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CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Teenager charged in two West Seattle carjackings, one local 7-11 robbery, more

Two weeks ago, we reported briefly on a warrant arrest on 12th SW just north of Roxbury, adding later that police said they’d arrested a 16-year-old wanted for carjackings and armed robberies.

(Security-camera images that police believe shows suspect – we have obscured what was his partly visible face)

Tonight we have details on the charges filed against the suspect – which involve five incidents in October, including two carjackings and one 7-11 robbery in West Seattle, all of which we had reported here. The charging documents detail the painstaking work by which SPD detectives tracked down the 16-year-old, including cross-referencing cell-phone records and matching part of a word on the back of a hoodie seen through a car window on surveillance video.

The teenager is charged as a juvenile, so we are not identifying him by name. In all these incidents, there were accomplices, but we don’t know whether any of the others have been arrested yet; this suspect was arrested at his home. He is charged with five counts of first-degree robbery, three counts of auto theft, and one count of unlawful gun possession, all felonies. He has no previous record so far as we have found.

The crime spree detailed in the charging papers spans October 12th through 28th. It begins with a carjacking in an apartment garage in the Central District just after midnight on the 12th; the victim told police a white vehicle (later found to be a Hyundai Tucson) tailgated his blue Audi into the garage, where three people attacked him, two pushing him down, one pulling a gun, taking everything from his pockets, and driving away in his car. This all took barely 2 1/2 minutes, according to security video.

The second carjacking in which he is charged happened here, at Harbor and California, around 2:40 am on October 17th (here’s our original report). The victim was in her parked car on a conference call with clients in Asia, when three people approached both sides of her car, demanding her keys and asking if she wanted to die, subsequently pulling her out, throwing her to the ground, and taking off with her beige Mercedes, which also contained a laptop, tablet, phones, purse, and other items. As we reported originally, the papers say they were tracked to Roxbury Safeway but not pursued when they fled from police. Many of the victim’s belongings were discarded near a gas pump there. Before 8 am, her Mercedes was found abandoned in Auburn. Video from that morning showed these robbers were accompanied by a car matching the Audi stolen five days earlier. It also showed a suspect in a jacket/hoodie with PLEASURES written across the back – matching an image from the Audi theft.

Three days later, also on the West Seattle waterfront in the early morning (just before 1 am October 20th), a man was carjacked while sitting in his black BMW in the 1000 block of Harbor (our original report had it as the 1100 block of Alki, per police at the time). The charging papers say three men pulled up behind him, started yelling, and one hit his car window with a rifle before demanding he get out. They took his keys, car, and phone; the latter was found tossed out on the Admiral Way hill. Meantime, the stolen blue Audi crashed on the West Seattle Bridge; witnesses say its occupants got out, got into the stolen BMW, and sped off.

Investigators linked the three incidents and started requesting cell phone data for six related locations in hopes of cross-referencing to find at least one phone present at all those locations, possibly leading them to a suspect. They got a warrant for that data on October 25th. Then on October 28th, another crime – four robbers held up a Shell station in the 7200 block of East Marginal Way at 1:19 am. Half an hour later, the California/Charlestown 7-11 was robbed (here’s our original report, which also mentions the East Marginal link), with the loot described as including less than $100 cash, vape products, and a bag of chips. They got away in a white van. A Renton 7-11 was held up half an hour after that. Then around 10:30 am, the van – a Kia Sedona stolen in High Point – turned up in Des Moines.

A week and a half later, on November 8th, after analysis led them to one phone present at five of the six locations, investigators got another warrant. They traced the phone to a 53-year-old man who turned out to be the suspect’s father. Given all the images they had of the robbers, they researched whether he had a teenage boy in the house – and indeed he did. They got a DOL photo of the suspect and started surveillance to determine who had possession of the phone. Getting live alerts on the phone’s location, they determined it was the 16-year-old suspect. Further surveillance also showed him in apparel items that matched to some of the security images from the robberies – including one in Kent (they found out Kent PD was working on a similar case). Then on November 21st, with SWAT, they arrested the suspect.

Unlike adult court, juvenile court usually schedules arraignments shortly after charges are filed. Online court records show the suspect appeared before Chief Juvenile Judge Melinda Young last Wednesday and pleaded not guilty. The judge ordered him to remain in detention, declaring him a “threat to community safety,” but said “the court will consider release once there is more structure in place.” His next hearing is December 14th.

City councilmembers to consider spending leftover Reconnect West Seattle money for tribal art project under the bridge

(Image from council-committee agenda, incorporating Google Maps photo)

The city is planning to give two tribes $133,000 for public art on up to 14 columns supporting part of the west end of the West Seattle Bridge. Neither happens to be the Duwamish Tribe, whose longhouse is about a mile south.

The project is with the Suquamish and Muckleshoot Tribes, described in the plan as having “Duwamish ancestors” (the same description used during the ceremony before the bridge reopened last year).

The art project is on the agenda for tomorrow morning’s meeting of the Seattle City Council Transportation and Public Utilities Committee; documents say it’s been under discussion for a year and a half.

If you just gave the agenda a once-over, as we did, you might not have noticed – the item is #10 on a busy agenda, with no mention of art or the bridge in the item title – “AN ORDINANCE relating to the Seattle Department of Transportation; authorizing and directing the Director of the Seattle Department of Transportation to execute interlocal agreements with the Suquamish (suq̀ʷabs) Tribe and Muckleshoot (bəqəlšuł) Tribe; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts,” until you open the slide deck linked from the agenda.

A community advocate called our attention to it. As explained in another agenda document:

This legislation would authorize the SDOT Director to execute interlocal agreements with the Suquamish and Muckleshoot Tribes, funded by $133,000 in remaining funds from the Reconnect West Seattle program. Reconnect West Seattle is the nearly complete mitigation program within the larger West Seattle Bridge Safety Project (ie., the WSB repair and mitigation program). These funds have been budgeted since early in the project for such a tribal partnership … The agreements compensate the two tribes for painting art murals on the Fauntleroy Expressway columns, near the intersection of W Marginal Way SW and Chelan Ave SW which connects the West Seattle Junction with the West Seattle High Bridge. The purpose of the project is to honor the people whose homeland, hunting, and fishing territories Seattle now inhabits, and to build trust between the City and the federally recognized Muckleshoot and Suquamish tribes. Under the agreement, the murals must be completed in 2024 and each tribe will be compensated up to $66,000 for their work

Federal recognition is something the Duwamish Tribe has been fighting for for decades, winning it briefly at the end of the Clinton Administration, only to have the incoming Bush Administration cancel it.

Though the documents say the art will be entirely the Muckleshoot and Suquamish tribes’ responsibility, they also say the city will have to review and approve each design and its accompanying narrative, with these parameters:

The City’s design review will focus on ensuring that the Column Murals’ colors do not mimic those used in traffic signage and that the content does not contain offensive material directed toward any group of people. The City shall retain the right to review and provide feedback on the proposed design within thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of the submission.

And for everyone who worries about defacement risk for public art:

The Tribe shall adhere to the recommendations provided by the City concerning the Column Murals installation to ensure optimal and long-lasting results, as well as ease of cleaning in the event of graffiti. Recommendations may include, but are not limited to, the following: installation within the dry season of 2024 (e.g. June – August); preparation of columns (e.g. power washing, priming), application of quality exterior latex paint; mural protection (e.g. MuralShield), graffiti protection (e.g. Sherwin-Williams Anti-Graffiti Coating). The City shall be responsible for obtaining and covering the cost of any necessary permits for the Column Murals. The Tribe shall be responsible for securing traffic control support from a licensed traffic control provider … The Tribe and the City shall share the responsibility of maintaining and repairing the columns and Column Murals as set forth herein.

This won’t be the first official art project on bridge columns; toward the other end of the bridge, beneath the Spokane Street Viaduct section, bar-code-inspired designs were painted on columns in a $400,000+ project more than a decade ago.. Meantime, you can comment at tomorrow’s 9:30 am committee meeting, remotely or in-person, as explained on the agenda, or just watch via the Seattle Channel.

TONIGHT’S LIGHTS: Music-synched show in Upper Morgan

Taking a break for tonight’s featured Christmas lights, while we write more news … this video is from Derick at 37th/Graham (where you might recall seeing a Halloween light show too)! Derick says the six minutes in his video are less than half his 15+-minute show (which is likely to grow a bit soon), running 4:30 pm-9:30 pm nightly.

Got lights? Seen lights? Tips welcome, with or without video/photos, at … and you can see what we’ve shown already, by scrolling through this WSB archive!

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Carjacker steals car, crashes near Delridge/Barton

That car crashed on SW Barton west of Delridge this past half-hour after being stolen in a carjacking near Roxbury Lanes. That’s according to police at the scene as well as dispatch audio. The driver hit this car …

… and then took off on foot. He was described over the air as a Black teenager in a green cap, black jacket, black pants, white shoes. No injuries reported; no other information about the carjacking circumstances, as SPD is referring that part of the case to King County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

SIDE NOTE: This happened while we were working on a story about the arrest of a teenager suspected of two West Seattle carjackings and one local armed robbery – watch for that a bit later.

CONGRATULATIONS! West Seattle High School cheer team headed for state

Again this year, the West Seattle High School cheer team is headed for state competition. Head coach Nadine Nguyen sent the photo and report:

West Seattle High School Cheerleaders are headed to the Washington State Cheer Championship! They earned their spot by competing this past weekend in the Traditional Co-Ed Tumbling Division at Auburn Mount View High School, taking first place for their division. Last year, they placed 2nd in the State. This year the team is competing under the direction of Coach Nadine Nguyen (her 6th year leading the program) and Coach Walker Layne (1st year with the program). This year’s cheer state championships are set for February 2-3, 2024 at Battle Ground High School in southwest Washington.

FOLLOWUP: Demolition under way at Upper Fauntleroy house used for fire training

While walking along 38th SW in Upper Fauntleroy between SW Trenton and SW Henderson, we noticed the house used a month ago for Seattle Fire Department training is in the late stages of demolition. As reported here when the training plan was announced, six homes are to be built on the two-lot, third-of-an-acre site – two single-family houses, each with two accessory dwelling units (ADUs) – one attached, one detached. The site had drawn the attention of tree advocates because of the big evergreen out front (whose fate has not yet been finalized, as the building permit has not been issued):

Meantime, the latest SFD Responder e-newsletter notes that the trainees who got “live fire training” at the site for three days last month – Recruit Class 119, with 22 members – have since begun work as probationary frefighters.

LIGHT RAIL: Sound Transit talks about stations with West Seattle Transportation Coalition, asks for your feedback

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Though the Sound Transit Board won’t decide on the final West Seattle light-rail routing (“alignment”) before the middle of next year, the agency is proceeding with station design based on the “preferred alignment” that got preliminary board approval.

And as ST reps reiterated to the West Seattle Transportation Coalition last Thursday night, this is prime time to tell them what you think about how the design of West Seattle’s stations is shaping up. Your primary way to do that is to answer this survey – also pitched at ST’s recent meeting in The Junction (WSB coverage here and here) – if you haven’t already. That meeting did not include a briefing, just a chance to circulate and look at maps and sketches, so even if you attended, the materials from the WSTC meeting might provide a somewhat closer look.

Here’s the full slide deck from Thursday’s meeting. It includes three views of each planned station (Delridge, Avalon – still potentially on the table for omission, but design continues – and Junction). Below are the three major design views on which presenters focused:

First, the Delridge station (elevated) – some key points mentioned by ST’s Sloan Dawson included that the platform will be about 55′ above a reconfigured Charlestown Street. They’re working on pickup/dropoff/pedestrian zones to minimize having people crossing “a busy arterial.” The station itself eventually won’t front on Delridge – the street was shown as running alongside transit-oriented development projects that could be up to 85′ high (three stories higher than the platform). They don’t believe 26th/Andover will warrant a new signal but a new intersection at 23rd/Delridge will.

Next, the Avalon station (underground in what ST calls a “routine cut”):

This station will “straddle 35th SW,” underground, so entrances will be roughly where Taco Time and Pecos Pit (WSB sponsor) are now. Dawson also pointed out a plan to “reroute” part of SW Genesee in the area, as well as “a lot of new bike infrastructure” planned. He said they’re not currently envisioning any changes to the existing intersection signalization.

And next, the westernmost West Seattle station, in The Junction (tunneled):

Its entrances are envisioned on 40th and 42nd SW, and the platform would be 65′ below street level. There is new bicycle infrastructure here too, with protected bike lanes envisioned “all along the Alaska corridor.” Transit-oriented development in the area could go up to 75′.

Again, the full slide deck (here it is again) also has station-by-station looks at two other views – development near the station, and how you’ll get to the station (where buses and other vehicles will drop people off, for example).

In Q&A, ST reps were asked what happens if the board vote next year results in a different “alignment” than the ones these stations are on. The feedback provided now could be applied to other station locations, they said, but for the record, these are the only station locations getting some early design work now.

WHAT’S NEXT? The station-planning survey is open through December 20th.

WSTC’S NEXT MEETING: The group usually meets every other fourth Thursday, so that means the next meeting will be January 25, 2024 – watch for info.

ADDED WEDNESDAY: Here’s video of the WSTC meeting, which the group just uploaded:

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: South Admiral carjacking; gunfire near Lincoln Park; car break-ins

First, two weekend incidents on which we obtained information from SPD this morning:

SOUTH ADMIRAL CARJACKING: Police say this happened around 6 am on Saturday morning in the 3200 block of California SW (near Springline). The victim told officers that the carjackers – who arrived in a red Kia Soul – tapped a handgun on his car window to get him out and steal the car, a gray 2017 Audi SUV. Dispatch audio included an early description of the carjackers as two Black men in their late teens or early 20s, thin, wearing hoodies and masks. The stolen Audi was subsequently seen headed eastbound on the West Seattle Bridge, but archived audio indicates officers lost sight of it on Beacon Hill, around Beacon/28th, shortly after a pursuit was authorized and initiated.

GUNFIRE NEAR LINCOLN PARK: 911 callers reported hearing gunfire in the vicinity of Lincoln Park’s north lot around 3 am Sunday. Police found no evidence at the time – no victim, no property damage, no casings – but hours later, a 911 caller reported finding a 9mm casing in the area.

CAR BREAK-INS: This is a reader report from Jessica:

At least two cars were broken into on 55th Ave SW in Alki last night. One of the cars was a 2003 Honda CRV (our car) and the other was a 2020 Nissan Versa Sedan (our neighbor’s car). Many of the belongings that were taken out of the cars were thrown out along 55th Ave SW. We’re interested if anyone saw unusual activity on 55th Ave SW last night or if they’ve seen additional belongings dumped in the area. We’re still missing a few minor things, we think.

11 for your West Seattle Monday

December 4, 2023 9:45 am
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 |   West Seattle news | WS culture/arts

(Photo by Jerry Simmons)

Here’s what’s happening for the rest of today/tonight, from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar and Holiday Guide:

‘WINTER WANDER’ SCAVENGER HUNT: Alice Kuder‘s West Seattle scavenger hunt continues through December 10th, and you can still register to participate! Go here to find out more and to sign up.

FAUNTLEROY SURVEY’S FINAL DAY: Live or work in Fauntleroy, but haven’t answered the Fauntleroy Community Association‘s survey yet? Today’s the last day!

FOR VETERANS: If you need help filing a disability claim, the DAV offers free drop-in assistance 9 am-1 pm. (4857 Delridge Way SW)

HOLIDAY ART SHOW & SALE: Rain City Clay continues hosting a holiday show & sale featuring artists who work with clay. This is the second-to-last day – visit and shop 2-7 pm. (4208 SW 100th)

HOLIDAY ROOM PHOTOS: West Seattle Junction Hometown Holidays offers selfie photo ops (no Santa) in the Holiday Room (4210 SW Oregon) from 3 pm to 7 pm.

GET CRAFTY: 6-10 pm, this is “Crafting and Creativity Night” at The Missing Piece (9456 35th SW), info here.

D&D: Open D&D starts at 6:30 pm at Meeples Games (3727 California SW), all welcome, first-time players too. $5.

MEDITATION IN FAUNTLEROY: Free weekly Zen sitting/meditation at the chapel at Fauntleroy UCC (9140 California SW), 7 pm-8:30 pm.

MEDITATION IN ALKI: Twice-monthly meditation with the Dharma Community at Alki UCC (6115 SW Hinds), 7 pm-8:30 pm.

MONDAY NIGHT TRIVIA! Three weekly events – 7 and 8 pm Sporcle Pub Quiz at Three 9 Lounge (4505 39th SW); 7 pm at The Good Society (California/Lander), 7:30 pm with QuizFix at The Skylark (3803 Delridge Way SW)

MUSIC AT THE ALLEY: Live music with The Westside Trio, 8 pm at The Alley (behind 4509 California SW), 21+, no cover.

Have a West Seattle/White Center event to add to our calendar and/or Holiday Guide? Please send info to – thank you!

STEP UP TO THE PLATE: Registration now open for West Seattle Little League!

December 4, 2023 9:00 am
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West Seattle Little League has opened registration for next year’s baseball, softball, and Challenger programs – here’s the announcement we received to share with you:

West Seattle Little League Spring 2024 registration is now open for all youth ages 4-14.

Each year, we want to make sure all kids have the opportunity to write the next chapter in the Little League story, regardless of their situation. Thanks to the generous support of T-Mobile, financially challenged families in our community can apply for the T-Mobile Little League Call-Up Grant, which helps cover registration fees associated with West Seattle Little League for the upcoming season! Little League and T-Mobile share the belief that every kid should have the chance to play ball.

The WSLL baseball and softball spring season will run from March – June and features fun activities like the jamboree, sandlot days, and end-of-the-year bash. Interested to know more details? Check out to find information about boundaries and divisions of play.

We look forward to seeing you on the field!


6:55 AM: Just headed east on the high bridge and noticed the port-bound trucks on the westbound side are backed up to parallel with the 4th exit. Traffic is OK both ways, though.

8:47 AM: We’re headed back the other way, via the south end, and noted NB 509 is backed up all the way to Burien – a crash at the 1st Ave. S. Bridge (NB 99) has cleared per WSDOT, but that backup’s going to take a while to subside.


6:03 AM: Good morning. It’s Monday, December 4.


Wet and relatively warm – more rain, breezy, high = mid-50s. Sunrise today is at 7:40 am; sunset, 4:18 pm.


Metro – Regular schedule today; check advisories here.

Water TaxiRegular schedule today.

Washington State Ferries – 2-boat service on the Triangle Route. Check alerts for changes, and use Vessel Watch to see where your ferry is. (added 8:50 am) Alert for later this week:

The following five sailings are canceled late Thursday night, Dec. 7, through early Friday morning, Dec. 8, for overnight maintenance work at Southworth terminal:

11:50 p.m. and 1:05 a.m. Fauntleroy to Southworth
12:15 and 1:30 a.m. Vashon to Southworth
12:35 a.m. Southworth to Fauntleroy
For travelers heading to Southworth, the scheduled 10:35 p.m. out of Fauntleroy and 11 p.m. Vashon departure will be the last for the night. The final sailing out of Southworth will at 11:20 p.m. to Fauntleroy then Vashon. To complete the terminal maintenance work, the same sailings will be canceled on two more weeknights over the next month or two.

To complete the terminal maintenance work, the same sailings will be canceled on two more weeknights over the next month or two.


Delridge cameras: Besides the one below (Delridge/Henderson), cameras are also at Delridge/Genesee, Delridge/Juneau, Delridge/Orchard, and Delridge/Oregon.

High Bridge – the main camera:

High Bridge – the view from its southwest end (when SDOT points the 35th/Avalon/Fauntleroy camera that way):

Low Bridge:

1st Ave. S. Bridge – another route across the river:

Highway 99: – northbound side at Lander:

MORE TRAFFIC CAMS: See all working traffic cams citywide here, most with video options; West Seattle and vicinity-relevant cameras are on this WSB page.

BRIDGE INFO: The @SDOTBridges feed on Twitter/X shows whether the city’s movable bridges are opening for vessel traffic.

If you see trouble on the bridges/streets/paths/bay, please text or call us (when you can do that safely, and after you’ve reported to authorities if applicable). Thank you!