Keeping kids safe: Madison MS PTSA hosting meeting tomorrow

In case you missed earlier mentions of this, we wanted to publish the reminder with an extra day’s notice:

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Tomorrow’s the night the Madison Middle School PTSA is hosting a special meeting with information about keeping kids safe:

Our Children’s Safety and Security is of paramount importance to each of us. If the recent reports of lewd or violent behavior by unknown suspects in West Seattle has you worried about your kids, then you can’t afford to miss the Student Safety Night Event that Madison PTSA has put together for you!

From advice for routine issues like safely crossing busy intersections, social-media pitfalls, to alarming issues like how to respond to and handle a potential threat by an attacker or mugger, we will host experienced experts to share their insights with you!

Join us for this FREE informational event on March 18th at the Madison Middle School Library and learn from our Special Guests like Mark Solomon – Crime Prevention Officer from Seattle Police Department’s South Precinct and Marlan Teeters, Security Supervisor for Hiawatha Park. As usual we will also have our Principal, Dr. Gary, in attendance to represent safety on campus at Madison.

The meeting will be at 7 pm in the library at Madison; the campus is at 45th/Spokane.

7 Replies to "Keeping kids safe: Madison MS PTSA hosting meeting tomorrow"

  • T Rex March 17, 2015 (2:44 pm)

    Step One: Put molesters in jail for life.

  • carole March 17, 2015 (3:20 pm)

    Re: T REX’S step 1: for those advocating more and longer jail terms, be prepared to pay the higher costs associated with same. Otherwise, it’s all just posturing.

  • T Rex March 17, 2015 (4:20 pm)

    More than willing Carole. And so should everyone else.

    Not longer terms, life terms. These people do not get better. Ever.

    Great point, thank you!

  • Diane March 18, 2015 (2:17 pm)

    I don’t see a time for this event
    and is this a presentation, or open house?

    • WSB March 18, 2015 (2:18 pm)

      7 pm. Presentations. Mark Solomon among others.

  • Carla Rogers March 18, 2015 (10:30 pm)

    Thanks for your coverage of our Safety Program WSB! The more parents and community members show up and voice concerns, the more attention we will get from SPD. Hopefully a few bike police or extra patrol drive bys during before school and after school will be considered by Chief O’Toole and new assistant Chief Wilske. We appreciate any additional attention in northern WS.

    • WSB March 18, 2015 (10:46 pm)

      We’re processing the video now, and it will be up tomorrow morning … let us know if you have any particular followups planned! – TR

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