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West Seattle Art Walk scenes: Garden Tour poster winner; Michael Doyle’s launch; touring the murals

Three scenes from tonight’s West Seattle Art Walk:

(First two photos by Torin Record-Sand for WSB)

GARDEN TOUR POSTER PRIZE: At Windermere West Seattle in The Junction, West Seattle Garden Tour president Pam Stusser (left) presented a check to Cynthia Dale Turner for winning this year’s WSGT poster contest with her artwork Wild, Wild Flowers. The Garden Tour, happening on July 17th, also has announced that ticket booklets are now on sale – in West Seattle, get your $20 booklet at WS Nursery or Junction True Value, or online via Brown Paper Tickets.

GREETING-CARD LAUNCH: West Seattle artist Michael Doyle was in the spotlight at VAIN (WSB sponsor):


He was not only showing his “Apartment Life” paintings, but also launching his card line “Apartment on Belmont.”

MURAL TOURS: And here’s what put the “walk” in tonight’s Art Walk:

(WSB photo by Patrick Sand)

As previewed here last night, Southwest Seattle Historical Society executive director Clay Eals led two walking tours of the historic murals in The Junction. (Read the backstory here.)

Next West Seattle Art Walk is the second Thursday, as usual, but it won’t be West Seattle Summer Fest Eve as it is most years, since the night before the festival is the first Thursday.

CONGRATULATIONS! West Seattle High School seniors celebrate athletic scholarships

(WSB photo by Patrick Sand)

After another successful year in sports for West Seattle High School, athletic director Trevor Leopold gathered five of his graduating stars tonight to celebrate their athletic scholarships in a “signing day”-style event. From left in our photo are swimmer Gabby Carufel, going to Loyola Marymount in California; basketball/track athlete Lexi Ioane, (update) still deciding; state-champion runner Lani Taylor, going to Seattle Pacific; track athlete Chaaka Trahan, who’s still deciding; and soccer player Olivia Williams, going to Chico State in California.


That’s proud principal Ruth Medsker capturing the moment. Congratulations to all!

FOLLOWUP: Metro’s trash-can turnabout

(UPDATED FRIDAY NIGHT with trash can’s arrival)


9:24 PM: Another followup tonight: This one, in the case of the 61st/Alki bus stop that is without a trash can because Metro says the one it used to have was used too much. On Wednesday, we published the response that Diana got from Metro after asking them to place a can there – it boiled down to “no.” We followed up with Metro spokesperson Jeff Switzer, including a question of whether it’s Metro policy to remove trash cans that are much-used. This evening, he sent word that they’ve changed their mind and will try a trash can there again:

Our records show Metro hasn’t had a trash can at that site since 2012 after seeing a pattern of it being misused by nearby businesses and residents, with home garbage showing up at the bus stop. It reached the point that our facilities crews were regularly receiving work orders and complaints about garbage, so we decided to remove it.

One of our thresholds in deciding whether to remove a trash can is if a location becomes so problematic that it generates a large number of work orders and crew time cleaning up a persistent problem, something that stretches beyond a transit issue into a community issue.

That said, we’re going to put a new 35-gallon can out there in the next few days, and will monitor how things go. If problems re-emerge beyond what Metro can address, we’ll see if we can get some help from the city and businesses to supply additional trash cans in the area.

We’ll keep an eye out for the new can – please let us know if you see it first.

ADDED FRIDAY NIGHT: The trash can has arrived. Diana sent the photo to prove it:

Trash Can 6-10-16

Air pollution, ‘annoyance noise,’ truck traffic, other concerns aired at second hearing for Terminal 5 review

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

You have 12 more days to comment on the draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Terminal 5 Improvements Project in West Seattle – unless the comment period is extended.

(Friday afternoon update: It has been.)

Both hearings for this stage of the process are now history, after tonight’s hearing, which was in West Seattle, at the Alki Masonic Center in The Junction. As we’d been told Tuesday in Georgetown (WSB coverage here), the format was exactly the same, though there were some divergences along the way.

Again tonight, Commissioner Fred Felleman opened, this time making a point to say “we don’t have a tenant yet” but promising they will “do it right” no matter what they wind up doing.

Paul Meyer, the port’s environmental manager, gave the presentation instead of deputy CEO Kurt Beckett, who was reported to have undergone “emergency dental surgery” earlier in the day, but did arrive around 6:15 pm. First, Commissioner Felleman said he wanted to be sure everyone understood that the Northwest Seaport Alliance jointly manages the Seattle and Tacoma container terminals, but not everything associated with both ports.

Read More

ALERT: Earthquake drill, with helicopters, at Terminal 5 on Saturday

June 9, 2016 7:51 pm
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Just found out tonight that Terminal 5 will host yet another drill with helicopters on Saturday – this time, as part of the Cascadia Rising megaquake drill that’s been happening at a variety of locations around the region. Susan Stoltzfus with the Port of Seattle told us about it at tonight’s T-5 Draft Environmental Impact Report public hearing (report to come). She says multiple agencies are participating with simulations including a collapsed building, and it’s scheduled between 10 am and 3 pm. If you’re interested in taking a look, she says you’ll be able to view it from the Jack Block Park overlook. In the meantime, if you notice the helicopters and/or other unusual activity at T-5 on Saturday, don’t fret, it’s only a drill.

P.S. As we’ve already reported, a much-more low-key – but no less vital – drill will be happening in High Point, and your direct participation is welcome – here’s where, when, and how.

‘We heard you’: Washington State Ferries cancels disruptive ‘procedures’ at Fauntleroy dock

After two and a half weeks, Washington State Ferries says it’s giving up on new “procedures” that were intended to speed up loading at the Fauntleroy dock, but caused new problems instead. This afternoon’s announcement:

On Monday, May 23, WSF instituted new ticketing procedures at the Fauntleroy ferry terminal in order to address several problems identified by the passengers, ferry advisory committee members, and WSF. Over the past three weeks, we have learned from passenger feedback and direct observation that the new procedures were not working. Based on this experience, we are suspending the change and returning to the ticketing procedures that were previously in place starting on Friday, June 10.

Passengers with pre-purchased tickets will be waved through the tollbooth, and their tickets will be scanned on the dock. Passengers who do not have tickets must stop to buy them at the tollbooth. We recognize that this solution does not address the underlying difficulties at the Fauntleroy Terminal, including limited vehicle capacity, challenges with consistent fare recovery, and an outdated schedule designed for smaller vessels and lower traffic volume. These factors create conflict between maintaining the schedule and filling the boats.

Going forward, we will reach out to and communicate with stakeholders as we explore options to improve service within the constraints of our system. Thank you to all of our customers for your patience. We heard you, and we apologize for the disruption and inconvenience this change has caused.

FOLLOWUP: Parks, parents plan talks to resolve Ercolini Park toy trouble

(WSB photo, 3:20 pm today)

One day after a Seattle Parks crew hauled away a truckload of toys meant for sharing at Ercolini Park, the resulting parental petition drive (original WSB coverage here) is past 1,000 signers, and Parks has responded with an offer to negotiate:

We know the park is well-loved and much used by the many parents of small children who live in the neighborhood, and that the littlest of them love the supplemental toys the parents bring. We have no desire to substitute our judgment for theirs, but we do need to respond to the complaints we receive.

In today’s world of social media, people can raise an issue fast, as happened with the community’s online petition. In turn, we at Parks and Recreation are responding fast. Our Interim Parks Division Director has reached out to the author of the petition and offered to meet her at the park …

Our goal is to forge a compromise that involves establishing a protocol for what wear or breakage warrants the removal of toys, and involves the community in assessing the condition of the toys.

We hope to have a full resolution within the next day.

Petition author Amanda confirmed she was scheduled to talk today with a Parks rep to set up a meeting.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglary arrest, with dog; gunfire/crash followup; more

(UPDATED 5:04 PM with new information on burglary suspect)

In West Seattle Crime Watch this afternoon:

BURGLARY SUSPECT ARRESTED, WITH DOG: A burglary suspect who neighbors believe is the door-trying “prowler with pooch” shown here in mid-May is due back in court today. After a tip that the suspect had been arrested Monday afternoon in the 9400 block of 24th SW, we followed up on the case: Police say a realtor found the 36-year-old woman and her dog inside a house listed for sale. Probable-cause documents say she appeared to be under the influence of drugs and begged officers not to take her dog; though she suggested someone who could come get it before she was taken to jail, that person was unreachable and the dog was taken to the shelter. The suspect, who gave a Burien address, has a long record of property crimes, including at least two featured here, but has never spent time in the state prison system (we checked to see if they had a mugshot, to compare to the “prowler with pooch” video). Her bail was set yesterday at $25,000 and we’ll be checking to see what happens today. According to the police report, the house on 24th SW had not been entered forcibly, and it hadn’t been determined whether anything was stolen.

ADDED 5:17 PM: The suspect is now charged with criminal trespass, so, per our policy, we can identify her: 36-year-old Jessica A. Detrick. Her bail is now $1,000; if still in custody, she is scheduled for arraignment tomorrow morning. Detrick figured into two cases we reported here in 2013, both with the same accomplice, Sean Jeardoe, who is currently in was recently released from prison: They were both arrested in a Morgan Junction parking lot in July 2013 after a WSB reader spotted him in a pickup truck reported here as stolen.

They were not charged at the time, though he confessed to multiple burglaries, but he was charged after they were arrested on Vashon Island two months later. As we reported at the time, investigators believed they were “responsible for up to 22 burglaries, 4 gun thefts, 3 auto thefts, and other crimes.” He reached a plea deal and was sentenced to 4 1/2 years including mandatory drug treatment; court records do not show any evidence Detrick was ever charged. She does appear to have had some arrests in the ensuing two years, but no felony prosecutions. (Friday afternoon update: She’s been released from jail.)

(back to original report) GUNFIRE/CRASH FOLLOWUP: Since Monday, we’ve been trying to get the report narrative on the 10th/Roxbury incident we covered Saturday afternoon. We confirmed that while both Seattle Police and King County Sheriff’s Office responded, the investigation is a KCSO case. Media-relations officer Sgt. Jason Houck talked with detectives, who are still looking for tips/witnesses, and provided this summary/update:

Two vehicles were involved in a running gun battle. Per witnesses, there were at least two people in each car. The car being chased, a gold-colored Buick, collided head-on with a car going west on Roxbury.

(WSB photo from Saturday)

This led to several other collisions. The car following the Buick was described by a witness as a black Chevy Impala. It fled from the scene. The occupants of the Buick fled from the scene, but the driver returned a short time later. Several fired cartridge casings were recovered. Although there were several people injured during the collisions, no one has been found with gunshot wounds. No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information about this shooting can leave information by contacting 206-263-2090 – Major Crimes Unit

KCSO would not release the full report narrative, saying its policy is not to do so with open cases, even if a public-disclosure request is filed (which we did), so this is the entirety of what we have so far.

POSSIBLE GUNFIRE: Just in case you were wondering – we got one report late last night of possible shots, heard from 14th/Kenyon; when they called 911, they were told others had called in, too. Police responded but, according to Lt. Alan Williams, did not find any evidence of gunfire (shell casings, bullet holes, etc.) and didn’t find anyone who had seen someone firing a gun.

CAR PROWLS CONTINUE: We’ve reported before on car prowls in the garage at Spruce, the Fauntleroy/Alaska/39th building that houses apartments and LA Fitness. A frustrated gym employee contacted us today, saying break-ins are continuing there and on surrounding blocks, concerned that their employer is getting the blame but shouldn’t be. The employee says the garage does not have adequate security. The online police-report map does not not show a recent concentration of prowls there, but we’ve heard this anecdotally from multiple sources including this one (if your car is broken into, please report it, wherever it happens, even if nothing is taken).


My 2010 Subaru Outback was side swiped the afternoon of Sunday, June 5th . It was sitting in front of my house, at the corner of 42nd Ave SW & Spokane St SW. No note was left. It was hit by a blue SUV or light truck. Damage is to passenger front and rear door (estimate of damage is $1756.00). A police report was filled with the Seattle Police (case #2016-200484).

TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash on eastbound West Seattle Bridge

June 9, 2016 2:13 pm
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Traffic on the eastbound bridge looks a little more like morning than afternoon right now because of a crash blocking 1 1/2 lanes by the 4th Avenue exit. Two cars are involved, no injuries reported, police are on scene, as you can see in our screengrab from the “live” camera, taken a couple minutes ago. If you have to head eastbound, we’d suggest waiting a while.

PORT TRUCK BACKUP: East Marginal clearing


1:36 PM: Five hours ago, we got a tip that port trucks were backed up in a big way on East Marginal Way, north of Spokane. It’s apparently continued since then – but, per the scanner, the trucks are now dispersing, about 15 minutes after we took the screengrab you see above. They have reportedly been waiting to get into Terminal 46 off Alaskan Way, but, also per scanner discussion, police are saying that terminal is now closed for the day. We have an inquiry out to the port in hopes of finding out more. Truck traffic is of particular interest right now as one of the issues factoring into the environmental review of the Terminal 5 big-ship-readiness project, which has another hearing 5-8:30 pm tonight in The Junction (as previewed earlier).

2:35 PM: Haven’t heard back from the port yet but we’ve just heard police via scanner say that 46 is “open again.”

6:48 PM: Port spokesperson Susan Stoltzfus talked with us briefly at the T-5 hearing, saying all they could figure is that the trucks were “over-dispatched.”

GARDEN TROUBLE? Pop-up Master Gardener clinic Saturday @ Delridge P-Patch

June 9, 2016 1:12 pm
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Need help with a garden/plant problem? This weekend, you’ll have a chance to find that help at the Delridge P-Patch. 10 am-2 pm Saturday (June 11th), it’s hosting a Master Gardener Pop-Up Clinic – one of just four sites around the city chosen to host one, according to Ta Pemgrove from the P-Patch. You can of course just show up to ask for advice, but it’ll be really helpful if you can answer this poll to provide information on what you need help with. The garden is at 5078 25th SW.

West Seattle Thursday: Terminal 5; Art Walk; mural tour; wine; SLHS graduation; more…

From the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar and inbox – we start with tonight’s West Seattle Art Walk – first, the venue map/list, from Admiral to Arbor Heights:


Two of the special events happening during Art Walk:

MURAL TOURS: Featured tonight, as spotlighted last night, two chances for a short walking tour of some of West Seattle’s historic murals, led by Clay Eals from the Southwest Seattle Historical Society (seen below at the “Bank Day” mural, during a preview tour with the Art Walk committee):


The tours are free. Meet at Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (4410 California SW; WSB sponsor) before the tour times at 6 and 7:30 pm.

PAINTING EXHIBITION AND GREETING CARD LAUNCH: At VAIN (WSB sponsor) during the Art Walk, you’re invited to a cocktail reception for “Apartment Life Paintings” by West Seattle’s own Michael Doyle, also featuring a worldwide launch party for his line of greeting cards and prints. 6-9 pm. (4513 California SW)

Also happening around West Seattle today/tonight:

SSC GARDEN CENTER SALE: At South Seattle College (WSB sponsor), plants grown and propagated by students, on sale 11 am-3 pm on the north side of campus. (6000 16th SW)

WINE TASTING: Also on the north side of campus at SSC, noon-7 pm, the Northwest Wine Academy‘s spring release of new wines is accompanied by free tastings and bites. Details in our calendar listing. (6000 16th SW)

DELRIDGE GROCERY FARMSTAND: 4-7 pm in the Super 24 lot, fresh-grown produce sold again this summer by the volunteers working on the Delridge Grocery Cooperative project. On the list this week: Apples, arugula, butter and romaine lettuce, beets, carrots, kale, spinach, strawberries, Swiss chard. (5455 Delridge Way SW)

DUOS SUMMER HAPPY HOURS: Duos in Luna Park is going public again three nights a week for happy-hour events during the summer, Tuesdays-Thursdays. Each night has a theme, and tonight it’s Americana night. 4-9 pm. (2940 SW Avalon Way)

SECOND PUBLIC HEARING FOR TERMINAL 5 DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT: We covered the first one Tuesday in Georgetown so you’d know how this will go – the Port says it’ll be exactly the same format. If you have something to ask or say about the proposed quarter-billion-dollar project to expand operations/capabilities at T-5 in West Seattle, this is the time/place, 5-8:30 pm at the Alki Masonic Center in The Junction – presentation at 6, followed by questions/comments. (40th SW/SW Edmunds)

SOFTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP: 5 pm at Southwest Athletic Complex on the upper turf field, it’s the West Seattle Girls Softball 15U championship game, possibly 2 games depending on how the 1st one turns out, our tipster says. Darigold Royals vs. Bridge Electric. (2801 SW Thistle)

GRADUATION: Seattle Lutheran High School‘s ceremony is at 7:30 pm in the gym. Congratulations, Class of 2016! (41st SW/SW Genesee)

RIPPIN CHICKEN: Get funky at Parliament Tavern, 9 pm, no cover. (4210 SW Admiral Way)

MORE FOR TODAY, TONIGHT, BEYOND … on our complete calendar.

West Seattle development: Comment time for 5414 Delridge Way project that ‘seeks to inspire’

One West Seattle project of note is in today’s edition of the city’s twice-weekly Land Use Information Bulletin:

(Artist rendering from packet by architect Lisa McNelis, page 27, with more explanation of proposed design)

COMMENT TIME FOR 5414 DELRIDGE WAY SW: We first reported in April that the project proposed to replace a house at 5414 Delridge Way [map] had changed from what went to the Southwest Design Review Board last year. Today’s bulletin brings the official notice that the new project is now in “streamlined design review,” and comments are being accepted now. You can see the design proposal in PDF format by going here. It includes the description:

The proposed project consists of a street-facing 3-story structure containing 2 commercial units and a separate 3-story structure containing 4 residential units. The owner has developed three similarly planned projects just two lots to the south. The main tenant of the commercial space will be the owner’s business, Community Care, which provides services for children with behavioral challenges. It is a design goal to build a recognizable building that incorporates San Francisco-inspired Victorian detailing similar to a historical photo from 1906 that he has long admired. It is the intent of this project to inspire future development in Delridge that takes great care in materials, detailing, and design, whatever its style may be. This project also includes four parking spaces accessed from the alley. Designated parking for the commercial space will not be provided. … At the owner’s expense, the remainder of the unpaved alley on this block will be paved. This is not a (city) requirement for this project.

“Streamlined design review” means no public meeting, so if you’re interested in commenting, the notice explains how. The deadline is June 22nd.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Thursday updates; bridge closures continue

(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

6:31 AM: Good morning! No incidents in/from West Seattle so far this morning.

BRIDGE CLOSURE: Tonight, 9 pm-5 am, another closure of the west end of the bridge, last one for the week, as the Fauntleroy Expressway earthquake-safety-cushion project continues. If you are headed westbound, you’ll have to exit at (or before) Delridge. If going westbound, you won’t be able to enter the bridge at 35th/Fauntleroy. Next closure after tonight will be Sunday night.

8:09 AM: Michael tweets that truck traffic is heavy on lower Spokane. (Seems to happen every Thursday.)

8:59 AM: A texter warns of “gravel all over the left lane to I-5 north up from Spokane Street.”

Southwest Tennis Center: What the feasibility study’s showing so far

(Bird’s-eye view “schematic” of proposed tennis center)

The idea of turning the six tennis courts west of Southwest Pool into an indoor tennis center is still in the early exploration stage.

But that’s the stage at which it’s important to talk things through, a lot, and about 50 people showed up to do that on Tuesday night at Chief Sealth International High School.

Lisa Corbin is the community member leading the campaign. She explained how the idea originated four years ago – the backstory’s on this fact sheet – and that a city Small and Simple grant was paying for a feasibility study by Jack Kamrath of Tennis Planning Consultants.

Kamrath said he’s in town to get the next part of that study going and expects to have it finished by summer’s end. The next phase will look at the potential market for the center and will focus on finding out how many people play tennis “from time to time” in order to gauge potential demand, which then would determine how many courts are needed. He’s already done two mapping surveys, one to determine how many people live within 15 minutes’ driving distance and how many live within 18 minutes. Those numbers, he said, range from 360,000 people to nearly 515,000.

Building this kind of structure, he said, would take about six months once permits are issued. The site (formerly part of the Denny International Middle School campus, still owned by Seattle Public Schools) already has power, water, sewer, drainage infrastructure in place; along with the courts, which would need to be refinished, it would have restrooms and storage areas. So far, Kamrath said, discussions that he and Corbin have had with the city have not turned up any major speedbumps.

Questions included what the center would cost. As noted in the FAQ sheet made available, it’s estimated to be around $4 million. It’s expected that would come “from multiple public and private sources” (though NOT school-district funds). And it would be self-sustaining once operational, bringing in money from lessons, court fees, and league play. It would likely be managed by a concessionaire, much the same way that Premier manages city golf courses. Too soon to say how all this would balance out with school use. And if you are recalling that the site was mentioned as a potential future elementary school, the FAQ says the district has told the group they don’t envision school construction on the site “for at least the next 28 years.”

(Read the full FAQ here.)

Watch here for word of the next community meeting and other updates.