West Seattle Crime Watch: Bicycles stolen; cars damaged; door-trying caught on cam

It was not a good night to be visiting West Seattle, apparently. First, friends visiting Oliver at California/Massachusetts in North Admiral were the victim of bike theft – two bikes taken from a rack on their car:


I had a couple friends in town, they had (the bikes) locked to a bike rack (on a car) but the thief/thieves dismantled it last night or early this morning. The first one is a Fuji SLM 1.0 size small/medium, black and white mountain bike with a white Magura fork and Reynolds carbon wheels and Bontrager seat with a carbon frame and an integrated seat post. The second is a Niner SIR 9 size large, gold/copper color, with black Rockshox SID fork, carbon handlebars and seatpost, and Arch EX wheels.

That’s the one in the photo – they don’t have a photo of the other one. Let police know, and comment here, if you see either or both.

Also last night, another case of hit-run driver vs. parked cars. This time on Erskine Way just west of California, on the southwest side of The Junction: Seattle Police tell us six cars in all were reported to have been damaged – this happened around 2 am but we found some still along the street in clear sight long after sunrise – two are in our daylight photo following the overnight photo texted to us:

The texter said a roommate’s friend was visiting from Bainbridge and reported:

Woke up around 2 am to sounds of my car and about 5 others being completely smashed…the obviously drunk driver finally left his truck and took off on foot.

Police confirmed this afternoon that no one’s been arrested, though the “suspect vehicle” eventually was found, abandoned.

Finally, someone trying doors in Highland Park this morning was caught on video. Lawrence shares two clips from his home surveillance cameras:

And the second one has a slightly better look at the door-tryer (plus description information if you follow that link to the clip’s YouTube page).

13 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Bicycles stolen; cars damaged; door-trying caught on cam"

  • Kate May 19, 2016 (5:29 pm)

    People drive SO fast down that section of Erskine off California, it’s dangerous even in the middle of the day. 

  • JS May 19, 2016 (6:38 pm)

    The woman in the videos has been seen casing houses in the Seola Lane area. She  has been seen driving a late model blue and white truck. Hope she gets caught soon.

  • Elizh May 19, 2016 (6:48 pm)

    I thought I spotted the driver of the pick up in the Erskine hit and run incident hot footing it down the alley behind the Soundview Apts before the police showed up.  If so, wasn’t the vehicle left at the scene?

    • WSB May 19, 2016 (7:04 pm)

      I didn’t get the location where it was found, only that it was found, sorry.

  • Iml May 19, 2016 (7:40 pm)

    I agree with Kate.  It is the Erskine Way Speedway.

  • Chuck and Sally's Van Man May 19, 2016 (8:10 pm)

    Yep, just out walking my dog, stealing your stuff. 

    This actually looks like a case where a camera did some good. He saw it and turned. Even his dog looks embarrassed to be with this loser. Glad he was put off! 

    • Susan Spezza May 25, 2016 (4:44 pm)

      She has been down to Seola beach twice in the past few months (lots of security footage), middle of the day, very bold, goes right up to houses and looks in windows, carries a screwdriver maybe to pry open windows.  Allegedly has made off with ipads, cameras and more, tries for unlocked houses and cars.  In company of black make medium build, clean shaven, black sweats, backpack and Sonics teeshirt.  May be associated with this older blue and white Ford pickup with a canopy, seen parked in White Center at 98th and 17thSW.  

  • WD fundie May 20, 2016 (7:38 am)

    Buying a house without enough functional parking might sound nice at the time…....

  • Les May 20, 2016 (10:21 am)

    The upper part of Erskine should not have parking on both sides the street it is to narrow for larger trucks to safely  pass without using both lanes .Sorry  about the damage that occurred to all of those parked cars . On Erskine Way anyone who does not fold in their street side mirror is foolish.

  • Chuck and Sally's Van Man May 20, 2016 (1:01 pm)

    Any update on the DUI driver at-large? I mean, just that 4Runner alone is easily a $10,000 vehicle, now completely totaled. If they have the criminal’s vehicle (on the small chance it’s not stolen) it seems an arrest should be imminent?  I do hope this is not the kind of crime the police give up on. Not even because of the high damage being added to all our insurance costs. Because a really crappy person needs to held responsible. 

  • Gatewood Guy May 20, 2016 (2:11 pm)

    I had a truck smash through my fence, take off and found abandoned 3 blocks away.  Left his bumper in my yard complete with VIN number.  Cops went to his house, knocked, nobody answered, so they left.  Told me that unless somebody was hurt, they wouldn’t be following up.   $3,500 in damage.  Hope those in this hit and run have better luck with the system.

  • Chris May 20, 2016 (6:03 pm)

    Re bike theft, live nearby and heard metal sounds a couple times early that morning.   As workers come and go from ParkWest thought might be them going or coming from work.   We looked out the window and could not see anything.   Know this does not help.   Hope you get bikes back!   A car was stolen up at California & Massachusetts not long ago too.

  • Bee May 28, 2016 (7:24 pm)

    Just caught this woman dubbed the door trying caught on cam sitting in a parked older GMC full size economy van with dog in tow.I told her I was aware of her intentions and to get the he’ll off my block after arguing for a quick second over her just using her phone and me stating IDGAF (I DON’T GIVE A FU*^)what you say your doing I seen you on the blog trying doors and that Bulls hit isn’t about to fly in this neighborhood unless you are wanting a toe tag bleep cause if I catch on my property or in my house I am shooting first then calling 911.She pulled out I followed trying to get the best pictures I possibly could.I don’t know how to upload yet but will get email posted as soon as I do

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