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Late-night followup: 59th/Admiral shooting, where the case stands

December 29, 2007 11:49 pm
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Continuing our new series of late-night followups whenever there’s not “new” news to report at this hour: We have continued to watch arrow.jpgthe case of the Alki teenager charged with second-degree murder in West Seattle’s third (and we hope final) killing of the year, the shooting in a car at 59th/Admiral on October 13 (as shown in WSB scene photo at right). In our last update on November 1st, we reported to you that a judge had granted the bail-reduction request for the suspect, from $500,000 to $200,000. (We stopped including the suspect’s name in our reports, as explained October 29th, because a key part of his defense is the contention that he was a victim of sexual abuse, molested for years by the man he allegedly shot.) Since that update, there have been several developments:Read More

Saturday night notes

-Blustery out there now, but the forecast for New Year’s Eve and Day looks great (though cold); the Polar Bear Swim at Alki will be interesting!

-Speaking of wind — ever been on a kayak in choppy seas? Found this video clip shot off Alki Point yesterday, featuring swells resembling the open ocean.

-Back to the matter of New Year’s — we’ve added more businesses’ holiday hours to the WSB Holidays page (and more to come). Perhaps most notably, in case you were wondering, both state liquor stores on California (Morgan and Alaska Junctions) are open till 7 pm New Year’s Eve.

-And yes, the West Seattle Farmers’ Market is still going strong each and every Sunday — after tomorrow, though, it switches to 11 am-2 pm hours for January and February. Here’s this week’s “fresh sheet” provided by citywide Farmers’ Market organizers:Read More

First WSB “Top 7 of ’07”: Video highlights

It’s just not late December without a slew of reviews of the year that’s about to end. hourglass-horn.jpgSo we’ll join the parade again this year — in three daily installments, starting today with our picks for Top 7 West Seattle video moments of ’07. Since the WSB video era only began on 9/11/07 (thanks to the generosity of Pledge Day donors), we only have 3 1/2 months of video clips from which to choose, but it’s been a busy fall, so this is a decent list. The links in the headline/date go to the WSB posts containing the video clips, not straight to the clips themselves, so you’ll get the full context if you missed any of these original reports. Now the countdown:

#7 — WINDSTORM WINDSURFER, 10/18/07: A windstorm that caused trouble for many gave this adventurer a chance for thrills.

#6 — WEST WATER SPOTLIGHTS, 11/14/07: West Seattle’s most hyper-marketed condo conversion didn’t stop at billboards, bus boards, sandwich boards, or broadcast commercials — it even sent spotlights into the WS sky for a few noteworthy nights.

#5 — BABY SEAL MANIA AT ALKI, 9/17/07: Throughout late summer and fall, the Seal Sitters kept watch as baby harbor seals hauled out along the West Seattle shore. Their watch spanned both joy and tragedy. WSB videotaped one of the crowd-pleasing pups.

#4 — MARS HILL IMMERSION BAPTISMS AT ALKI, 9/14/07: Hallelujahpalooza, we and others dubbed it. The only megachurch with a West Seattle branch brought a band as well as members from around the city to cheer (and pray for) those baptized in the chilly water of Puget Sound.

And now the top 3 (we feel like Casey Kasem):Read More

More on DNDA’s new affordable-housing project

After the $2.4 million grant for Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association‘s Strength of Place Village project was announced earlier this week (WSB report here), we asked DNDA executive director Derek Birnie for more details. Today, we have them, starting with this early design view of the future complex:


He also provided WSB with a detailed press release. While this project will be in White Center (map), it’s noteworthy for West Seattle not just because that community continues to grow and change and may eventually be part of our city, but also because DNDA is based in WS (where it’s already been at the heart of transformational projects such as the Youngstown Arts Center and West Seattle Community Resource Center). Here are the Strength of Place Village details:Read More

Looking back: 2 history notes to start the weekend


First — WSB contributing photographer Matt Durham says he discovered that sign greeting “visitors to a home at the corner of SW Forest and Fairmount SW. The neighbor in the background (who wished to remain nameless) believes the cart was from a family business that was once on California Ave SW. According to a Google search, Abe’s Place was located at 2310 California Ave SW and served ‘American Turkish’ cuisine.” (Prints of Matt’s photos are available at his site,

Second note – Fauntleroy’s Judy Pickens sends word of her book chronicling the history of Fauntleroy Church, as it celebrates its centennial:Read More