Water woes in southeast Admiral

The photo is from William on 37th SW between Hanford and Hinds, who reports: “Just to let you know water has been on and off today for the last few hours, and it’s still quite brown at the moment. Many neighbors experiencing the same.” That’s apparently related to a water outage this morning in the area – we got a text about it last hour, but when we checked the SPU water-trouble map moments later, it was listed as an “emergency repair” situation that had been resolved. We’re following up with SPU.

2 Replies to "Water woes in southeast Admiral"

  • Manning resident April 8, 2024 (1:49 pm)

    This may be related to work SPU did on a new home build at 37th and Manning this morning. Workers appeared to be hooking up the new home to the main water line … not an expert here …

    • William April 8, 2024 (2:16 pm)

      I believe it is. 3450 37th Ave SW. I called SPU and they told me it’s involving that house. I’m sure it would save them time on the phone if there was some kind of automated texting/emailing system in place to notify customers that they’re going to have no water or brown water for much of the working day. 

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