WATER TAXI ALERT: Boat trouble, one run canceled

A choppy start to the West Seattle Water Taxi‘s 7-day-a-week schedule – the 3:45 pm departure from downtown is being skipped because, per the county alert:

Due to a mechanical issue with the Doc Maynard, the 3:45 departure from West Seattle has been cancelled while the crew takes the vessel to the King County maintenance facility and brings the Spirit of Kingston into service beginning with the 4:05 departure from Pier 52.

The substitution could be problematic later since the Mariners’ home opener could mean bigger usage, and SoK is a smaller boat. We’re checking.

2 Replies to "WATER TAXI ALERT: Boat trouble, one run canceled"

  • sam-c March 28, 2019 (4:19 pm)

    (and it seems, there’s an incident on 99S, not sure where though, just got word of traffic and ambulance driving by)

  • st March 29, 2019 (3:34 pm)

    So, it it just me or does the Doc Maynard seem to be out of service a lot for a newish boat?  

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