PHOTOS: Orcas in Elliott Bay

7:42 AM: Kersti Muul reports transient killer whales are back in Elliott Bay this morning. Look toward downtown.

8:42 AM: See Kersti’s update below – they’re now in the central Sound and southbound.

11:21 AM: In addition to the updates in comments, Kersti called to say the orcas, now back in Elliott Bay, are headed toward Alki, close to shore, and “Chainsaw” is with them again.

1:22 PM: Added photos by David Hutchinson – above, you can see why this whale is nicknamed “Chainsaw.” (Also, see Kersti’s photo in comments.)

4:25 PM: Here’s a photo from Robin Sinner, also showing “Chainsaw”:

15 Replies to "PHOTOS: Orcas in Elliott Bay"

  • Kersti Elisabeth Muul May 6, 2022 (7:52 am)

    Just approaching the north tip of Blake Island now Still southbound quickly

  • Carson May 6, 2022 (8:27 am)

    I saw 2 on my morning run! Super cool with the city in the background. I wish I had my phone but they were pretty far out there.

  • Hpdp May 6, 2022 (8:54 am)

    Has anyone seen or heard the Caspian Terns this spring?

    • WSB May 6, 2022 (10:31 am)

      Kersti recently mentioned a sighting.

    • Herongrrrl May 6, 2022 (8:57 pm)

      Yes! I’ve been seeing them around for a couple weeks now in Seattle and Everett.

  • Robin Sinner May 6, 2022 (10:48 am)

    In front of Elliott bay marina moving  east towards downtown view from  56th and  Alki  at 1047am 

  • Kersti Elisabeth Muul May 6, 2022 (10:50 am)

    Whales are back in Elliott Bay. 10:35Also the terns are here, returning on their regular schedule mid-April. I haven’t seen very many of them though

    • Jan May 6, 2022 (7:21 pm)

      Thanks as always for the updates, Kersti.  Enjoyed seeing them so close off Alki.

  • Charlie May 6, 2022 (12:18 pm)

    Spotted at Lowman Beach moving south. North end of Vashon mid-sound

  • Kersti Elisabeth Muul May 6, 2022 (12:53 pm)

    T63 “Chainsaw”

    • WSB May 6, 2022 (1:08 pm)

      Thanks! David Hutchinson just sent us a few photos including him, adding above shortly.

  • Andreas Majewski May 6, 2022 (1:30 pm)

  • Kersti Elisabeth Muul May 6, 2022 (8:02 pm)

    They are heading east from Southworth 

  • ORca lover May 7, 2022 (2:32 pm)

    The real Orcas have arrived, eat well my transients, plenty of your favorite salmon eating fur bags available.  While you go by please try and teach your SR inbred neighbors to eat the same thing so they don’t die off.  

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