CORONAVIRUS: Saturday 9/26 roundup

Halfway through the first weekend of fall, here are tonight’s virus-crisis notes:

NEWEST KING COUNTY NUMBERS: Here are the cumulative totals from Public Health‘s daily-summary dashboard:

*22,000 people have tested positive, 104 more than yesterday*

*758 people have died, unchanged from yesterday

*2,353 people have been hospitalized, unchanged from yesterday*

*428,983 people have been tested, 3,704 more than yesterday*

*As has happened on occasion lately, some “new since yesterday” calculations on the Public Health website diverge from the difference we have noted in recording the county reports each night, so we’re going with our calculations.

One week ago, those totals were 21,399/748/2,313/407,865.

WEST SEATTLE TREND: Here’s our weekly check of this stat, with numbers accessible in two-week increments via the “geography over time” tab on the daily-summary dashboard, checking the West Seattle and Delridge “health reporting areas.” In the past 2 weeks, 44 positive test results were reported; 45 in the 2 weeks before that; 45 in the two weeks before that – so we seem to have plateaued.


WORLDWIDE NUMBERS: 32.7 million people have tested positive, and more than 993,000 have died; U.S. deaths are just under 205,000. Most cases: U.S., India, Brazil, Russia, Colombia (Peru dropped from #5 to #6 in the past week). Of interest: The UK is 5th in deaths, but 14th in cases. See the breakdown, nation by nation, here.

DONATION DRIVE TOMORROW: One more reminder – if you can help, here’s how, 10 am-3 pm Sunday.

HALLOWEEN, PANDEMIC STYLE: We know many are starting to think about Halloween. (We have neighbors who put up decorations already.) Here’s some food for thought from Public Health.

MONSTER DASH: Some of the fall traditions are reformatting for this pandemic season, too – like the West Seattle Monster Dash.

GOT SOMETHING TO REPORT? or 206-293-6302, text/voice – thank you!

7 Replies to "CORONAVIRUS: Saturday 9/26 roundup"

  • Sam September 27, 2020 (2:07 am)

    I think  kids can deal with not going trick or treating, if you think about it sort of weird to have your children go to someone house they don’t know and ask for candy to begin with.  

    • wsperson September 27, 2020 (2:10 pm)

      Mine is okay with it, I guaranteed lots of treats, and promised a late night of pillow fort building and scary movies. We’ll probably walk around the neighborhood a few nights before to see the decorations too.

  • JJ September 27, 2020 (1:08 pm)

    Are the new since yesterday calculations from the county consistently higher or lower than your calculations, when they are off?

    • WSB September 27, 2020 (1:30 pm)

      They’ve been both. And day before yesterday, they were exactly the same, so there seems to be no consistent reason. I’m finally going to ask them tomorrow (I have something else to inquire about too).

    • dsa September 27, 2020 (2:11 pm)

      I don’t pay much attention to yesterday’s numbers.  I instead compare the difference from today’s cases with what we had a week ago.  That method averages out daily fluctuations.  It should be noted that the weekly new cases is around 600 whereas after our limited reopening it jumped from around 300 to about 1,200.

      • DBurns September 27, 2020 (8:41 pm)

        After everything these kids have been through, please let there be Halloween. 

  • Kim September 28, 2020 (3:16 am)

    DBURNS and people in our community,  currently their are children who are now  an orphans  due to the virus and people who have not taken this virus seriously!    My life and people’s life in my community is more important than giving random children a piece of candy who come knocking on my door.  Children need to understand how dangerous this virus is.  Use your imagination and do something in your home with your family on Halloween. 

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