WEST SEATTLE SNOW: New weather alert, with what’s expected and when

(Photo by David Hutchinson)

4:20 PM: The National Weather Service is out with an official alert for the next wave of snow. It’s a Winter Weather Advisory for 1 am to 7 pm Thursday. They’re anticipating 1″ to 4″ of snow. (For context, the official amount from last weekend was 3 1/2 inches.) The city-specific forecast narrows that down to 2″-3″, and offers the heartening news that the temperature should get back into the 40s by Saturday.

11:50 PM: The snow started shortly after 9 pm, and the NWS put the advisory into effect a few hours earlier than planned, shortly after 10 pm. We’ll be on morning snow watch by 5:30 am.

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  • sbre December 29, 2021 (8:34 pm)

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