TONIGHT’S LIGHTS: Music-synched show in Upper Morgan

Taking a break for tonight’s featured Christmas lights, while we write more news … this video is from Derick at 37th/Graham (where you might recall seeing a Halloween light show too)! Derick says the six minutes in his video are less than half his 15+-minute show (which is likely to grow a bit soon), running 4:30 pm-9:30 pm nightly.

Got lights? Seen lights? Tips welcome, with or without video/photos, at … and you can see what we’ve shown already, by scrolling through this WSB archive!

6 Replies to "TONIGHT'S LIGHTS: Music-synched show in Upper Morgan"

  • JP December 4, 2023 (6:50 pm)

    What is “Upper Morgan”? I saw a reference the other day to “Lower Alaska” and had the same question. Is east/west of California Ave the delineation? Is this a common reference point understood by West Seattleites?

    • WSB December 4, 2023 (7:16 pm)

      SW Morgan goes uphill east of Fauntleroy/California. At 35th SW it become High Point. Once it gets a couple blocks east of Morgan Junction, it’s Upper Morgan. I didn’t invent the phrase; it appears in 60 WSB stories, according to an archive search. We can discuss neighborhood names and boundaries till the proverbial cows come home … there is no authoritative list of names and boundaries, I can only tell you what we’ve used over 16 years of covering the peninsula – TR

      • JustSarah December 4, 2023 (7:22 pm)

        My first house (bought 2011) was right by this one, and I never was sure what neighborhood to claim. We were kind of Fairmount Park but pretty far east, kind of High Point but west of 35th. When I saw this headline I thought, “That sounds like how I’d describe my old neighborhood,” and… Whaddya know? ;-)

  • Jess December 4, 2023 (8:03 pm)

    Derick, this Christmas show is wonderful! Thanks for all your hard work in creating this. Can’t wait to see the show in person. 

    • Elton December 5, 2023 (8:09 am)

      +1This must’ve been a ton of work, and it looks amazing! I really appreciate when people go the extra mile on the lights – it’s a lot of fun for kids and adults!

  • isabella December 20, 2023 (9:31 pm)

    Just stopped by today! What a cool and creative thing to share with your neighbors. I appreciate all the work put into making it!!! 

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