WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Car taken by tow truck (update: found)

12:38 PM: The report and photo are from Juan:

I had my car stolen yesterday, 10/14, from the parking lot of the Nino Cantu Southwest Athletic Complex at 2600 SW Thistle St (across the street from Chief Sealth HS) around 5:15 pm. The car is a black 2008 Cadillac CTS, Washington license # AHN6141.

The car had been parked in the parking lot next to the temporary COVID testing center for less than 30 minutes before it was stolen. According to a witness, the car was towed away by a white tow truck by an older white male. The car was parked legally and there are no private tow signs in the lot.

Calls to the local tow services (that I could find) had no information on the vehicle being transported or impounded, so I have reported the car stolen to the police.

If you see Juan’s car, call 911.

1:47 PM: Juan says his car was found. It had been “mistakenly towed.” (added) We asked Juan how that happened: “They were supposed to tow another car with the same make and model that was in the lot. The person who had the car towed to their house called me and let me know they had my car.”

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  • vlt October 15, 2021 (1:25 pm)

    That just sucks!  Hope you find your vehicle!

  • MiniCooper October 15, 2021 (1:28 pm)

    Not to be inconsiderate or uncaring  but any chance it was repossessed?

    • WSB October 15, 2021 (1:34 pm)

      I already asked Juan whether for example the car was a recent purchase – sometimes people wind up caught up in something a previous owner did. Nope, he owned it free and clear and has had it since 2010.

      • MiniCooper October 15, 2021 (4:41 pm)

        Well that  sucks! Hope he won’t have to pay the tow fees once found but I have feeling he will.

  • AIDM October 15, 2021 (2:44 pm)

    I was once towed from a spot near UW that was legal to park at, but one had to read the sign very carefully to understand that it was legal. I was able to locate the car through the city number and found the tow lot it was taken to. Upon reaching the tow lot counter they informed us that they had lost the ticket so there would be no charge to recover the vehicle. We were dumbfounded, but they assured us we could contact the city to locate the parking violation. We left with the vehicle. City turned out not to have a record of the citation either, so the tow truck company had basically stolen our car for 6 hours.

  • Sillygoose October 15, 2021 (3:37 pm)

    There is a huge scam going on right now with Tow Truck drivers. Follow the site PNW Stolen Cars it is rampant on there and many many citizens have found their cars at tow yards and auction sites where the tow yards have applied for the titles as well. Situation on there right now with a tow truck driver dumping a nice Audi with California plates on the side of the road then his buddies come and change out plates and away they go.

  • Just wondering October 15, 2021 (3:41 pm)

    Wouldn’t you check that the license plate is the correct one before towing?

  • Sixbuck October 15, 2021 (6:37 pm)

    Check the VIN before you tow!  Even though this appears to be accidental, it is still auto theft. The intent may not have been there, but lack of precaution and attention to detail were severely lacking, if not absent altogether. 

  • Holly Wilson October 16, 2021 (9:29 am)

    Kyle’s Custom Toys & Towing LLC – LIEN FRAUD ALERT – TOW LIEN SCAM COMPANYThis company did the same thing in November 2020.  They did not call the impound into the local CAD/911 center so there was no record in NCIC of this vehicle.  They sent the lien notice after the vehicle had been sold at auction.  The vehicle had an ACV of $25K, yet they sold a 2009 Ford F450 Superduty for $325.00There are no photos of the vehicle. The condition report said it was missing the dash.  In scrap value alone the truck is worth more than $325.00.  Complaints were filed with the AG’s office and DOL Dealer/Registered Tow Truck Operator regulation division. The AG closed the file after the RTTO (Kyle’s) did not respond.State investigator Jeff Scheel gave them a written reprimand for not calling the impound into law enforcement as required per statute. It appears WA has a problem with RTTO members picking up stripped cars their homeboys from another wrecker company dumped before it could be called in as stolen.  There is no accountability in this state.If your vehicle has been liened and sold in WA state contact this man: Jeff ScheelDealer InvestigationsTransportation ServicesWashington State Department of LicensingCell: 360-791-8835Jscheel@dol.wa.gov 

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