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33.3% of the City Council visits WS

August 16, 2007 9:34 pm
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(left to right starting with the pink jacket, are Seattle City Council members Jan Drago, Richard McIver, Sally Clark, meeting at High Point Community Center tonight as the Economic Development and Neighborhoods Committee)

We went to tonight’s meeting to make sure we didn’t miss anything earthshattering. A few dozen other people showed up to see what happened with the latest proposals to crack down on nightclub noise and violence; the new noise rules advanced unanimously, the “nightlife premises licensing” proposal got a 2-1 vote (McIver against). The latter proposal has been watered down a bit (potentially affecting far fewer businesses around the city) and didn’t draw much passionate opposition; the only emotional public testimony came from two women who say they got beat up at a Belltown club the other night and couldn’t get the club to care, so they’re for tougher rules, as is Jackie Ramels of the Alki Community Council, who spoke early in the meeting to voice her support. Toward the end of 2 1/2 long hours, the council members heard excellent short presentations by leaders of the High Point redevelopment project, the West Seattle Food Bank, Neighborhood House, and Safe Futures — lots of specifics there for future updates here.

New group for WS pooches and their people

Wendy from Green Spaces Real Estate and The Wonderful World of Wendy (two of the 86 sites now on our Other Blogs In WS page) wants to let the world of WS dog lovers know about the High Point K9 Club she’s organizing (not just for HP), with meetup #1 planned for September 1st. Find out more here.

Thursday night fireworks @ High Point CC?

August 14, 2007 1:29 pm
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Could be — if some of the more vocal proponents/opponents in the city’s ongoing nightlife-regulation debate show up for the City Council’s Economic Development & Neighborhoods Committee meeting in WS — since the next potential step in all this is on the agenda. 6-8 pm this Thursday, High Point Community Center.

WS Lost/Found Pet Watch: Dog gone near High Point

izzy.jpgWe’ll set up a special section soon, now that people who have lost or found pets are finding out this is another good place to get the word out. In the meantime, this just in: Izzy the 10-pound Cairn Terrier (photo right), described by her people as “shy but very friendly” and “looks like Toto from The Wizard of Oz,” disappeared from her High Point home sometime Friday. Izzy was wearing a pink collar with name and owner info. There’s a reward out for her safe return. 937-5693.

High Point Elementary will soon be history (in a way)

The (unofficial) Seattle Public Schools Blog points out that the agenda for this Wednesday’s school board meeting includes a proposal to rename High Point Elementary (photo below) “West Seattle Elementary.” According to the agenda item, this name-changing is by “request of the High Point and Fairmount Park merged elementary schools.” (If you’re just coming in on this saga, the district closed several schools at the end of this past school year, including Fairmount Park, to save $; the students of FP are “merging” into HP.) Historical datapoint: This won’t be the first “West Seattle Elementary School”; the district’s thumbnail history of Lafayette Elementary says it briefly held that name about 90 years ago!


Fiery 4th in WS

We’ve received reports of several overnight fires blamed on fireworks around WS, but the one in the High Point vicinity was by far the biggest. News coverage includes this P-I article, an update from the Times, and a KIRO update with links to video. We’re glad to hear nobody was hurt, but honestly, this is why personal fireworks are banned in cities like ours. Fun, sure; dangerous and damaging, unquestionably, no matter how hard you try to keep it safe.

Honor for High Point

June 20, 2007 7:21 pm
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You don’t hear the word “cottage” around here much, unless it’s deployed as spin on a dinky house’s for-sale listing, but tonight it’s part of an honor for High Point — Cottage Living magazine has chosen HP as one of its Top 10 Cottage Communities for 2007.

Traffic talk tonight

June 11, 2007 8:31 am
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One week before Sylvan/Morgan closes to through-traffic between 35th and Delridge for three months of construction-related utility/road work, there’s an “open house” tonight where you can find out the latest on detours, local access, and also more on what’s up with the ongoing High Point-area development: 4:30-6 tonight, High Point Library.

Out of luck?

fixbump.JPGYou are, if you expect the ravaged roadway of Sylvan/Orchard (east of High Point and home to the sign at left) to be all good as new once the upcoming closure is through. Nope, just a short stretch, reiterates the project spokesperson in today’s Herald.

Street of screams

As in, screams from drivers fed up with bumpy Sylvan Way/Orchard between Delridge & High Point. We just noticed this addition to the warning sign along the westbound lane:


No need to wait for the weekend

April 9, 2007 8:16 pm
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Fun stuff happening midweek on our side of the bay, so here’s an advance alert:

-For family fun: High Point Community Center sponsors Springfest tomorrow.

-Two big entertainment events in The Junction on Wednesday night: “On the Verge” opens @ ArtsWest; Jonatha Brooke performs live-in-store @ Easy Street.

For the Easter early risers

April 7, 2007 11:34 pm
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Might be too early in the morning for you if you’re still up as we post this, but worth a mention anyway, however belated: West Seattle does have a bonafide Easter sunrise service, with several churches participating — 6:30 am @ Forest Lawn (east of High Point).

The high cost of owning

The new High Point gets a mention in this article today about the high cost of homeownership (condos included) within city limits.

Early warning

High Point-to-Delridge drivers, beware: Cindi from the Morgan Community Association alerts us to more upcoming traffic woes; this excerpt is from the latest Morgan Junction e-mail newsletter, quoting the major construction company on the High Point project:

“SW Morgan / Sylvan Way will most likely be closed for a short period (one to two weeks) during late February/early March. This closure is being planned in conjunction with work taking place on an unrelated development east of High Point. This coordination will minimize the impacts to the neighbors and surrounding area. SW Morgan / Sylvan Way will then be temporarily closed for a longer period (several months) this summer to allow for complete rebuild of the roadway and utilities associated with our project. We will provide notification to local residents and businesses and will have a detour route well-indicated. Every effort will be made to minimize the duration of street closures.”

We’ve been asked before about the deplorable condition of Sylvan Way closer to Delridge; Cindi is checking on whether repairs to that stretch might be included in those summer closures.

Not just another crash statistic

September 28, 2006 8:49 pm
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The original pictures were just a wrecked bike on the ground. Now we can see the face of, and hear about the life of, the woman killed while riding her bike near High Point on Wednesday morning.

A truly tragic crash

We might have forgotten to mention this West Seattle traffic tragedy if not for a note we got tonight. A woman riding a bicycle near High Point got hit during the morning commute. I hope the person who wrote me doesn’t mind me using this excerpt — she knows someone related to the victim, but I’ve excised that detail and another personal point:

Early this morning on 35th Ave SW, a 27 year old woman riding north on her bicycle hit a van headed north that turned onto SW Graham in from of her. As she had the right of way, the van driver either didn’t see her or thought he was faster. She’s in Harborview with “life-threatening” injuries. … I’m just thankful my (child) was so entranced by the sight of all of the flashing lights that he didn’t see her bicycle and helmet there on the road.

This makes us think about all the brave folks we see bicycling to work or school or the store, even though we are sadly lacking in bike lanes and other accommodations. Just this morning, Hizzoner stood up and talked about fighting global warming by encouraging more alternative forms of transportation, such as bicycling. Is this just lip service, or will he really make the roads safer for people like this lady who are already trying to do their part?

High Point must be high-fiving

May 30, 2006 5:44 pm
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The new school-closure plan is out, and HP Elementary got cut from the list (PDF document; West Seattle’s moment in the sun starts around page 16). Fairmount Park still has the Grim Reaper hanging around, though. Meantime, since High Point’s not closing, Pathfinder’s looking at a NEW new home — Boren (the current temporary home of Cleveland High, the past temporary home of Madison Middle). If the district manages its assets wisely, I see some lovely new view homes coming to Genesee Hill … they could at least honor the to-be-relocated school by calling the mini-subdivision Pathfinder Pointe, perhaps. Or — will Genesee Hill go the way of its current students’ “new” home, which according to this district info-sheet has been “closed” longer than it’s been open (yet lives on with rotating occupants)?

Two WS schools in the crosshairs for closure …

May 17, 2006 6:04 pm
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… but Alki Elementary, which was on the last list, is not one of them. That surprises me, as I’d guess the district would make a mint from selling that land to condo developers.

The ones that did make the list just made public tonight are Fairmount Park and High Point. However, that fancy new-ish building at High Point won’t close — the district wants to move Pathfinder over there.

Maybe the district figured that Genesee Hill real estate is worth more than the Alki land? Better views. More later when the official district docs are out …