West Seattle 5K, 2016 edition: Sunshine at the finish line!

(UPDATE: If this video won’t play for you, it’s because YouTube blocked it, saying the music the DJ played at the race’s start is copyright-protected. We disputed that on the grounds that news coverage is fair use. Stay tuned!)

FIRST REPORT, 10:21 AM: More than 900 runners and walkers were signed up as of the unofficial count before this morning’s West Seattle 5K on Alki; race director Jeff Mensing expected the final total would pass 1,000.

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(Added: Photo by David Hutchinson)

And while it started under a layer of clouds, there was sunshine by the time most got to the finish line.

First to cross was #440, Nathan McLaughlin, 22, 15:51:

(WSB photos from here, by Patrick Sand, unless otherwise credited)

The next 2 across, also male, as listed in the WS5K-provided printout:

Tyler Flannen, 21, 16:15:


Paul Huynh, 24, 16:44


First female across was Megan Hener, 34, 18:00:


Next 2 female runners to finish:

Laura Mickelson, 39, 18:20:


Abigail Sargent, 32, 18:30:


The run/walk is close to the end as we publish this first update; more coverage to come. WSB has co-sponsored the WS5K every year since its start in 2009 – this is year #8!

ADDED 2:11 PM: First, if you haven’t seen your results yet – they’re all here. Now, more photos. WSHS principal Ruth Medsker joined in, of course:


Lots of kids on the course:


And it’s not a race without the proprietors of our area’s only running store, West Seattle Runner (WSB sponsor):


Lori and Tim McConnell will be your hosts again this year as WS Runner presents the Float Dodger 5K on July 23rd, right before the West Seattle Grand Parade, this year starting on the track at Hiawatha – registration is open now!

3 Replies to "West Seattle 5K, 2016 edition: Sunshine at the finish line!"

  • junie tonkin May 23, 2016 (7:04 pm)

    5-23-16  Hey!  I enjoyed every moment !  walked w/ my Daughter, Dianna Leppa ~ and was

    greeted before the Race by my fabulous Personal Trainer, Jill Bruyere !   the entire Event was

    extremely well organized ~  friendly folks throughout, regardless of expertise !  I didn’t break

    any records: crossed the finish line in  1 hr.  .02 seconds..   my goal  next year:   to cut that

    in half! thanks to the Staff,  Organizers, Policemen, W. Seattle Runner; All who contributed  to the Success!  sincerely,   Junie Tonkin   (close to  81  yrs. ‘young’ )

    sincerely,  Junie Tonkin    ( soon to be  81  yrs. ‘young’!)

    • WSB May 23, 2016 (7:11 pm)

      Thanks for the comment, Junie! I am guessing you are the enthusiastic woman pointed out in our video by announcer Eric as you walked by. See you there next year! – TR

  • miws May 23, 2016 (8:07 pm)

    Happy upcoming 81st Birthday, Junie! 


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