We’ve been waiting for a relatively quiet Sunday afternoon to feature non-bird wildlife photos received in recent weeks – and it’s here. Above and below, the first two photos are by Jerry Simmons, seen on the shore – a gunnel and crab.

David Hutchinson is often out watching, and photographing, sightings on- and off-shore. He shared the two photos below – a crystal jelly:

And a rabbit:

In the forest, Mark Wangerin, who often shares beautiful bird photos, spotted this raccoon:

Another raccoon was photographed by Rose De Dan of Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing, who has many animal-encounter stories to tell. She shared a few photos with us this summer too. She says this raccoon was in a cherry tree, inspecting whether the fruit was ready to eat:

Below, Rose’s photo of an opossum enjoying fresh apples:

She says the opossum is a frequent visitor, and tells a story – with video – on her website.

Thanks to everyone who shares West Seattle photos – wildlife, breaking news, more – westseattleblog@gmail.com or text 206-293-6302, any time!

9 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE WILDLIFE: 7 photos"

  • anonyme July 25, 2021 (5:27 pm)

    These photos made my day.  Every one of these creatures is exquisite and precious.  Jellies are a big fave.

  • Grateful in WS July 25, 2021 (5:56 pm)

    Marvelous photos of our local creatures, thank you so much, just what the doctor ordered in these tense, hot times!

  • Becca July 26, 2021 (5:46 am)

    Great photos.  The possum’s cheek is even full of apple.  Made me smile this morning.  Thank you.  

  • Karen July 26, 2021 (6:52 am)


  • Trileigh July 26, 2021 (7:58 am)

    Oh, I love these photos! It’s wonderful to get a close look at our underwater life as well as our beautiful land critters.

  • Wildflower July 26, 2021 (10:19 am)

    Thank you Rose, for the introduction to Opposum :)

    • Rose De Dan July 27, 2021 (3:29 pm)

      I am so glad you enjoyed meeting him. Opossum was very old, arthritic, and almost (if not completely) blind. He used to come by daily, but have not seen him for too long. I believe he finally crossed over. I miss him, but I am sure he is enjoying his freedom in spirit. And perhaps there are apples there as well (-:

  • emcat8 July 26, 2021 (12:43 pm)

    Wonderful photos–thank you for this lovely treat, and kudos, photographers!

  • JGM July 27, 2021 (1:16 am)

    Do we still have coyotes roaming around some of the more wooded areas in W. Sea?

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