VACCINATIONS: Here are four school clinics in West Seattle where they’re available

Still seeking COVID-19 vaccinations for kids/teens? If they are Seattle Public Schools students, you have options. Out of the WSB inbox this morning, this reminder:

Neighborcare Health has school-based clinics in several West Seattle schools that all offer the COVID-19 vaccine. The clinics are available for ANY Seattle Public Schools student, even if it is not at your school. There is no cost for students.

Please call the following clinics for COVID vaccine appointments for ages 5 years to 11 years:
Highland Park Elementary: 206-455-9025
Roxhill Elementary: 206-452-2660
West Seattle Elementary: 206-548-3164

Please call the following clinic for COVID vaccine appointments for ages 12 to 18 years:
Madison Middle School: 206-933-7842

2 Replies to "VACCINATIONS: Here are four school clinics in West Seattle where they're available"

  • Nitro January 27, 2022 (4:22 pm)

    Just curious… why can’t homeschooled or private students get vaccinated there?  Those families also pay the taxes which fund the public schools, even though they may have opted not to send their child to SPS for whatever reason or special need.  Is it because they do not have enough vaccines to share with the other children?

  • SLJ January 28, 2022 (9:15 am)

    It is due to grant funding. Neighborcare is not a part of SPS, it is one of the organizations that contract with the district through public health. Swedish, Seattle Children’s, Country Doctor and Kaiser also have school-based clinics (not in West Seattle). The grants are specified for SPS kids. Anyone else can go to the Neighborcare clinic at High Point, just not the school-based clinics.

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