UPDATE: Another ‘full response,’ this time for house fire on Fauntleroy Way

2:15 AM: Another Seattle Fire “full response” has just been dispatched, this time to the 7500 block of Fauntleroy Way SW [vicinity map]. Updates to come.

2:18 AM: This one is described as a deck fire. Everyone is reported to be safely out.

2:24 AM: The fire is reported to have spread to the house. Fauntleroy is blocked both ways in the area.

2:28 AM: The fire is reported to be under control.

4:21 AM: SFD has now closed this call too.

9 Replies to "UPDATE: Another 'full response,' this time for house fire on Fauntleroy Way"

  • Alayna June 26, 2022 (2:23 am)

    Thanks for the info, so glad this blog exists.  I live right near there and the sirens have been almost deafening!        

    • Rochelle June 26, 2022 (2:54 am)

      Yes, thank you so much for the update

    • Jay West June 26, 2022 (4:48 am)

      It’s amazing how many times I’ve learned the skinny in my  ‘What’s that!?’ moments by checking the blog. This really is the best neighborhood reporting in the world. We’re blessed to have it, the blog makes a community out of a bunch of left coast individuals.

  • Iheartbpp June 26, 2022 (2:23 am)

    Seriously. You are so fricken good. I heard the sirens and within 30 sec you were posting in yhe blog. 

  • Alayna June 26, 2022 (2:28 am)

    It’s actually the 7400 block looks like, the police and fire trucks are at the tennis courts or the gas station.  

    • WSB June 26, 2022 (2:33 am)

      The SFD log sometimes reflects where the fire was called in from, so we never quote it for actual addresses; sometimes it’s corrected later, sometimes it’s not. I am not at the scene so can’t verify firsthand.

  • Justin June 26, 2022 (6:40 am)

    +1 all the praise for this blog. WSB is such an amazing resource and we’re so lucky to have such dedicated writers. Thank you!

  • Joan June 26, 2022 (7:01 am)

    I was having the worst nightmare, that involved massive fires, and awoke to what sounded like the end of the world! I imagined a horrific fire somewhere. Thanks for the report. The sirens seemed to last forever and I was very shaken from my nightmare. What the mind can do!

  • Maura NíConnell June 26, 2022 (8:03 am)

    I agree with Jay. What a great site for up to the minute news and information. I live at Fauntleroy and California and all those fire trucks screaming down California really freaked me out. Great job, West Seattle fire department for such an immediate response!

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