BIZNOTE: Signage going up for West Seattle’s Whole Foods Market

Thanks to the texter who sent that photo (and also to Mel, who sent a photo from just before it went up). Signage is going up for West Seattle’s Whole Foods Market, which WFM has said will open next month (exact date TBA) at 4755 Fauntleroy Way SW. It’s been 13+ years since WFM first declared West Seattle intentions (originally for the site that now holds LA Fitness across the street), 7 years since the announcement it would be part of what became The Whittaker.

17 Replies to "BIZNOTE: Signage going up for West Seattle's Whole Foods Market"

  • Peeb September 10, 2019 (11:12 am)


  • waikikigirl September 10, 2019 (11:26 am)

    HELP ME I just fell off of my chair!!!! LOL!How long has this been going on…13+ years you say? 

  • Lola September 10, 2019 (1:45 pm)

    Can you tell me when the entrance is to the Parking Garage so I can avoid it like the plague?  Is it going to be off of Fantleroy like Trader Joe’s?  

    • WSB September 10, 2019 (2:05 pm)

      It’s off the midblock Fauntleroy alley

  • zipda September 10, 2019 (1:57 pm)

    Can’t wait. Already refinanced the house in preparation.

    • Joan September 10, 2019 (2:17 pm)


  • Airwolf September 10, 2019 (2:23 pm)

    more like whole paycheck

    • 🙄🙄🙄 September 11, 2019 (12:25 am)

      so old and played out. If you can’t afford it then don’t shop there; no one is forcing you to. 

  • onion September 10, 2019 (2:45 pm)

    Yawn. Wake me up when the PCC opening day is announced.  As for  Metro’s nightmare of a remodel …..

  • coffeedude September 10, 2019 (3:51 pm)

    When Amazon bought them, I stopped going.  And will not go back.  

    • Jon Wright September 11, 2019 (1:19 pm)

      Way to stick it to The Man!

  • Wes C. Addle September 10, 2019 (4:21 pm)

    Whole Foods is actually somewhat affordable now if you hit up deals that you get with Amazon Prime.

  • Trickycoolj September 10, 2019 (5:59 pm)

    Finally!  Went to Safeway instead of QFC recently and found perishables well past their pull date on the shelves, very poor/sketchy tasting “grass fed” beef that my significant other bought to grill, that pending remodel won’t fix those kinds of problems. WF and PCC will hopefully take some of the crowds away from QFC and TJs.

    • JWinWS September 11, 2019 (7:20 pm)

      Agreed! They also have lowered their prices on produce. I stop at Westlake WF off the C line just to buy good sized bunches of organic kale for $1.99. Best price in town. PCC is close at $2.50. 

  • Barb September 11, 2019 (1:42 am)

    People complain about WH prices, but the Metropolitan Market and the misnamed “Thriftway” aren’t exactly inexpensive. Nothing thrifty about either. 

  • WS n00b September 11, 2019 (8:33 am)

    First a new TOOL album and now this?  What a time to be alive!

  • Tim Tetrault September 11, 2019 (12:59 pm)

    I’m so curious- with relative grocery saturation in Admiral and Fauntleroy, why no grocery development in Delridge? Zoning issues? As a Delridge area resident, while I’m not exactly outraged, I am perplexed. Mid-to-South area WS residents are essentially relegated to using a car to go grocery shopping. The QFC in Westwood Village thanks you all, I imagine. 

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