REPAVING: Two weekends of work ahead for Olson/1st

A bumpy stretch at the east end of the SW Roxbury corridor is about to be repaved, as announced in SDOT‘s weekly West Seattle Bridge-related update:

On the weekends of September 26-27 and October 10-11 (weather-permitting), our crews will be repaving a section of
Olson Pl SW and 1st Ave S at the intersection with Myers Way S.

Olson Pl SW will be repaved at the intersection, and the southbound lane of 1st Ave S will be repaved just north of the intersection.

Expect traffic impacts the weekends of Sept. 26-27 and Oct. 10-11 for this work. Traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction during paving. Work will start in the early morning hours to open the travel lanes back up in the early afternoon both days. A noise variance will be issued to complete the paving.

1st Ave S has become a heavily trafficked corridor as part of the detour route for the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge closure. While there is additional pavement along 1st Ave S in need of repair, our crews are prioritizing this stretch of the roadway that is in particularly bad shape to make sure we’re off the detour route in the early afternoon. We will continue to monitor the pavement along the detour route to determine where repaving and repair is needed.

4 Replies to "REPAVING: Two weekends of work ahead for Olson/1st"

  • KayK September 21, 2020 (7:10 pm)

    A welcome repair. Hopefully there is still time to clarify the channelization as well.

  • 1994 September 21, 2020 (7:37 pm)

    Is this section being repaved under a channelization process? What is the proposed channelization? It certainly could use some transportation engineering to reconfigure lanes.  Drivers need to take it easy and have some patience getting through this section. 

    • WSB September 21, 2020 (7:45 pm)

      This is just spot paving so far as I know but I’ll doublecheck tomorrow.

  • Millie September 21, 2020 (9:21 pm)

    I’m glad to see the City is actually doing something at this intersection.  My only question is – Why now?  This location has been in need of repair for years.   The City does realize we do not have many options to get out of West Seattle????A redundant question – if they had this work in the plans for the end of the month, why are they spending valuable staff time and money  striping the lanes at this intersection this past week-end?

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