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Welcoming a new WSB sponsor: Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

October 9, 2008 11:10 pm
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Just last night, we told you about the Admiral Theater’s latest efforts to broaden the offerings at the historic venue, and tonight we welcome one of them as a new WSB sponsor: The Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, with a schedule involving screenings at the Admiral later this month. Here’s what the festival’s organizers want you to know: “Three Dollar Bill Cinema is thrilled to bring the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival to West Seattle¹s Admiral Theater, Oct 24-25. There¹s something for everyone in the slate of programs we¹ve lined up for our first-ever foray into West Seattle, from features focusing on family values (THE SENSEI and THE NEW WORLD) to engaging documentaries (EQUALITY U and THE KINSEY SICKS) and edgy short films (TOUGH GIRLS). From dancing zombies to trick-or-treaters, the Halloween spirit is sweeping West Seattle during our weekend at The Admiral, and we¹re joining the celebration with several spooky programs, including: CAMP BLOOD, a fun collection of creepy and comical short films; the slasher classic with a queer subtext A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2: FREDDY¹S REVENGE; and a very special edition of a long-running West Seattle tradition, THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. We hope to make this first of many years that the festival finds success in West Seattle. For more information on all programs and a complete guide to the entire festival, including screenings, parties and events all over town, visit” Thanks to the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival for joining the WSB sponsor team; the full list is on this page along with information for anyone interested in becoming part of it; we also thank everyone for their strong support of all the WSB sponsors who make it possible for us to bring you West Seattle news 24/7.

Two stops tonight on the West Seattle Art Walk

October 9, 2008 10:44 pm
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That’s some of what we found in the Art Lending Library at Youngstown Arts Center, which opened tonight as part of the monthly West Seattle Art Walk. The folks there tell us they plan quarterly Art Walk open houses, so the next one’s expected in January. Youngstown is among the newest of the recordsetting 43 participating venues; the Art Walk started in The Junction but now has moved far beyond, adding Delridge venues like Youngstown as well as Alki participants and, in Admiral, participants include Click! Design That Fits (WSB sponsor), where we caught up with photographer Karen Derby:


We interviewed Karen for this story last month about her long and challenging recovery from injuries suffered when her motorcycle collided with a minivan in Westwood almost four months ago. Turns out she used to work with Click! proprietors John and Frances Smersh. She’s got two more months left to wear a cast; because of reconstruction work on her mangled right leg, she’s had to wear loose clothing like skirts most of the time, but during the Art Walk, she happily told us, “Today is the third time in four months I was able to wear jeans!” You can see her photography at Click! all month; it’s being sold commission-free to help Karen raise money for her continuing medical expenses. Meantime, mark your calendar for the next West Seattle Art Walk, November 13th.

Sorry for the downtime

October 9, 2008 10:28 pm
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Please forgive us for the unexpected hour and a half or so of downtime. You may recall we moved to a bigger and better server recently – but that didn’t mean much when tonight the company that manages it (and others) suffered some kind of trouble. (Update: The hosting company says it was a DDOS attack.) Meantime, please remember the backup site we set up during that transition:
We started posting there (as well as on Twitter, which you can access at even if you don’t want to sign up for your own account) once it was clear this wasn’t fleeting – please bookmark both of those, because their servers are with different companies so any time something goes wrong over here (hopefully not again for a long time), we’ll be there posting the latest news as well as updates about the site. So again, sorry about that, now we’re going to get busy copying what we posted on the backup site over to this one.

Quick update: 35th/Graham advances to next Design Review round

October 9, 2008 9:31 pm
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(Originally posted at WSB backup site) Short version just so we can get you the headline while we deal with tonight’s technical trouble: The 35th/Graham mixed-use project (see the presentation here) is advancing out of “early design guidance” after its second EDG meeting, tonight at Hiawatha Community Center, but not without a whole lot of suggestions by Southwest Design Review Board members, who all but redesigned it during an extensive session that sent tonight’s meeting into overtime. Lots of public comment tonight, too, though it mostly focused on pedestrian concerns and hopes/dreams for the project’s retail spaces, remarks targeted more at the developers and managers who were in attendance than the design reviewers looking at the project’s looks. More later.

Fauntleroy Schoolhouse terms: Community reaction

We reported last night that the Fauntleroy Community Service Agency has reached agreement on a “term sheet” for purchase of the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse and some of the property around it, months after opening negotiations with Seattle Public Schools, which is selling the property as surplus; FCSA’s Kevin Wooley had told WSB just last week that they weren’t currently negotiating for the entire site (see that report here). Tonight, we have some reaction to the announcement – read on:Read More

Update: 6016 California SW fire ruled “accidental”

We just followed up with the Seattle Fire Department regarding the investigation into this morning’s small-but-scary fire at 6016 California SW, same building as the Puget Sound Key and Lock arson last March. Spokesperson Dana Vander Houwen tells WSB it’s been ruled accidental – “a box pushed up against a heater caught fire.” As we reported earlier, nobody was hurt. Vander Houwen goes on to say it’s an unfortunate but important reminder for all of us at this time of year as we’re turning our heaters on again after they’ve been idle all summer – be sure to keep a safe space between heaters and furniture or other objects – this past weekend, in fact, she notes there was a big fire in another part of the city that started in a couch that was too close to a heater. 4:05 PM ADDENDUM: Following up on our phone conversation, Vander Houwen sent along these specific tips for us to share with you:

With the approach of cooler weather, the Seattle Fire Department would like to remind residents of the need to heat their homes safely. Here are some tips:

All types of heaters need space. Do not put anything that can burn near a heater.

Baseboard heaters are very efficient, but they can be a serious fire hazard if used carelessly. Check baseboard heaters often to make sure that nothing has fallen or been placed near the heater, including drapes, furniture and bedding.

Keep all portable heaters at least three foot away from anything that can burn.

Additional information is available on the Seattle Fire Department website:

Parking alert: Much of Alki/Harbor Aves off-limits Sunday

October 9, 2008 3:12 pm
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Thanks to Chris for e-mailing about the no-parking signs that are lining Harbor and Alki Avenues almost the entire way from The Bridge to The Beach: This Sunday (10/12), 5 am-3 pm, no parking. After driving the stretch to investigate, we’re 99.9% sure it’s being done so crews can stripe the parking lane as a follow-up to the new sharrows; we have a message out to SDOT to double-check. But in the meantime, make a note – if you’re heading that way this Sunday morning/early afternoon to enjoy the beach, take the Water Taxi, etc., you’re going to have to find side-street parking in most areas. 3:52 PM UPDATE: Marybeth Turner from SDOT confirms, this indeed is because of striping work Sunday.

From cats to coyotes: A story, and a seminar

Just added another lost cat to the WSB Pets page. It’s a page you probably wouldn’t pay attention to until and unless you lost or found a pet; it still features some very-long-lost pets, like Sacha the cat (left), who’s been gone almost a year and also stars in a new Seattle Weekly story by West Seattle-residing Mike Seely, “The Lost Cats of Poverty Gulch.” It’s not just about cats and West Seattle – it’s also about greenspaces and coyotes, among other things. Which gives us another excuse to remind you that one of the excellent “Living With Wildlife” presentations is coming to West Seattle later this month – we hope it’s a full house, as the one we covered in Magnolia earlier this year was laden with helpful information. Be at the Camp Long Lodge, 7 pm, Tuesday 10/21.

Update: Road open again after small fire at 6016 California SW


(photo added 11:58 am)
ORIGINAL REPORT: Big callout to 6016 California SW (map), just north of Morgan Junction. We’ve got someone on the way; more to come. 11:34 AM UPDATE: Address is the same as Puget Sound Key and Lock, hit by a still-unsolved arson back in March. AVOID THE AREA – co-publisher Patrick is stuck in traffic heading there from the north – he can see fire crews on the building’s roof. Scanner traffic monitored here at HQ confirms California is COMPLETELY closed at the scene, between Raymond and Graham, and at least three Metro buses are “stuck in this mess” as one person termed it. 11:42 AM UPDATE: It’s not the locksmith storefront (which just reopened this summer) – it’s apparently West Seattle Digital’s office, adjacent to the south side of PSKL, according to locksmith Mike Dein, who just talked with Patrick at the scene. (clip added 12:19 pm) Here’s how he told us he noticed the fire:

11:45 AM UPDATE: Patrick just talked with the incident commander, who says some boxes were on fire inside an office, but it’s out now, no major damage, nobody hurt. California may still be blocked for another half-hour or so at the scene, though, so if you have to get between The Junction and Morgan Junction, take alternate routes like 42nd for now. 12:07 PM UPDATE: No word so far on how those boxes caught fire. Here’s a closer photo from the scene – the WS Digital door is the open one on the right of the locksmith window:


12:18 PM UPDATE: California SW is open again past the fire scene; only one truck left, parked out front.

Also happening tonight: “Idol” auditions; knitters’ meetup

October 9, 2008 11:23 am
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Two more notes about tonight (besides these): First, word that “Alki Idol” has extended auditions for one more week – even if you didn’t try out either of the last two Thursday nights, you are welcome to do so tonight at Bamboo, 9:30 pm (prizes and past winners shown here; the folks behind “Alki Idol” also are starting up “Downtown Idol”; more info here). Meantime, some WSB Forum members who knit have started up a group and they’re inviting any and all West Seattle knitters to join them tonight – 7 pm, Uptown Espresso in The Junction; read more in this WSBF thread, and see yet more today/tonight (and way beyond) events here.

Denny Middle School site’s future: Design Team report

October 9, 2008 10:07 am
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That posterboard propped up at last night’s meeting of the Design Team for the Redevelopment of the Denny Middle School Site (yes, that’s its official name) spells out the school district’s baseline priorities for the 6-acre site (map) even before the Design Team process gets going in earnest: The softball and tennis facilities are replacements for what will be lost when the new Denny is built on the Chief Sealth campus; the “potential elementary school” is something that has recently emerged and is now being discussed more loudly — we first heard it from West Seattle school-board rep Steve Sundquist at Westwood Neighborhood Council meetings; earlier in the year, he mentioned the district might have to build another school on the site; then at Monday’s WNC meeting focused on the Denny site (WSB coverage here), he said it was likely to be an elementary-school site. Last night, Don Gillmore from the school district elaborated that a new elementary school might be built there with the closure of three (unspecified) others, and noted that the closed Hughes site also is a “prime candidate” for a future new elementary school. Way down the road but keep your ears up. Meantime, on to what happened last night and what happens next with the Denny site plan, plus an update on construction status at the Chief Sealth site, just ahead:Read More

Tonight: West Seattle Art Walk; 35th/Graham design review

Lots happening today/tonight, per the WSB West Seattle Events calendar – here are two highlights: A record 43 venues all over West Seattle (here’s the map) are joining in tonight’s monthly WS Art Walk, 6-9 pm, listed here (participants include WSB sponsors Hotwire Coffee, Dream Dinners, M3 Bodyworks, Seattle Wellness Programs, Skylark Cafe & Club, and Click! Design That Fits, where as we mentioned Tuesday, you’ll find the photography of Karen Derby). Also tonight: The second Southwest Design Review Board public meeting for the 35th/Graham mixed-use project (presentation previewable online here), 6:30 pm, Hiawatha Community Center.