STORM AFTERMATH: Park problems

If you go to local parks this weekend, you might encounter the aftermath of this past week’s storms. Above and below are photos Mike Munson took at Lincoln Park, where, he explains, he found the above sign “at the bottom of the trail from the cliff to back of the pool at Point Williams, on the old road grade.” He also saw this:

That, Mike said, was “a small slide developing along the beach trail north of the pool. Some brush has been pushed a little way into the trail, and fresh gray goo is visible behind, upslope. It’s probably done sliding, but maybe more to come?” Parks crews also have been busy with downed trees. Today, we saw that this one is still on its side in the big field at Roxhill Park:

No notable rain or wind in the forecast – though note that mention of a possible snowflake or two next Friday.

2 Replies to "STORM AFTERMATH: Park problems"

  • John Sharpton January 16, 2021 (1:21 pm)

    When will the obstacle be removed from the path at Lincoln Park ? Not everyone has the physical ability to navigate a dangerous trail.

  • savethetrees January 16, 2021 (3:19 pm)

    The north end of Lincoln Park seems to have been decimated by storms in the last few years. The numbers of trees lost seems to number in the dozens and it’s a vicious cycle because with less healthy  tree roots holding the soil together the area seems more prone to slides. I’m curious if anyone knows if the Parks Dept has plans to replace these trees or shore up the area? 

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