BIZNOTE FOLLOWUP: GH Pasta & Pizza progress

(Photo courtesy GH Pizza & Pasta)

A reader asked for a progress report on GH Pasta & Pizza, the restaurant planned for the ex-Best of Hands/John’s Corner Deli spot at 7500 35th SW. Six months have passed since we first reported on what Chef Brian Clevenger (whose company runs Haymaker and Raccolto in The Junction plus 5 other restaurants citywide) is cooking up for the space. There was hope then of a “late spring” opening but as with so many new businesses/remodels, the timeline ends up sliding. But they’re close, says spokesperson Lesa Linster: “We are on target for an August opening, with the patio thereafter based on getting permitting back.” (The outdoor seating – up to 75 people – was a centerpiece of the January announcement, which, she reminds us, promised “large bowls of fresh pastas, a variety of pizzas with rotating specials, starters, and salads, all at approachable prices.” Also planned: “20 beers on tap, multiple TVs in the adults-only area.”

10 Replies to "BIZNOTE FOLLOWUP: GH Pasta & Pizza progress"

  • Alki Jack July 19, 2023 (12:42 pm)

    So nice to see that iconic steer still on top of the building. It is a landmark piece. 

  • Findlay July 19, 2023 (12:47 pm)

    Drove by today and saw them working!  Will be glad that I can still get a beer here (and, oh pizza!) lol

  • Sillygoose July 19, 2023 (3:01 pm)

    Love the look, black and white is awesome!!

  • Al July 19, 2023 (3:04 pm)

    Wait, a pasta restaurant in a residential neighborhood and it’s adults-only? Crap. I swear, the lack of family accessibility (until too late) was what killed Best of Hands. 

    • WSB July 19, 2023 (3:35 pm)

      No, they will have a 21+ *area* but otherwise describe it as “family-friendly.”

      • Glen M July 19, 2023 (5:38 pm)

        Not all places need to be family friendly,  there are plenty out there & nice having some 21+ only options!. Can’t wait to try this place out, esp with pizza. Yum. ;)

        • Claire July 19, 2023 (7:52 pm)

          The other nearby places – the westy and locol – are both 21+ so really looking forward to having a family friendly option 🤞 

    • The Locol April July 19, 2023 (9:31 pm)

      Yes, sadly The Locol Kitchen & Bar and The Westy are 21+. As one of the owners of The Locol, I can tell you that the main reason we are 21+ is because our space isn’t big enough to have the separation between the bar and tables AND be ADA accessible at the same time. Not our rules. It’s the law. Trust me, if we could have our liquor license AND be kid friendly, we would 100%.

    • Ricky July 20, 2023 (11:42 am)

      Facts vs opinions – not being all ages isn’t what killed BoH, opening right before a pandemic is what did.

  • Banana July 20, 2023 (9:51 am)

    multiple TVs in the adults-only area” :( 

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