FOLLOWUP: 26th SW pavement investigation under way

This is a followup as well as a traffic alert – that crew is working on 26th SW between Roxbury and Barton right now, as part of investigative work previewed here last week. As explained in the notice featured in that preview, the crew is “drilling 6 geotechnical boreholes in the roadway” to learn more about the pavement failure that neighbors say shakes their homes when buses go by. Metro says new paving is expected as part of the RapidRide H Line conversion, though I-976 might affect funding availability. This work is expected to continue through tomorrow.

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  • Leslie Lee December 3, 2019 (9:24 pm)

    Thank you! I’ve lived in my house 17 years on 25th Ave SW & have experienced the same issues. Plus everytime a car drives bye the tv goes out. The road sounds hollow & I’ve feared for years that one day it’s going to be a huge sink hole right in front of my house. Probably a RAT highway underneath.  

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