New High Point stoplights: The blinking begins


For anyone who said they wouldn’t believe it till they saw it – there you go – as of a little while ago, the light at High Point’s long-closed Lanham/Morgan intersection (by Commons Park and the new Bridge Park senior-living community) is in its “blinking” test phase, and by all accounts, that means the intersection will be open within a week or so. Not far away, minutes after we took the Lanham/Morgan photo, we also spotted SDOT getting ready to do the same thing with the upgraded light at 35th/Raymond:


6 Replies to "New High Point stoplights: The blinking begins"

  • Ken August 27, 2008 (12:37 pm)

    And in other news, Porcine Aviation observed amid low clouds in SW Seattle…

    What a difference 6 years makes.

    Now I can stop cutting through the Bridge Park parking lot.

  • Deb in Morgan Junction August 27, 2008 (1:47 pm)

    I visit the Highpoint Library a few times a week and was so glad to see a light being put in…’s scary trying to turn left to 35th from that intersection with people going 40+ mph both ways. Hopefully next, a red light camera at 35th & Morgan.

  • bl@ster August 27, 2008 (4:12 pm)

    A red light camera? I hope you’re joking. If there’s something we don’t need — it’s any 1984 red light cameras around there! Give me a break!

  • WSB August 27, 2008 (4:21 pm)

    There are two red-light cameras in the works for West Seattle but that’s not one of the intersections listed. Thanks for the reminder, I need to check on how the plans for installing them are going.

  • Koni August 27, 2008 (6:08 pm)

    A red light camera at 35th and Morgan would be fabulous! I can’t tell you how many near misses I have seen in the last seven years…too scary when people come down the hill there just gun it through the red light. Yikes! Please give us a camera!

  • GreenSpaces August 28, 2008 (7:56 am)

    So YOU (Ken) are the reason they put up their special signage that says NOT A THRU STREET – on both sides of the driveway facing Morgan.

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