GOT LEAVES? Now’s the time to bag them for free pickup of extra yard waste

It’s not just the streets and drains but also the sidewalks that should to be kept clear of all those leaves the wind and rain brought down (ever tried to use a sidewalk covered in slippery/mushy leaves?). If you have yard-waste pickup service, now’s the time to do it, because you can put out extra yard waste for no extra charge every collection day in November. From the city reminder:

If you do find that you have more leaves and yard waste than can fit in your food and yard waste cart, SPU has you covered! This November, SPU is providing FREE extra yard waste collection for household customers, up to 10 extra bags for every collection throughout the month. Simply set out your extra yard waste next to your food and yard waste cart on your collection day.

Extra yard waste must be contained either in kraft paper bags or placed in an extra container that is clearly marked to indicate it contains extra yard waste. Please make sure your extra yard waste collection bags or container only contain yard waste, not food waste. Fallen branches and twigs can be set out for extra collection as well. These can be tied into bundles up to 4 feet long by 2 feet in diameter and tied with fiber twine. Do not use wire, nylon cording, or plastic banding.

(Thanks to Eddie for reminding us about this!)

3 Replies to "GOT LEAVES? Now's the time to bag them for free pickup of extra yard waste"

  • Lynda B October 30, 2021 (7:52 pm)

    I love this time of year!  Cleared out our drains and glad for the extra yard waste pickup.

  • Gary October 31, 2021 (6:50 am)

    Am does anyone know if this is true for folks with WM garbage pickup?

    • Maria November 1, 2021 (7:55 am)

      If you pay your bill to Seattle Public Utilities (SPU), then it is whoever they contract with.  Ours is WM.  Or are you asking if this applies if you are not paying for clean green pickup?  If you don’t, I’d just ask a neighbor if you could put your bag next to theirs since the clean green truck might not be used to looking at your bin location.

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