The High Road Consultants: Welcome, new West Seattle Blog sponsor!

Today, we welcome a new WSB sponsor – The High Road Consultants, the nation’s very first apology and accountability-based conflicts resolution firm. Here’s what they want you to know about what they do:

Our core qualities for resolving disputes are fast, cheap, and restorative. Our task is educating our clients on effective apology, helping them formulate and deliver a powerful apology to earn forgiveness, and maintain long-term accountability to build relationship trust.

Like a law firm, The High Road Consultants approach cases with the same analytical and negotiations tools employed by the best legal analysts. But our similarities end there. Our founder, Jonathan Bui, graduate of Lewis & Clark Law School, consolidated the firm under the belief that conflict resolution should focus on restoring relationships for all, rather than punishment for one. On top of formulating solutions for our clients, we also equip them with tools so they can resolve their future conflicts themselves.

Examples of our restorative process include: (1) helping an ungrateful spouse understand his own damaging habits and apologizing with demonstrable commitment to change to avoid divorce; (2) helping an estranged grandmother come to terms with the fact her familial bonds supersede her political opinions and bringing her back to holiday dinners; (3) helping an ex-girlfriend apologize to a partner from many years ago to finally alleviate her guilty conscience; and (4) helping a criminal-court defendant favorably demonstrate her remorse and self-betterment.

Our clients come to us because our work has meaningful impact on their lives, whether they seek immediate solutions, long-term coaching, or a means to repent. After working with us, our clients say “they feel good trusting themselves and others feel good trusting them.” And honestly, we would rather our clients not come back over the same issues. We do our job correctly when our client rebuilds and maintains trust so the same mistake is never made again.

To commemorate our arrival in West Seattle and as part of our #LeaveItBehind2021 challenge, we are taking cases for FREE for a limited time. Please follow our Facebook page at and inquire to see if you qualify for a free service. Apologize today and live for tomorrow, together.

We thank The High Road Consultants for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

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  • Voter February 18, 2021 (5:13 pm)

    This is so great!! Kudos to High Road Consultants for providing this service and encouraging positive ways to repair relationships and solve problems.

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