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COUNTDOWN: Recycle Roundup this Sunday @ Fauntleroy Church

Thanks to Judy Pickens for the file photo and reminder: You have five days to get your recyclables ready to drop off at Fauntleroy Church:

The fall Recycle Roundup at Fauntleroy Church is this coming Sunday, September 25, 9 am to 3 pm in the church parking lot (9140 California SW). The list of what you can bring for responsible recycling (and what not) is here. Plan to avoid coming at the last hour, else you may have to wait several minutes for the crew from 1 Green Planet to unload your recyclables. The twice-yearly event is free but the church’s Green Committee won’t turn down a donation.

Last spring’s RR brought in 11.5 tons of recyclables.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Tuesday updates & alerts

September 20, 2016 6:53 am
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(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

6:53 AM: Good morning! No incidents in/from West Seattle right now.

LOOKING AHEAD: In the stadium zone, Mariners are home vs. Toronto again tonight (7:10 pm) … Remember that next Sunday (September 25th) the water-side lane of Alki and Harbor Avenues will close all day for Seattle Summer Parkways between 55th and Don Armeni, and Alki will fully close between 63rd and 55th. Our next detailed update is coming up later this morning.

SPEED LIMIT @ CITY COUNCIL COMMITTEE TODAY: 2 pm today, the City Council Transportation Committee takes up the proposal to make 20 mph the speed limit for non-arterial streets around the city.

8:17 AM: Washington State Ferries says Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth is running 15 minutes late because of “a disabled vehicle.’ And a texter reports a collision st 26th/Andover.

9:54 AM: Thanks to the caller who just pointed out that there’s a heavy rescue on NB I-5 at Mercer – big backup. Two lanes open now, according to WSDOT.

FOLLOWUP: What we’ve learned about the Fauntleroy white geese’s new life in Vashon, and their backstory

(Photo courtesy BaaHaus, from the geese’s trip to a vet)

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

A week and a half after the famous Fauntleroy white geese were relocated to Vashon Island, the rescue group that is now housing them says they “are both doing great.”

We promised to follow up on our original September 9th report of their sudden removal, and in keeping that promise, have learned more about how that unfolded, and about how they had come to live in Fauntleroy in the first place.

We have communicated by e-mail with the rescue group, BaaHaus, and Seattle Parks, and have spoken by phone with the man who says he is the person who originally brought geese to the Fauntleroy shore and is sad that they are gone. Read More

West Seattle Crime Watch: Garage break-in attempts; WSCPC reminder

September 19, 2016 10:33 pm
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Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes tonight:

ATTEMPTED GARAGE BURGLARIES: From Darren, who lives in an Alki townhome complex near 60th and Admiral: “Last night someone attempted to break into 3 of our neighbors’ garages (after 7 pm, as one of our neighbors didn’t notice damage to his garage when he was taking garbage and recycling out to the curb). They didn’t get in but did some damage to the doors. Our neighbor who reported it to the police isn’t able to open her garage now as the damage affected the sensor.” SPD case number is 16-339756.

CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL TOMORROW: One last mention before the Tuesday highlight list – the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council returns from summer hiatus tomorrow night. 7 pm Tuesday at the Southwest Precinct (2300 SW Webster), bring your neighborhood concerns to local police, and hear from them about local crime trends. Plus, this month’s special guest is Lisa Love, manager of Health Education for Seattle Public Schools, who WSCPC president Richard Miller says will “discuss the topic of harassment, intimidation and bullying in our schools.”

Another West Seattle bus stop gets a shelter

The photo is courtesy of the office of County Council chair Joe McDermott, sent with his announcement of two new bus shelters. We’ve already reported one – the RapidRide stop on southbound 35th SW, just moved back to its permanent spot south of Avalon, after more than a year at SW Snoqualmie during construction of mixed-use Aura. The newly installed shelter in the photo is on westbound SW Morgan, just west of 35th. McDermott’s announcement points out that this is kitty-corner from the West Seattle Food Bank and was the last shelter-less stop at 35th/Morgan: “The West Seattle Food Bank serves some of our most vulnerable residents. This new shelter will make it both easier and safer for those who use the bus as transportation to and from the Food Bank.” He tells WSB he first heard about the shelter-less stop at a fundraiser for the WSFB, whose executive director Fran Yeatts is quoted as adding, “Having a covered bus stop so these individuals can wait for the bus out of rain will be a very, very big help.” According to Metro’s website, fewer than a fourth of the system’s more than 8,000 stops are sheltered.

West Seattle coyotes: Two sightings

Change of seasons tends to bring out the coyote sightings. We have two to share:

NEAR LUNA PARK: Jason sent the photo and report:”I was walking up Andover from Avalon toward the Fauntleroy pedestrian bridge [map], and I spotted what looked like a good-sized coyote across the street from the east entrance to the bridge. It saw me and froze, sat on its haunches, and watched me for 3-4 minutes. I took this photo (blurry since it was zoomed in on my phone), and shortly after that it disappeared when I looked away. It did not seem very afraid of me.”

IN SEAVIEW: Deb saw one early Friday along 47th SW between Findlay and Erskine [map]: “I was out around 1:30 in the morning when a lanky coyote with a thin tail came trotting down 47th. When the animal spotted me he wheeled and ran down the alley. I promptly went back in the house.”

WHAT TO DO IF YOU SEE ONE: Best thing to do is to scare it away, experts say. Other tips on coexisting with coyotes are in this fact sheet from the state Fish and Wildlife Department. Our off-and-on archive of West Seattle coyote sightings, meantime, is here.

Transportation consternation: West Seattle HS Booster Club says athletes now forced to miss too many classes

Even if you don’t have kids in Seattle Public Schools, you probably know that many schedules changed this year. West Seattle High School now starts about an hour later than it used to, and the WS Booster Club says the resulting district transportation plan “is unacceptable” – forcing students to leave class too early on “away” game days, so they’re marshaling support to go to the School Board. Here’s their message for you:

Dear Seattle Public School Families and Community:

We want to invite you to a very important meeting on Monday, September 26th, 7 pm, in the West Seattle High School library. We will be discussing the transportation issues affecting our students.

Our high school student athletes currently have to leave school at 1 pm for away events because of the Seattle School Districts transportation plan. This means they have to be dismissed at 12:45 pm, missing all of 5th and 6th periods, lunch, and part of 4th period as well. This is unacceptable and we need to do something about this.

The West Seattle Booster Club invites you to join us in taking our concerns to the Seattle School Board. We are inviting families, staff, PTSA, Booster Clubs, and community members from all of the Seattle High Schools to join our efforts.

On Monday, September 26th, we will learn more about these issues, discuss our plans moving forward, and coordinate our actions for the School Board meeting we will attend as a group. Please join us. The more voices they hear, the better the impact.

Thank you for your support!

~ West Seattle Booster Club

WSHS is at 3000 California SW.

City Council passes ‘secure scheduling’ for workers at companies with 500+ employees

(Seattle Channel video of today’s meeting. “Secure scheduling” starts at 51:22)

3:59 PM: “Heck, yeah!” exclaimed City Councilmember Lisa Herbold during the roll call less than an hour ago that brought unanimous approval to her “secure scheduling” bill for large companies’ employees.

She’s been working on it in a unique manner for almost seven months, with open “stakeholder” discussions during meetings of the committee she chairs, Civil Rights, Utilities, Economic Development, & Arts, and with the partnership of the council’s other West Seattleite, at-large Councilmember Lorena González.

An overview is on this city webpage. Here’s how Herbold summarized it in her most recent online post, looking forward to today’s vote, following its commission passage last week:

Businesses are only covered if they have 500+ employees (and 40 locations for full-service restaurants)

14 days advance notice for schedules

Written good-faith estimate of hours at time of hire

10 hours right to rest between closing and opening shifts (similarly to overtime, this can be voluntarily waived for time and a half wages for the time less than 10 hours)

Predictability pay of one hour of wages only for non-employee requested schedule additions

Half time pay for involuntary reduction in scheduled work hours and on-call shifts

Access to additional hours for existing employees before outside recruitment and hiring

Exceptions for diversity and seasonal hiring

Read the legislation here. Its provisions will take effect July 1st of next year.

10:38 PM: We’ve added the Seattle Channel video of this afternoon’s meeting, which ended about 10 minutes after this vote, because of an unrelated protest.

Westside Neighbors Network: ‘Working to create a village’ supporting ‘positive aging’

September 19, 2016 3:18 pm
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A new all-volunteer group in West Seattle is rising from the grassroots to support “positive aging” – and the Westside Neighbors Network needs you. 6-7 pm on Wednesday, September 28th, at the West Seattle (Admiral) Library, you can find out what it’s all about. From the WNN planning committee:

We are working to create a Village on the westside.

A Village is a member-driven, intergenerational, grassroots organization bringing neighbors together to help each other stay in their community as they age. Members have one-call access to volunteer help for in-home services, transportation, and vetted service providers as well as social and educational events that support connectedness and friendships.

At its core, a Village is based on reciprocity – with Village members using their skills to help other members while receiving the support they need to remain in their community.

The Village movement began in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood in 2002 and has since spread to over 200 communities nationwide. There are currently 3 Villages in Seattle and several other neighborhoods are in various stages of planning theirs. Our village is called Westside Neighbors Network.

Our stated mission is: To nurture a lively and engaged community that celebrates and supports positive aging. Village members connect with each other, with knowledge and with resources to enable them to live full lives as they age in their westside neighborhood.

For more information, please visit our website: or email
The September 28th meeting at West Seattle Library will be in the downstairs meeting room.

Not comfortable with composting? West Seattleite’s {POST}MODERN now available

(Photo courtesy {POST}MODERN)

Still struggling to be successful at the messy business of food-waste composting? Lots of different ways to make it work – and now, West Seattleite Glenn Geisendorfer has something you might want to try. After a few years in development, he and collaborator Gabe Goldman are going wide with their compostable compost bin. {POST}MODERN is on the shelf at West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor). Geisendorfer says it’s “molded out of pulp made from recycled cardboard boxes, and designed with a vacuum-like seal to be extremely moisture- and odor-resistant.” The starter kit ($9.99) is a three-pack with an under-sink hanger, and you can buy refills (5 for $11.99). Once it’s full, just put the entire bin into your yard-waste container, or your backyard compost pile if you are a DIY composter. Provided what you put in isn’t too wet, you should be able to use it 4 or 5 times before composting it. Here’s the {POST}MODERN backstory; Geisendorfer is also partner in the West Seattle-headquartered design agency Platform.

School boundaries: Sanislo Elementary to move back to Denny/Sealth feeder zone; community meeting October 11th

(Multicolor area is what Denny/Sealth attendance area will look like with Sanislo – here’s what it looks like now)

Seattle Public Schools is about to launch a round of citywide community meetings to talk about boundary changes for next school year. Most were approved three years ago, but some “amendments” are proposed, and that includes one in West Seattle – moving Sanislo Elementary back to the Denny International Middle School/Chief Sealth International High School feeder zone, just two years after it was moved out of that zone and into the Madison MS/West Seattle HS zone. From the district website:

Staff recommends that the entire Sanislo Elementary School attendance area be re-aligned with the Denny International Middle School attendance area and feeder pattern. This would return the Sanislo feeder pattern to Denny for middle school.

Additionally, staff recommends that the addition of Sanislo into the Denny feeder pattern be aligned with the high school boundaries. This would mean that the Chief Sealth International High School attendance area would include Sanislo beginning in 2017-18. Currently Denny feeds into Chief Sealth and Madison feeds into West Seattle High School, thus this alignment would be necessary if Sanislo is in the Denny feeder pattern.

Why these amendments are being recommended:

Sanislo moved into the Madison Middle School feeder pattern in 2015-16; since then, Madison has become an option site for the Highly Capable Cohort. Updated enrollment and capacity information for Madison (and Denny) support returning Sanislo into Denny.

The district has also received school community feedback in support of this move. Over the past two years, many rising 5th grade Sanislo students have completed choice applications to attend Denny for 6th grade. With this amendment, only Sanislo’s middle school feeder pattern would change. Sanislo’s elementary attendance area will remain the same.

The district says it is NOT planning on grandfathering middle-school students in change areas, so anyone in the Sanislo attendance zone who would be at Madison next year will be reassigned to Denny (unless they get a “choice” spot). The West Seattle meeting to discuss this change (and any in the rest of the city, if you’re interested) is set for 6:30 pm Tuesday, October 11th, in the library at Denny (2601 SW Kenyon). That’s the last of the meetings around the city, and shortly after that, the boundary-plan amendments including this one will go to the School Board for approval.

West Seattle Monday: Free coworking; live music; more…

September 19, 2016 10:30 am
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Thanks to those who e-mailed and texted the rainbow photos from downtown, looking toward West Seattle, first thing this morning! No names with either one, so we don’t have credits – anytime you text us, or send e-mail from your phone, please consider including your name so we can give credit where credit’s due!

Now, a few highlights for what is technically the last Monday of summer:

FREE COWORKING AT OFFICE JUNCTION: It’s Coworking Week and West Seattle’s only coworking center, Office Junction (WSB sponsor), is offering you free coworking from 9 am-5 pm all week. Get out of the home office, coffee shop, wherever you hang out (or get your boss to let you telecommute for at least part of the week) – here’s the invitation, from Christine at Office Junction:

Bring your work, your laptop, and lunch and enjoy our space, good company by our members, free coffee/tea, fast internet and productive energy. We have a quiet, library-style area and a more social, chatty one. You set up where you feel comfortable. Just come, sign our waiver, log on to our fast guest network, and start working.

More info here. And look for an update about other events at WSOJ celebrating Coworking Week! (6040 California SW)

DIABETES PREVENTION: Free program at the West Seattle YMCA (WSB sponsor), 6:30 pm. See our calendar listing for info on finding out whether you qualify. (36th SW/SW Snoqualmie)

WEST SEATTLE QUILTERS: 7-8:30 pm at the Senior Center/Sisson Building. More info in our calendar listing. (SW Oregon/California SW)

MUSIC @ WEST SEATTLE BREWING: Mondays 8 pm-11 pm, Cracker Factory performs live at West Seattle Brewing Company in The Triangle. (4415 Fauntleroy Way SW)

MORE NIGHTLIFE … on our complete-calendar page!

West Seattle Crime Watch: Bicycle stolen; bike frame found; prowler on video

Three West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports, plus a reminder:


I’d like to report a stolen bike, which was stolen from 3809 Delridge Way. We were working on our business when the thief stole the bike from behind a fence, and walked through long parking lot with multiple unlocked cars and tools. Bike was purchased from West Seattle Cyclery, and was a Bike Marin Cortina T3 with Gum tires (52cm frame).


We found this bike frame behind OutWest on Thursday, 9/15. Looks like an expensive commuter bike. The tires are gone. We’ll leave the frame behind the building for the owner to pick up.


We live in the Beveridge-Holly neighborhood near Morgan Junction.

(Last week) a neighbor had a bike stolen off an attached car rack on Beveridge near the stairs. Also, late that same night we saw a BMW parked on Beveridge with its door left wide open at night and the dome light off; not sure if the owner left it that way by accident or if a prowler had opened it earlier. We closed the door and the car seemed to lock itself.

Coincidentally I checked my security camera footage (Thursday) morning and saw a caucasian man with a goatee and backpack was going around and checking car doors at 5:37 am.

It’s a good reminder to keep your car doors locked and to be be aware of strangers wandering through the neighborhood – 5:37 am is a time when people are going to work and not a time we’d expect to see a car prowler working. This guy may have even been going to work himself or thinks he has plausible deniability looking like a morning bus commuter.

REMINDER – CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL TOMORROW NIGHT: 7 pm Tuesday at the Southwest Precinct, the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting is your chance to bring neighborhood concerns directly to local police, and to hear about crime trends. This month’s special guest will talk about school issues including bullying. The precinct is at 2300 SW Webster.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Monday updates & alerts

(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

6:57 AM: Welcome to Monday. Roads are wet and while there are no specific incidents in/from West Seattle and vicinity, traffic is reported to be slow around the region, so give yourself extra time. Today’s reminders:

SPOKANE ST. PROJECT: SDOT hasn’t updated the website for the project east of the low bridge, but here’s the newest flyer, with details on this week’s plan, as the three-month project arrives around its midway point.

WSF SCHEDULE: Washington State Ferries‘ fall schedule is now in effect.

7:27 AM: Just took a spin around the live video cameras. The slow spots are the usual ones – exit lane to 99, Spokane Street Viaduct approaching the exit lanes for 5.

8:04 AM: Metro just texted that “The bus stop on Columbia Street [downtown] at 2nd Ave. will be relocated to SB 3rd Ave. north of Columbia on 9/20 [tomorrow], 9 am-3 pm.”

9:02 AM: Low-bridge problem, tweeted by SDOT:

COUNTDOWN: ‘Summer Parkways’ at Alki next Sunday

Six months after we brought you first word that the city would revive the “car-free day” concept this year and move it back to September, we’re one week away from the Alki edition of “Seattle Summer Parkways.” The map above shows the route along which the westbound – water-side – lane will be closed to motorized vehicles all day, between 63rd SW and Don Armeni Boat Ramp, which is where the Orca Half (Marathon) will start around 9:30 am; the day’s other activities are set to officially run from 11 am to 4 pm. A long list of activity presenters is online here, and we’re expecting even more info before next Sunday arrives, so we’ll continue counting down.

BIZNOTE: Admiral Metropolitan Market hours changing as remodeling work starts tonight

ORIGINAL REPORT, 8:14 PM SUNDAY: Thanks to Richard for the tip – signage now up at Admiral Metropolitan Market (WSB sponsor) alerts customers to a temporary change in hours, starting tonight. Interior remodeling work is getting under way, so the store – usually open 24 hours – will be closed overnight starting at 10 pm on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. The sign explains it:

(In case you can’t read the gold-stamp text at left, it says the coffee shop on the south side of the store will open at 5:30 am.) We’ll be following up with Metropolitan Market management tomorrow for details of the remodeling work and how long it’s expected to last.

ADDED MONDAY MORNING, 8:28 AM: Thanks to the neighbor who shared a letter that Met Market distributed to neighbors over the weekend to let them know that the construction work would be starting. It says the work will result in “new offerings” including “house-made pizza … a new Asian Wok station … and Gelato.” The note also says the work is expected to last until November 11th. We have an inquiry out this morning with store management in hopes of finding out more about the changes.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Car-theft suspect caught

If you noticed all the police near Delridge and Juneau – they were after a suspect who ran from what turned out to be a stolen car (white Saturn, taken somewhere in King County Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction):


Police took up containment posts and found the suspect trying to hide along Longfellow Creek south of Juneau. We confirmed with a sergeant at the scene that the suspect was in custody.

CONGRATULATIONS! West Seattle Girl Scout Erin Demaree earns Gold Award

(Photo courtesy Girl Scouts of WW – Erin with one of the logs that comprise her swale system @ Lincoln Park)

Only six percent of Girl Scouts ever earn a Gold Award, the highest achievement level in the organization, created 100 years ago by GS founder Juliette Gordon Low to “challenge girls to change their communities – and the world – in a way that has a sustainable impact,” according to Girl Scouts of Western Washington, which tells us a West Seattle Girl Scout is now a Gold Award recipient:

Erin Demaree from Troop 50253 in Seattle developed a water runoff system on a hillside that stops water and dirt from washing into the public shelter at Lincoln Park. The hill had naturally grown over, but people had walked a path along the hill that caused water to run directly into the shelter deeming it unusable when it rained. She recruited a group of local volunteers to accomplish the construction of the system while also educating them on environmental impacts and erosion issues. Erin’s runoff system now allows the shelter to be used during the rainy season as a proper shelter.

She says, “Completing my Gold Award has helped me in my leadership and critical thinking skills. I really wanted to help the community and because I knew that this park gets used a lot, I wanted to give back by supporting it.”

Research has shown that Girl Scout Gold Award recipients do well in life! They rate their general success in life significantly higher and report higher success in reaching goals in:

*Higher education and career
*Life skills

The Gold Award inspires girls to find the greatness inside themselves and share their ideas and passions with their communities, which can have a positive, lasting ripple effect on the world!

Erin was honored during a gala at the Convention Center downtown earlier this summer.

West Seattle whale watching: Orcas in the area!

2:32 PM: Thanks to Donna Sandstrom from The Whale Trail for the tip: She says orcas are in the area right now, between Blake Island and Vashon Island, headed south as of her call at 2:28 pm. They’re closer to the other side, so you need good binoculars to see them, but if you’d rather watch whales than football, get over to Beach Drive and points south! She says they’re believed to be transients, not the Southern Residents.

2:52 PM: We can see them from Upper Fauntleroy – heading southbound along Vashon’s east shore, just south of the ferry lane. Moving fast, and quickly out of our peek view; definitely closer to Vashon than this side.

Fun(draiser) results: Chuck Diesel Invitational raises $34,000 for First Tee

A big day of golfing a few weeks ago resulted in big help for the regional nonprofit The First Tee of Greater Seattle, which shared the photo and report:

Two West Seattleites, Charlie Anderson and Stuart Martin, and their planning committee, raised more than $34,000 for The First Tee of Greater Seattle at the Chuck Diesel Invitational at West Seattle Golf Course on August 28. There were about 112 players who donated funds through player fees, sponsorship, a silent auction, and other fun ways.

The First Tee of Greater Seattle is a nonprofit that serves youth ages 5-18, by teaching them life skills and healthy habits through the game of golf. The First Tee of Greater Seattle serves more then 1,700 youth at 6 different courses and 85,000 youth in 185 schools in King County.

Interested in an invitation for the 2017 tournament? You can sign up here.

RSVP ASAP: Free self-defense class for local runners

After the recent attack on a woman running in our area, West Seattle Runner (WSB sponsor) decided to organize a free self-defense class. In case you haven’t already seen it in our calendar, here’s the announcement of the class at 7 pm Wednesday, October 12th:

West Seattle Runner and P3Running are hosting a self defense class for runners. We are pleased to announce that Seattle Integrated Martial Arts (SIMA) will be presenting the class. It will last approximately 1-1.5 hours. … Our hope is that this workshop will help you feel empowered and safe while out doing what you love. Additionally, we hope to create a network of runners that night who will connect to run together during the dark hours. Please invite friends who will benefit, and have everyone RSVP. Either RSVP on the Facebook event page OR email

West Seattle Runner is at 2743 California SW.

West Seattle Sunday: Dogs, discs, plants, SouthWest Stories, more…

(The real-life “seahawk” – an osprey – photographed over Luna Park in August by Mark Wangerin)

Last Sunday of summer – Seahawks are in L.A. – and here’s what’s happening in your backyard:

DUWAMISH NATIVE PLANT STEWARDSHIP DAY: 10 am-4 pm at the Duwamish Tribe Longhouse, a full day of ways to learn about, and learn how to take care of, native plants. See our calendar listing for the topics and times of sessions during the day. Free. (4705 W. Marginal Way SW)

WEST SEATTLE ULTIMATE FAMILY FRISBEE: 10 am, all welcome, at Walt Hundley Playfields. (34th SW/SW Myrtle)

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: 10 am-2 pm, see what’s fresh this week. (California SW between SW Alaska and SW Oregon)

GREYHOUND MEET & GREET: 11 am-1 pm at Mud Bay in The Admiral District, Greyhound Pets Inc. has greyhounds for you to meet. (2611 California SW)

SECOND-TIME SALE, SECOND DAY: 11:30 am-2 pm at Fauntleroy Church, big bargains in the final shopping session of this year’s big sale. (9140 California SW)

JAMTIME, LIVE: Bluegrass and old-time music at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), 1-4 pm. (5612 California SW)

SOUTHWEST STORIES: West Seattleite and former Mayor Greg Nickels has tales to tell for the Southwest Seattle Historical Society– and Seattle Public Library-presented SouthWest Stories series. SWSHS produced this video invitation:

2 pm at West Seattle (Admiral) Library. (2306 42nd SW)

SEATTLE GREEN SPACES COALITION: 3-4:45 pm at Southwest Library, this advocacy group focused on open-space issues invites everyone interested to join in. (35th SW/SW Henderson)

BIG LITTLE LIONS & GUESTS: 6-9 pm, all ages, $5 cover, at The Skylark. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

PREVIEW TOMORROW AND BEYOND … via our complete calendar, here.

PHOTO GALLERY: Fiestas Patrias parade and celebration in South Park

Photos by Leda Costa for West Seattle Blog


Saturday’s Fiestas Patrias parade and festival in South Park were a show of pride – pride in community, pride in heritage, pride in spirit. Hundreds lined SP streets to watch and cheer, as parade participants marched, danced, and rode toward the South Park Community Center.


Tradition melded with modern reality for some:


Jessica Ramos and Yesenia Gonzalez of the South Park Women’s Group wore handmade dresses that promote recycling. But before we get to more of the festival – photos of the parade! Read More