WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Attacker found guilty; weekend gunfire

Two notes in West Seattle Crime Watch today:

ATTACKER FOUND GUILTY: Thanks to those who let us know that a case on which we reported in 2020 has gone to trial. Almost two years ago, Abdikadir A. Khalif, then 27, was arrested for sexually assaulting, beating, and robbing a 49-year-old woman in her car in High Point. He was charged with first-degree robbery, second-degree assault, and attempted indecent liberties. He chose to go to trial in the case, and at the end of last week, a jury found him guilty on all charges, after deliberating for less than a day and a half. As we reported in 2020, Khalif’s criminal history went back 13 yeqrs, with more than 20 convictions. He’s been in jail since days after the attack, arrested after he was identified through security video recorded when he used one of the victim’s cards at a local store. King County Superior Court Judge Janet Helson, who presided over the trial, is scheduled to sentence Khalif on April 29th.

WEEKEND GUNFIRE: SPD summaries from the weekend include one local incident:

On (Saturday at 2:09 am), officers responded to the 2200 block of Alki Ave. SW to a report of shots fired. Upon arrival, officers spoke to the complainants, who reported that they were on foot in the area when a dark blue sedan drove by. As the car passed, unknown passenger fired 2 shots into the air. The car drove off and was not located.

6 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Attacker found guilty; weekend gunfire"

  • Jonn March 21, 2022 (6:04 pm)

    Thank you, this criminal needs to be pay for his crimes. Google his full name and you will see he robbed at least 1 house in West Seattle and
    In a seperate incident assaulted a young girl (under 10 years old) while trying to unzip her

    • Lisab March 21, 2022 (9:36 pm)

      Lock him up for a very long time….

      • ACG March 22, 2022 (9:49 am)

        I agree, but I doubt that will actually happen. 

        • wscommuter March 22, 2022 (1:51 pm)

          He will be sentenced under the mandatory sentencing guidelines.  If he has prior felony convictions, those will increase his offender score (= more time) and the current felonies he has been convicted of will likewise raise his offender score (= more time).  It is a math formula that judges use for sentencing, with limited discretion (a range measured in months) that the judge is required to sentence the offender within.  Without knowing his prior felony history, he is looking at at least a few years in prison.  

  • Kimball March 22, 2022 (12:30 am)

    Weekend gunfire some women was shot twice in the evening sort of close to the library in the white center area maybe around 9:30 in the evening. 

    • WSB March 22, 2022 (1:45 am)

      We covered that on our White Center site. Still trying to get followup info from KCSO.

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