TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: First non-holiday weekday with tunnel tolling

(SDOT MAP with travel times/ Is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE/ West Seattle-relevant traffic cams HERE)

6:57 AM: Good morning! It’s the first non-holiday weekday since Highway 99 tunnel tolling began, so all eyes are on both 99 and downtown streets to see how traffic patterns change.

CHAMPIONSHIP CELEBRATION: Early this afternoon, a parade celebrating Sounders FC’s MLS Cup victory wlll head from Westlake to Seattle Center for a rally. (Added: Details here.)

WATER TAXI: Though King County had said it hoped to have Sally Fox back in service by today so Doc Maynard could return to the West Seattle run, Water Taxi Watch shows that hasn’t happened yet, with Spirit of Kingston still on the route to/from Seacrest.

7:18 AM: Another waterborne-transit note – though WSF says the smaller M/V Salish would replace M/V Sealth on the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth run “starting today,” hasn’t happened yet.

8:01 AM: SDOT is now noting the 35th/Dawson crash also mentioned in comments. … Also a ferry update: WSF says the Sealth will leave the Triangle route as of 9 am and there’ll be a temporary 2-boat schedule until Salish is added. …

8:10 AM: WSDOT reports another incident noted in comments, a stall on the WS Bridge exit ramp to NB I-5.

25 Replies to "TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: First non-holiday weekday with tunnel tolling"

  • Jason November 12, 2019 (7:18 am)

    Admiral already backed up almost to metro market.  99 tolling? Accident? Rain?

    • WSB November 12, 2019 (7:21 am)

      No crashes reported.

    • Westresident November 12, 2019 (7:57 am)

      Harbor Ave is backed up all the way as well. Not even 8 am

  • Plutch November 12, 2019 (7:33 am)

    Had a bus this morning flashing their lights at me for NOT moving over the double white line when I merged onto 99N.The driver was upset that I was in the lane until it told me to merge over (zipper style) at a good speed and not slamming on my brakes stopping in traffic mind you until someone would let me in.Just goes to show you that this lane needs to be open to everyone as it is pointless for me to move over to the left when I get off right before the tunnel.Traffic would flow faster if everyone could just GO!

    • Nicole November 12, 2019 (8:23 am)

      Traffic would flow faster if more people would take the bus or water taxi.   Try it. 

      • Anne November 12, 2019 (9:13 am)

        So are buses NOT in any of these backups? Not everyone can take bus/water taxi-

      • Guy November 12, 2019 (9:17 am)

        What bus? There’s one f-ing bus line to choose from by my house and it’ll take me 1.5 hours to travel 10 miles to work with it. 

    • smittytheclown November 12, 2019 (8:32 am)

      Good for you.  I use the entire lane – even go a bit further at times.  If everyone did the same instead of cutting right over we would all (buses included!) benefit. As it stands now even bus commuters are suffering as a result of what is supposed to be a benefit to them.  It’s idiotic!

      • Plutch November 12, 2019 (9:09 am)

        Thanks Smitty, really just trying to get the line moving when I use the lane, I WANT to help the buses move faster, I know a lot of people rely on them.I cannot take a bus, but I do have common sense unlike another person on this thread, I am just trying to get traffic flowing so that everyone can go about their day.USE THE ENTIRE LANE!

        • Matt November 12, 2019 (9:55 am)

          Everyday there is a backup on Meyers Way getting to the bridge because people refuse to use the entire lane to merge.  They get to the first point you can legally merge and stop with their blinker on.  It’s so much easier and better for traffic to merge into the flow of traffic, rather than wait for someone to let you in, there is always space.  Frustrating.

    • Mk November 12, 2019 (7:45 pm)

      Plutch, file a complaint with the county. What the driver did is complaint worthy and there is a WA code flashing brights falls under. Driver could be cited if LEO saw it. If you do not have the bus number you can detail the time and location and driver description if you have it and the county can sometimes figure out the bus driver.

  • Rick November 12, 2019 (7:51 am)

    With today’s parade I still don’t think the counts will be a true representation.

  • Ian November 12, 2019 (7:51 am)

    Small two car accident blocking the middle lane NB 35th around Camp Long a few minutes ago as I passed by.

  • Herongrrrl November 12, 2019 (8:00 am)

    There’s a disabled semi truck in the exit Lane to I-5 from the Spokane Street Viaduct at 8:00. 

  • Peter November 12, 2019 (8:50 am)

    I predict zero impact on traffic from the tolling. Despite all the complaining, in reality there might be a few dozen people who will actually refuse to use the tunnel because of the tolls, not enough to have any impact traffic. The longer than usual backup from the bridge to 99 indicates people are using 99 as usual. 

    • West Seattle Hipster November 12, 2019 (9:37 am)

      I agree with you.  Once people realize their commute time will be much longer by not using the tunnel, they will pay the toll.  Tolls are just another form of taxes, and we all know how much Seattle residents enjoy voting in and paying for taxes.

    • Matt P November 12, 2019 (9:50 am)

      Agree; this toll is too low to impact traffic.

    • hj November 12, 2019 (11:00 am)

      Well there was that one lady here who stated that she was going to lose all of her friends because she can no longer afford to drive to North Seattle via any route.

  • christy November 12, 2019 (9:23 am)

     I commute to Edmonds and have zero problem paying the toll. I just wish we had workable light rail already, and after this moat recent election, it seems that dream is even more distant.

  • Lola November 12, 2019 (9:54 am)

    I saw less people in the 99 lane today at 7:15 as I was crossing the bridge.  I go to the 4th Ave Exit.  A lot more people who love to travel in the Red Buss Lane as well now that they are not taking 99.  Love those people who do not think we see them.  And before any of you say well I have to cross the Buss Lane to get over, you know who I am talking about the ones who cruise in it from the beginning until it ends just before the 1st ave Exit.  I see them fly past me in it till I get over After The Buss Lane Ends. 

  • Zmmr November 12, 2019 (10:02 am)

    Anybody know when the Seahawks’ victory parade will be?

    • cwit November 12, 2019 (10:39 am)

      Seahawks? That’s anyone’s guess. The Sounders MLS Cup parade starts at noon, though.

  • Kyle November 12, 2019 (10:25 am)

    There were traffic cops at the 99/Dearborn/1st Intersection today..but because of the new bus lane the backup happens on the West Seattle bridge, not at this intersection anymore.  The cops looked bored, and I bet the city thinks the “problem is solved”. I ride the bus and I still don’t see how the 99, 1/2 mile bus lane helps my commute. I’d really like some help getting home (could use a bus lane leaving downtown towards 99), instead of the crazy sodo detour the bus takes.

    • Matt P November 12, 2019 (11:45 am)

      The bus will be switching to using Columbia Ave where there’s a dedicated bus lane down to Alaska and on to 99 in January.  They just need to fix the timing of the lights on Alaska to get them synched otherwise the buses will be backed up to 3rd like when the buses were still using 1st Ave.

  • Zmmr November 12, 2019 (1:05 pm)

    Anybody know when the Mariners ‘ world champions parade will be?2030??

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