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West Seattle Weather Watch: Supposed to be sunny tomorrow too

April 6, 2009 7:44 pm
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One more photo from our 8:50 am King County Water Taxi (WSB sponsor) run downtown this morning … looks like tomorrow will be conducive to commuting via water, too.

Update: King County Water Taxi day 1 sets a ridership record

(WSB photo from 8:50 am run this morning, looking back toward West Seattle)
3,429 riders yesterday, is the word we just got — “a new record,” per the Water Taxi’s announcement on Twitter. (Our coverage from Sunday, with photos and video, can be found here.)

King County Water Taxi season-kickoff party updates

ORIGINAL 12:20 PM REPORT: Huge crowd here at Seacrest for the season-kickoff party celebrating the return of the King County Water Taxi (which actually started its 2009 runs a few hours ago, as shown in our earlier coverage). King County Council Chair Dow Constantine – who’s got a touch of laryngitis – is speaking right now, joking that when they decided to start the season a month earlier, they figured the weather would be bad. Guess what!

That’s the big crowd on board as the KCWT left a few minutes ago. Free rides all day – lines are long – parking’s tough (“a nightmare,” one man complained into his cell phone as he walked by) – so take the free shuttle bus. (As Constantine is mentioning right now, the shuttles now have distinct numbers so you can tell which shuttle is going where – a point of confusion in years gone by, whether the bus was going to Alki or The Junction.) Free treats and live music down here, too, in addition to the free sunshine.

ADDED 1:12 PM: More from the party – here’s the fireboat putting on a show a few minutes ago:

Also just had a Coast Guard chopper flyby, though maybe just a coincidence:

And some video – County Council Chair Constantine with the weather remark we mentioned above:

Plus a photo from Constantine’s Twitter stream, as he walked down to get on board:

2:52 PM UPDATE: Party’s over, more photos to add – first, at the other side of Constantine’s round trip, he chatted with other riders as they disembarked:

Yet another megaline awaited the next sailing, with a reminder in the foreground that Seacrest is also home to Alki Kayak Tours:

At the head of the line, bottom of the steel ramp that meets the wooden floating dock, a feathered greeter:

Besides the rebranded Water Taxi and shuttle buses, you’ll see the new sign at Seacrest too:

The free rides continue till the last run of the night, which is at 7 pm; here’s the schedule. Then the weekday schedule kicks in tomorrow (and the weather is expected to be spectacular – we’re glad to hear it, since we have a couple stories to cover downtown in the morning – no need to take the car!).

4:18 PM: Last addition, a clip of the fireboat’s spray show:

And dozens more photos of today’s event are up on the Ferry District’s Flickr pages, here.

King County Water Taxi’s first West Seattle arrival of 2009

A shimmering morning at Seacrest Pier, as the King County Water Taxi arrived less than half an hour ago for the first time under that name and the first official time this year. Today’s big party is noon-2 pm, with giveaways and entertainment; free rides are all day (here’s the schedule); parking is already tight at and around the pier, so take the shuttle or be prepared for a walk.

This may be the second-to-last time we get our traditional “first arrival” video – next year, if all goes according to plan (including dock improvements after this season ends 10/31), the Water Taxi is supposed to start running year-round. P.S. You can find the Water Taxi schedule linked atop the WSB Traffic page.

The night before its season launch, see the Water Taxi’s new look

We just couldn’t wait till tomorrow morning — went to the downtown waterfront tonight to get photos of the new trim and new logo on the newly rebranded King County Water Taxi. Tomorrow, of course, you can see it in person …

… free rides all day, and while the big party at Seacrest Pier (map) is noon-2 pm (with the fireboat Leschi scheduled for a spray show around 12:45), the Water Taxi sails its full schedule on day 1, which means you should see its first arrival at Seacrest around 8:45 am. P.S. If you’re trying to remember what the Water Taxi USED to look like, here’s a WSB photo from last fall:


Talking with King County Council Chair Dow Constantine at the Gathering of Neighbors today, we’re pretty sure he mentioned a new look for the shuttle buses too, so we’ll be watching out for that tomorrow morning as well. ADDED 11:07 PM: Well, we don’t even have to wait till tomorrow for THAT – turns out the King County Ferry District has a Flickr stream with an entire sequence of photos of the shuttle-bus rewrapping — see it here (as well as more pix of the Water Taxi’s new look).

Fireboat fans: Another reason to come to the Water Taxi party

As you’ve already heard here and elsewhere what may seem like a million times, the King County Water Taxi (WSB sponsor) opens its 2009 season this Sunday, with free rides all day and a noon-2 pm party at Seacrest. Just got word that the fireboat Leschi is scheduled to “greet” the Water Taxi during the party, when it arrives around 12:45 pm. Always a sight (especially if you have little ones, although some of us kids-at-heart find the spray a riveting sight too)

Water Taxi countdown: Yet more details of the Sunday kickoff

April 2, 2009 12:16 pm
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The King County Water Taxi is aboard the good ship WSB Sponsorship as of this week, and we’re now just three days away from the start of its 2009 season. A news release just came in with a few more details about this Sunday’s noon-2 pm kickoff celebration, including giveaway and music details – read on!Read More

“Gathering,” Garage Sale Day signups, Water Taxi: All days away

Three reasons we’re starting the weekend countdown way early:

Think you know West Seattle tip to toe, Duwamish Head to Delridge Triangle, Herring’s House Park to Weather Watch Park? We bet you’ll still find someone, something, some group, some business that’s new to you, when you drop by the Gathering of Neighbors/Biz Expo (WSB sponsor) this Saturday, 11 am-3 pm, Chief Sealth at Boren. We’ll be there, which brings us to …

WEST SEATTLE COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE DAY SIGNUPS START SATURDAY: May 9th is the 5th annual WSCGSD — one day with garage sales all over West Seattle! more than 145 registered last year — and we’re starting registration earlier this year in response to suggestions made last year. First day of registration is this Saturday, and if you come sign up in person at the WSB table at the aforementioned Gathering of Neighbors, we’re offering a one-day-only, in-person-only discount from the regular fees (which are otherwise the same as last year, which in turn was a cut from the year before): That means if you sign up with us in person that day at G-o-N, it’s $10/individual sale, $15/organization-school-etc., $25/block. (Rest of the time it’s $12-$20-$30.) By the way, if you don’t have room for your own sale, we know of at least one place that will offer space for you to come set up a table – Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor), in the courtyard – more on that later this week.

WATER TAXI SEASON STARTS SUNDAY: It’s one of the best freebies of the year – the King County (formerly Elliott Bay) Water Taxi will be free all day on kickoff day this Sunday, plus Seacrest Pier will be in full celebration mode that day from noon-2 pm — music, speeches, surprises, general revelry. Water Taxi schedules and fares all await you here.

Today/tonight: WSDW lunch; crime prevention; Water Taxi

March 26, 2009 7:43 am
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From the WSB Events calendar:

WEST SEATTLE DEMOCRATIC WOMEN LUNCHEON: 11:30 am at the West Seattle Golf Course. Guest speakers include 34th District Democrats chair Tim Nuse and West Seattle’s School Board rep Steve Sundquist; registration starts Registration will begin at 11:15 A.M. with the lunch/program beginning at 11:30 A.M. Cost is $10 for members; $12 for non-members. But call for reservations first: (206) 935-3216.

PARKS BOARD VOTE ON WATER TAXI DOCK: 7 pm at Parks Department HQ downtown (map). Tonight’s agenda includes a vote on whether to recommend that Parks support the plan to expand the dock at Seacrest so that the (newly renamed) King County Water Taxi can start year-round operations next year.

SOUTH DELRIDGE/WHITE CENTER COMMUNITY SAFETY COALITION: 6 pm, St. James Place, 9421 18th SW (map). Tonight’s agenda includes the continued discussion of a possible “alcohol impact zone” on both sides of the city/county line.

Countdown continues to King County Water Taxi’s April 5 kickoff

As reported here last Thursday, the Water Taxi is now the King County Water Taxi, no longer the Elliott Bay WT. With its April 5th season kickoff (remember – free rides all day!) now just a week and a half away, the county’s issued a new fact sheet with a reminder of some of the other changes – see it here.

P.S. – it’s not the Elliott Bay Water Taxi any more


Since our Water Taxi update this morning, its website has been updated with all of this year’s information, including schedules – and you’ll notice one big thing: It’s not the Elliott Bay Water Taxi any more; it’s the King County Water Taxi. Online info starts here; note that the KCWT will now run till late evening 7 nights a week, among other changes.