UPDATE: Water rescue callout near Seacrest

2:12 PM: SFD has sent a water-rescue response to the Seacrest area: “Crews are investigating reports of 3 kayakers in distress with reportedly 2 kayaks taking on water.”

2:19 PM: Update from SFD: “Bainbridge PD and our rescue boat made contact with the kayakers. We are assisting them aboard our rescue boat to return them to shore. No injuries.”

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  • John June 27, 2021 (3:02 pm)

    Always test your kayaks close to shore for at least 10 minutes if they’ve been sitting for a while especially with a hard shell kayak! With an inflatable put it in the water and check for bubbles. Tell people where you’re going better yet don’t go alone, and wear a life jacket!!!

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