West Seattle development: Design Review preview for 1606 California & 4532 42nd; also, projects @ 5458 California; 5414 Delridge Way; 9205 35th SW

Four West Seattle development/construction notes:

(1606 California SW rendering by Roger H. Newell AIA)

DESIGN REVIEW DOUBLEHEADER TOMORROW NIGHT: Two projects go before the Southwest Design Review Board tomorrow (Thursday, April 21st) night at the Sisson Building (Senior Center) in The Junction. At 6:30 pm, it’s the second review – two years after the first – for 1606 California SW, a three-story building with 15 apartments and 21 offstreet parking spaces replacing two residential structures; see the design packet here. At 8 pm, the six-story, 54-unit, 50-parking-spaces proposal for 4532 42nd SW goes in for a third Early Design Guidance meeting, required because of the tree tussle; see the design packet here. As always, both projects will have public-comment periods. (California SW/SW Oregon)

LIVE-WORK UNITS PROPOSED FOR 5458 CALIFORNIA SW: Design Review would be required, according to city files, for a proposal that’s in the early stages for 5458 California SW, seeking to replace a 107-year-old house-turned-commercial offices with seven live-work units. This happens to be the headquarters of Ventana Construction (WSB sponsor); we checked with Ventana and they replied that they are tenants: “We have no knowledge of the owners’ plans for the property. We are in the process of identifying another location for our business, as our lease expires a year from this summer. We intend to stay in West Seattle, and hopefully in this neighborhood.” The early “site plan” in city files shows three units would face California, behind the northbound RapidRide stop, and four would face Findlay.

NEW PROPOSAL FOR 5414 DELRIDGE WAY SW: The proposal that went through Early Design Guidance last year to replace a house on this site has itself been replaced. A new proposal, with a new architect (it’s now Lisa McNelis; it had been NK), is now in the early stages, with its site plan showing a 3-story, 2,400-square-foot commercial building in front of a four-townhouse residential unit. The owner is still listed as Eric Christianson, who operates Community Care next door.

‘PET AFTERCARE’ AT 9205 35TH SW: City files show a proposal for the former West Seattle Refinishing site described as follows: “convert detached garage to commercial use … establish use as animal shelter for pet aftercare and disposition, construct tenant improvements in existing commercial building.” The documents point to Resting Waters, whose website says they expect to start providing “aquamation” services in June. We’ll be contacting them to find out more.

8 Replies to "West Seattle development: Design Review preview for 1606 California & 4532 42nd; also, projects @ 5458 California; 5414 Delridge Way; 9205 35th SW"

  • WSgal April 20, 2016 (12:01 pm)

    Thank you for sharing this! I’m a little disappointed in how tall “1606 California SW” will be, but the design is nice. 

  • chemist April 20, 2016 (12:06 pm)

    For those curious about the Ventana building and planned replacement, the permit associated is here – http://web6.seattle.gov/DPD/permitstatus/project.aspx?id=3024224

  • miws April 20, 2016 (12:24 pm)

    Oh, man. I hate the possibility of Ventana’s house/building  going away. I have admired that old place for years, love the wrap-around porch, and was thrilled when it was renovated and Ventana moved in. This was several years before I ever met Clarence and Anne.  I actually thought they owned the building, but must have known otherwise at some point, Since I have been a regular visitor to Parcel Viewer for probably over ten years now. 

    Here’s to hoping Ventana has a lot more time there, and if/when the time comes, they land in another beautiful building in West Seattle. 


    • Paul April 20, 2016 (5:01 pm)

      Hi Mike, I own the property. Thanks for your comments. Ventana is awesome. When we bought the property 10 years ago, it was a complete tear-down – a total dump. We put a lot money into it, as has Ventana. We are excited about our plan to develop the property, though we understand that West Seattle is changing and that’s not always a good thing. In our case, I can assure you that A LOT of thought is going into the design of the new project and we will build it to last. We plan to continue to own and operate the entire project for many decades and will eventually leave it to our kids. Our architect is a West Seattle resident (for decades) and he’s topnotch. We will work hard to make the project a great addition to the neighborhood. Thanks!

  • Diane April 20, 2016 (3:34 pm)

    oh my/sigh………fyi; the owner of Ventana property, Paul
    Anderson aka Bauhaus Partners, is the same property owner who economically
    evicted all the longtime tenants at the Morgan junction Linda Manor apt building
    last year (by raising rent 130%); story in Seattle Times, one of the evicted
    senior/disabled tenants was a speaker at the affordable housing forum at the
    Senior Center couple months later; I don’t think any of those tenants received
    any relocation assistance; so now, a longtime award-winning local biz has to
    move; and 107 yr-old historic home to be demolished?  at least it will go through design review  (when will it end????)


    • Paul April 20, 2016 (4:53 pm)

      Hi Diane, I’m a partner at Bauhaus Partners, the owner of 5458 California Avenue SW (and the Linda Manor). I read your comment and I want to set the record straight on a couple points. We provided all the tenants with relocation assistance, totally into the five figures, even though we didn’t have to provide any. We have lived in West Seattle for over 25 years – we are a part of this community and have supported local charities for decades, even when we didn’t have much to give. We provided our tenants with relocation funds because it was the right thing to do. We bought the property now occupied by Ventana Construction 10 years ago with a view towards eventually developing it. Both Ventana and we have put lots of money in that property over the years – it’s a great spot. Ventana is a great tenant and last year we told them that we were taking steps to develop the property. We hired a West Seattle architect we have known for over 20 years who will design a project on the site we can all be proud to have as a part of our community. Our community will also benefit from the much higher taxes we will pay once the property is complete. I hope this clarifies some things for you. Thanks for reading. Paul

  • Ducky April 20, 2016 (8:56 pm)

    I hope someone who appreciates the architecture of the Ventana office “house” is able to buy it  and move it to enjoy in its entirety on another parcel. 

  • Jody Reed April 20, 2016 (10:10 pm)

    I have lived in West Seattle for just over 40 years. I love this strong community. It is the perfect balance between old and new. The Ventana building was in such terrible condition when it was last sold. Most would have thought beyond repair. Yet the new owner saved it, improved it and cared about it. Just as he has done with the Linda Manor apartment building.  He obviously has chosen to live in West Seattle, raise his children here and invest in our community. Instead of being thankful for the many years she got to live in the view apartment at a ridiculously low rent she is bitter. Sad.

    The facts are the previous owners had no mortgage to pay. The rent was positive cash flow for them. They chose to sell. It is impossible to put 1.5 million dollars into a property and not expect to have to raise the rent. The previous owner should have done normal rent increases. I walked through the apartments after they were updated. The owners did an amazing job of embracing the era they were built yet updating and improving the building. We need more developers in West Seattle that care about their community as much as Bauhaus Partners do. 

    The California property is not zoned single family. It is a very small building on a great lot in a good location. The current owner had the funds and foresight to buy this property years ago. Good for him.  

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