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Lettuce at last!

May 21, 2006 4:40 pm
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Small delight from the West Seattle Farmers’ Market today — the lettuce finally arrived, at least at the booth for the Monroe organic farm (near the northwest corner of the market lot). Picked up a wonderful-looking head of red butter lettuce for $1.75. Last weekend in desperation, I bought one of their $3.50 bags of “salad mix” — I’m not usually into all those exotic small leaves, but it was truly tasty. Now, I’m just waiting to see if they’ll have the “Freckles” variety of romaine again this year. P.S. If you still haven’t been to the WSFM, it’s a great place for a walking breakfast. About half a dozen booths offer baked goods and even savory “galettes” — the prosciutto one got a rave from a member of the WS Blog delegation — sorry I don’t remember the name of the booth that offers them, but it’s on the north side of the WSFM and also is home to the $1 “lavender lemonade.” Yum.

Farmers’ Market report

May 7, 2006 4:19 pm
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Produce: Too early for lettuce (unless everything got scooped up in the hour and a half before we got there); apples and asparagus abounded.

Baked goods: TONS. WSB’s escorts enjoyed tasty blueberry scones from one booth before we found ourselves passing at least three others where we could have picked up scones, tarts, cookies, muffins, etc. Food purveyors included new mom Toby from Eats Market Cafe, with baby in front-pack. WSB Spouse picked up a $2 carton of cole slaw from EMC for tomorrow’s lunch.

Plants: Our favorite nursery is back, in their double-size booth toward the east side of the market, complete with the spiky nightshades. Not too late to get some for your own yard next week! Three for seven bucks, quite the deal. Lots of other interesting plants too. (The nursery’s name is Langley Fine Gardens, which always confuses me because they are on Vashon Island, not Whidbey — it’s the operators’ surname, not their town’s name.)
Just a few highlights. Oh, and completely unrelated plug, but I want to start hammering it early: Next Saturday, May 13, is the annual mail carriers’ food drive, another rite of spring for us. Put together a big bag of nonperishable food and be sure to put it by your mailbox Saturday morning — set yourself an Outlook reminder or whatever you need to do; it’s a fab way to do a little good in the world.