugglers)- think big here folks. This is your chance to tell me what (legitimate)entertainment our community would support.

    In a week or so, we would love in you come on in to the Admiral and fill out a questionaire about what kinds of talent you would enjoy seeing. We want you to partner with us in better serving our great community.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



    Hi – in case you see this first, I’ve just sent you an e-mail to your business address seeking more information, both about this and about the sudden management change at the Admiral, as we would like to report a news story about it for the main page, as well as invite more readers to share their thoughts.

    Tracy Record

    WSB editor/co-publisher



    Dinah –

    This is what West Seattle needs!!!!!! I’m so glad some one is going to try to fill this culture gap in a non-alcoholic environment. Fantastic.

    Besides the Skylark, it seems there have been just a few coffee shops and a tavern or two who set up for music, now and again, but it is always very small – lovely – but small.

    How might a Writers Series go over? Published West Seattle novelists, poets, journalists reading & discussing their own works …too bone dry?

    Here’s another possibly too dry idea. How about a “Town Hall” type series of discussions/panels with local West Seattle luminaries, artists, or business folk with a moderator/interviewer. Maybe even record it, and then put the show on youtube, or wherever videos go.

    Hey. Did not Dinah say to think big? Yes. She did.

    This is really a great idea!

    I’m looking forward to reading the ideas other’s come up with. Yippee!!!!



    And for the adult crowd, it would be a great burlesque venue late nights. When Rocky horror isn’t playing :)



    How about comedians? I just got back from the Sasquatch music festival and the comedy tent had huge lines all the time. The same happens at Bumbershoot – you can’t even get in to most events without standing in line for an hour.

    Seattle is also desparately in need of more comedy venues. It’s getting to be known as a comedy town (many famous people purposely come here to try out new material), but there aren’t a lot of stand up venues. Comedy events such as ‘Laff-Hole!’ are even turning to traditionally music-only venues such as Chop Suey to fill the void. I think having a venue in West Seattle would draw people from all over the city.



    Check out John Keawe(Hawaiian Slack-Key Guitar Master) at Admiral Theater in July, he’s one of the best musicians around.



    I support JT’s idea of a burlesque show!!!



    Skylark is doing burlesque monthly BTW –



    How about some good Indie Flicks so I don’t have to drive to the U-District and Downtown? Couldn’t the Admiral get in on all the SIFF love?



    MikeG…that would be wonderful…I totally agree…



    One thing I saw a couple a months ago and was hoping would be continued: Saturday morning kids movies. I would love to see some of the old standards (Mary Poppins, etc) that I could share with my kids.



    and the old, old standards that they had on Sunday mornings were cool…would love to see that from time to time at a better time? early sunday afternoon? Key Largo, etc, etc?



    I’ll second the vote for classic kids movies, especially this summer. I’d definitely bring my 8 year old stepson. I’ll vote for Sunday afternoon “classics” too.

    A note: as a person with a mild hearing disability, I left the last movie I saw at Admiral (Pirates of the Caribbean 3) mostly because the sound system was so distorted that I could not understand the dialog. It is probably tolerable for folks with normal hearing, but it may be different for those without completely normal hearing. If you are upgrading or re-equalizing the sound systems, I hope you will advertise that fact. Thanks.


    The Admiral

    Hi everybody. Thanks all for the great responses and ideas. You should know that in a couple of weeks, the Admiral Theater will have a brand new sound & lighting system to really enhance Pier 2’s live performances.

    It will not only enhance your enjoyment of the shows already booked, but will allow us to really delve into getting some great and diverse shows performers that in the past, just wouldn’t work.

    I heard many of you requesting more Burlesque . Ask and ye shall receive. June 21, marks the return of Burning Heart’s Burlesque – The Bedroom Club. Cleo-Petra and her naughty kitties are back with some great new performers.

    Grammy-award slack-key guitarist John Keawe brings his incredible island sounds at this all ages July 5th show. Great for the whole family.

    You want comedy? You got it when Comedy Underground and Admiral Entertainment bring the best of Seattle’s’ Stand-up Competition throughout the month of July. First up will be Marcus, who is currently “in duh house” on the hit NBC show, Last Comic Standing.

    If anyone out there would like to some posters for your stores for these events, let me know.

    I hear you about the kids shows. I am looking into having a kids “story-telling” series on Saturday mornings as well as some older classic movies for kids.

    Hopefully, I will sit down with Stacey soon and discuss how we really want you involved in shaping the Admiral’s Entertainment roster.

    Thanks – visit our website at;

    Dinah Brein

    Director of Entertainment & Promotions



    I’m so glad that you’re doing this Dinah…the Admiral Theater is such a landmark, and it seems that it’s truly been neglected as of late. West SEattle needs it’s own entertainment venue like that. We have Kenyon Hall, and Arts West, and this will add yet another layer. Are you looking for musical acts? There are some wonderful locals out there…check out Children of the Revolution they’ve played at Triple Door downtown, but a lot lesser venues, too. Another semi-local act is Leroy Bell and his only friends. They recently lost their guitar player to complications from surgery – Rick was a native of West SEattle. They also play at the Triple Door…but you never know what they’d be interested in.



    Hot Club Sandwich!

    They are playing at my wedding next month. :)

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