WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen black Honda mini-van, ‘desperately needed for doctor appointments and therapies’

Another stolen vehicle to watch for – Ayn and her family really need it:

It was stolen the morning of the 8th between 2:30 am and 8:00 am. From in front of our house near the corner of 18th Ave SW & Elmgrove.

It is a Black 2018 Honda Odyssey, license plate# BJX 7919. Has a license plate holder that says SODO Honda of Seattle.

I’m disabled and have three children with Autism. We desperately need our vehicle for doctor appointments and therapies.

My disability placards and walker with wheels and seat were also in the Van.

Call 911 if you see the van – and/or an abandoned walker, too.

14 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen black Honda mini-van, 'desperately needed for doctor appointments and therapies'"

  • Quora July 9, 2018 (3:40 pm)

    Never ceases to amaze me how many scumbag thieves roam the streets of our community. My car was stolen about 3 weeks ago from right in front of my house. Took cops 6 hours to get to my house for the police report. My neighbor spotted it 3 days later parked illegelly four blocks away (no help from the cops).

    • Alki resident July 9, 2018 (4:12 pm)

      Why are you blaming police? Do you know how many cars are stolen around here? They don’t have the many power to search for stolen vehicles. Did you have a tracker on your car? That would’ve helped.

    • Native July 10, 2018 (10:07 am)

      My car was stolen in front of my house.The thief Nicholas Watson, had stolen 11 cars before mine and was released on personal recognacance for drug rehab where he never showed. He then stole 2 more days later.The police were outstanding having responded quickly and recovered the car. But not before needles and crack totaled it.Thanks SPDsorry courts don’t back you up 

      • face less July 12, 2018 (8:38 pm)

        We should go beat this guy with a baseball bat, break both his legs

  • T July 9, 2018 (6:21 pm)

    I’ve had my car stolen too. Parking enforcement even wrote tickets on it after it was reported stolen. I reported it to police. Parking enforcement is apart of the police. It’s frustrating that police knew where my vehicle was days after I reported it stolen but I never found out until 2 months later after it was abandoned in an apartment complex. Then I got jerked around on getting tickets dismissed that thief got while driving my car. I was told there was no fee for police reports but when I submitted a request it was denied because I hadn’t included the fee. This was just before things went online so hopefully it’s better now. 

    • newnative July 10, 2018 (11:36 am)

      That’s a Get Jesse story if I ever heard one. I have heard similar stories but that takes the cake. 

  • valvashon July 10, 2018 (3:35 am)

    This is 2018.  Are Honda’s really still that easy to steal?  Do thieves still use just a shaved down key or did something else happen here?

    • killagram July 10, 2018 (11:53 am)

      I will say as of this AM my HONDA was stolen as well from the Roxbury Safeway area

  • H July 10, 2018 (10:10 am)

    “I am disabled and have three children with autism. We desperately need our car for doctors appointments and therapies.”Geez Ayn, if I had the means I would gift you a car. 

  • Helpfulinseattle July 10, 2018 (10:34 am)

    Can we find a way as a community to come together and help Ayn out?  Perhaps someone can offer to transport them to and from appointments?  Or we can take turns?

    • lisap July 11, 2018 (10:55 am)

      Helpfulinseattle- I agree, how can we organize this?

      • SaraB July 11, 2018 (11:03 am)

        What about a gofundme campaign?  I would donate!

    • SaraB July 11, 2018 (11:00 am)

      I’ve been thinking we should set up a gofundme campaign to help this family out.  What a terrible thing they have experienced.  I wonder if one has already started?  

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