CRIME WATCH: Shooting investigation at Roxbury Safeway

1 AM: Police and medics from both sides of the city-limit line have responded to a shooting reported at the Roxbury Safeway. One person is reported injured; King County Sheriff’s Office deputies reported taking a suspect into custody and recovering a gun. No other details so far.

1:14 AM: Both SPD and KCSO continue to investigate. There’s also been word that at least one other person with a gunshot wound has been “dropped off” at Harborview – whether related to this, too soon to say.

1:30 AM: Officers are discussing multiple scenes, including a “trail of blood” that led northward across Roxbury.

5:39 AM: Here’s what SPD has posted:

(Seattle Police Department photo)

Police are investigating after a woman was seriously injured in a shooting in Roxhill.

At 12:41 a.m., police responded to a shooting near 27th Avenue Southwest and Southwest Roxbury Street. Officers arrived and found a woman with multiple gunshot wounds in a car in a parking lot. Police began first aid, and responding Seattle Fire Department medics transported the 35-year-old woman to Harborview Medical Center.

Investigating officers discovered evidence that the shooting occurred in the 9400 block of 27th Avenue Southwest.

Meanwhile, a King County Sheriff’s Deputy contacted a man nearby who stated he was present at the shooting. The man relinquished a gun, and police took him into custody.

Shortly thereafter, a gunshot victim arrived at HMC via private vehicle. Police are still investigating and will determine if that victim was involved in this incident.

Anyone with information about this shooting should call the Violent Crimes Tip Line at 206-233-5000.

16 Replies to "CRIME WATCH: Shooting investigation at Roxbury Safeway"

  • CC June 23, 2022 (1:08 am)

    Thanks, as always, for the info. Live nearby and was worried. 

  • Dezz June 23, 2022 (1:20 am)

    Holy cow wow it sounds like every available siren is out there. This has been going on for a while! 

    • WSB June 23, 2022 (1:25 am)

      Both SPD and NHFD medics responded, so that’s the bulk of sirens, though I know some SPD responded full code too (went past our house headed that way).

  • DMA June 23, 2022 (1:26 am)

    Was wondering. Heard two gunshots followed by lots of sirens. Live a block away and was just there a few hours ago.

  • Fiona June 23, 2022 (1:37 am)

    Was driving by to go to SeaTac, and the parking lot was probably visible from space, must have been two dozen vehicles from police, fire engines, aid cars. Pretty disturbing, I hope the victim survives. Thanks as always for reporting in real time. 

  • Nik June 23, 2022 (1:51 am)

    I was checking out inside when someone came in and said someone was shot outside. I’m hoping she’s ok as well. They loaded her into the ambulance not 4 ft in front of my car. There was a huge law enforcement presence. 

  • Scubafrog June 23, 2022 (1:16 pm)

    Awful, I sure hope the victims make full recoveries.  How scary and horrible for all involved, particularly the victims obviously.

  • Rhonda June 23, 2022 (1:22 pm)

    So, it sounds like the shooting situation involving both victims happened across Roxbury north of Safeway and the female victim ended up in the Safeway parking lot. Is that correct?

    • sam-c June 23, 2022 (4:39 pm)

      Sounds like that would be the case because there isn’t a “27th Avenue Southwest and Southwest Roxbury Street.”    south of Roxbury. 26th/ Roxbury is the NE corner of Safeway, and 28th/ Roxbury is the NW corner of the Safeway parking lot.  I hope the victims recover well.

  • Kaley June 23, 2022 (2:36 pm)

    How sad.  The person who was arrested was almost certainly living in the woods just south of Safeway on 28th. Its hidden in a small clearing- where the suspect was arrested.  He has been there for about a week with multiple guests. Hopefully now they can remove that little encampment to prevent more of this?

    • WSB June 23, 2022 (3:35 pm)

      I don’t have any information yet about the suspect and where he lives. Generally if you’re booked after midnight, your hearing will be the next day, so it’s most likely we’ll get info tomorrow.

  • John June 23, 2022 (2:54 pm)

    I also live nearby and heard the sirens.  There have been several shootings in the area over the last few years.  SPD has a mobile camera station right there in the Safeway parking lot.  Surely they must have video evidence.  I shop there regularly and have never felt unsafe, but may start the CCW process soon.  

    • WSB June 23, 2022 (3:15 pm)

      Datapoint, those are private cameras, not police. But yes, they were discussing security footage while investigating.

      • John B June 27, 2022 (11:31 pm)

        Thank You for the Info.  The Camera Unit has a blue flashing light on it.  I mistakenly thought only Law Enforcement was allowed to deploy flashing blue lights on equipment like that.  Still, its better than nothing at all.

  • carl June 24, 2022 (4:26 am)

    Good job SPD!

    • WSB June 24, 2022 (9:38 am)

      Datapoint, it was actually KCSO who detained the suspect as they initially responded to this before it was determined the shooting happened on this side of the city-limit line. Investigation by both agencies ensued…

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